Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Everything changes...

Such a 'grand' chap

On the 10th of December our faithful friend 'Duke' died, he was of good age for a dog of his size , sadly 'throat cancer' got the better of him and could'nt swallow his liquid food and passed away.  He is buried in our Woodland with a 'neolithic stone' placed above "he will always be remembered."

Better to RESCUE ~ Dogs from those who can't cope anymore.

Saturday 14th December 'Harley' a one year old Lab crossed with Collie arrived, all legs with a happy wagging tail.  Then came 'Freddie' on 21st Dec.....a two year old Labrador who is a much heavier breed of dog.......And responds to the name 'Eddie'.


First thing 'Eddie' found was the 'water', he loves it, just look!  Our flood-made pond rose to quite a depth for Eddie to take that 'dive'., typical of his breed, whereas Harley did'nt take the plunge and never has.

~  ~  ~

Irregular bursts of squalling wet gusts penetrated most of Wales interspersed with calming sunshine during the Winter months, definitely ‘not’ what we’re used to....where many ‘wildlife’ were washed away from their underground habitats and those that flew were taken off course or killed!

There’s been ‘Dog fights’ between the House Sparrows and Blue Tits, within our garden.....Both of which are in decline in the UK, so have’nt put any foods out over the last few days which has proved  a point.... the squabbles have ceased.

6th Jan...  blew part of the Barn Roof off, fortunately nowhere near the stables phewwww!  It did this twice.

7th Jan...  Was when the ‘rain’ came indoors, ran-off ‘carpet’ is up in hall to dry and this occurred many times .......:(   Still not returned to it’s rightful place as the ‘rains’ still fall.

Front of house was flooded

8th  Jan.... The eliments took over the farmlands, rivers, towns and hinder our daily walks!  A wind came through from Siberia with icy rain to polish things off.

Icy rain

Could'nt of had much more go wrong as the electrics went off many times, no connections to outside world and only enough dry wood for one night's warmth, as the remainder are outside damp 'like wet sponges'.  

Our two female dogs are in season (having been separated from Chuckie for two weeks already.)  Chuckie lives in the lounge and uses the front garden whilst the girls use the rear.  By now the air is freezing and Chuckie insists on nibbling it, like gnasher.  

Although the night was very young,
Where things were all a-stir
For those to grasp late wanted feasts,
Had better be quick,
for those who start to stir
are swift for theirs!
Look, sniff-n-listen and don’t slip-up!

When  natural light goes down
Woodland sounds begin to change
A time to either go to bed or rise for night.

30th Jan...   Woodlark caught on camera.

Nearest I've ever been to 'Woodlark'....was singing a glorious tune.

11th   Feb.....'Meran' died........ perhaps frightened of the ‘gales’.  We're not giving-out names to hens since 'Foxy' has taken most :( 

Every Species was vulnerable!

12th  Feb... Turned into 100 mile hurricane which burst the second caravan (used to hold small bales)  'like paper' into the nearby trees which sieved things out, all strewn and wrapped around the many trunks.

We humans hid indoors worrying the worst it could do to our ‘animals’.  Dogs and one Pony in stables whilst others are out using their strong instincts!
We felt the house ‘move’ twice !!!

14th  Where the heavy rain was arriving in two different directions!

Sat 15th  Red Kite determined to out-master the strong winds for it’s breakfast.

16th  Feb... You know it’s bad weather when the ‘Oak Trees’ sway too much!  Ash down from earlier storms, oak with beech on it’s back....   The ‘top field’ is’nt a quagmire, an area of stone where plenty of ‘lichen’ grow to rinse the ponies hooves, ‘Nature’ is certainly fine.

The Sycamore was sick

Two Ash to trash

Oak broke a large limb

Oak that broke with Beech on back

19th  There be Spawning amongst the ‘Amphibians’  So have been Pond sitting with no dipping as they leapt above the water with joy!

23rd  All night long the Storm rattled and rolled it’s way through anything it could fling!

‘We went the way of the Wind,
But then there was the coming back,
which hit us hard,
and took our breath away.

Pond had been thrashed and cleansed by heavy rainfall,
Attracting ‘life’ to start another year’.

25th   Looking out,  through the upstairs window...we call  ‘ the box office’ see the stunted hydrangeas struggle to grow correctly with changing temperatures.  

27th Feb’14
10.43 a.m   A large Male Fox snuffling the ground for anything that was remotely edible.....whilst up above a Crow followed his movements to warn others of his presence.  Then he snuck into the shadows of a thicket under a densely grown willow tree, weaving his way through.  My video is on Woodland Pages 'facebook'.

1st March  St. David’s Day

 7.15  a.m  Where the sun did rise in it’s almighty size along the horizon, when moments later a thick  cloud cover hid it from sight.....ohhhh  "it did'nt return".

4th March .....Decided the early morning was good enough for a four mile walk, after feeding the animals....... where the sunshine did stay with us.  'Great tits'....  ‘tom- tit- tom-tit’  spoke loudest of all as we arrived in our Woodland and was still sounding off  as we left for our walk.

9th & 10th March..... White tailed Bombus, Red tailed Cuckoo, Carder Bee and of course not forgetting the minute ‘Ladybird’ wearing her best spots (of seven.)  Peacock Butterly was fluttering along our afternoon walk....looking a tad pale and though been about all of Winter.

Me, Eddie & Harley

New look-out post for Nippy where her view is vast

A natural climber unfortunately for Birds

'Bob' wearing his best waistcoat...Taken through bedroom window 
I know it's him by the curved edge of red.

Friday, 22 November 2013

Winter's Tale

Tree Bee enjoying the last of August's gifts.

August’s last day brought the ‘North Pole’ to our door with biting winds that burned your skin “how dare it come so soon”!

And  early September sent us a warm breeze,  which released the ‘cotton-tufts’ from the ‘willowherb’, there were so many that wherever we walked within the woodland, our clothes were covered.

Saturday 21st  Sept ’13  ~  The sun rose from behind the mountains bringing a burst of Summer warmth,  giving way for life that had been missed through the days of cold.  So those that could took flight and filled the air with their colourful displays. 


 Bird songs echoed beyond their boundaries where a calmness was felt.  Whilst a watery glow from the sun showed off it’s sculptured shadows giving wildlife that cover for early morning forage.

Winter’s  Tale

Frayed wings  through sun-kissed days test  ‘Speckled Wood’ in October flight.

Clouds of grey reflect upon the sea,

And how the Bees keep going using their instincts in whatever the weather.

While lollipop birds keep warm flitting back and forth in tune.

A dragonfly of wings so fine moved in elegance, danced the air for the many flies upon the Oak.,
Another arrives doing the same.

I also danced about but on one foot to rid myself of a soggy sock caused by three holes in left welly.

And the ‘Man of the Wood’ taps another nail to secure the small shelter.

As the sun disappeared....a band of icy chill  cut through the trees where birds of the day seeked refuge.

A ‘three day wind’ rarely comes has found it’s way through.

 ‘Peacock Butterflies’ search for winter cover now it’s November,

And a couple of ‘Ladybirds’ seek the last hours of the day.

Whilst those that fall to close another year's chapter, leaf by leaf lay nutrients for 'yet' another life system, who never rejects.

Mistle Thrush so grand and largest of it’s type, perched close to a trunk of the berry tree, cleverly disguised where leaves were beaten about by the gusts “Will you call again even though the berries are sparse.”?   Sure enough more did, picking treats from the nearby field.

Hail stones of  larger size arrive which  cover-up the muddy paths, then minutes later the ‘Snow’ did fall telling us that ‘Winter’ has truly arrived.

Early hours of dark where two ‘Tawny Owls’ exchanged their hoots,

Then as the dark gave-way to light saw everything glisten with frost.

Greetings from a rather large ‘Robin’....tutted as Suki and I stepped into it’s world on our country walk.

~  ~  ~ 

Sunday 17th Nov’13  ~  SomeOne was risking it out in the open ‘Field Mouse’ especially since our larger dog ‘Duke’  has been known to enjoy a fresh one!

It moved like it was wearing 'springs' on it's feet!

Seems they're too busy to say goodbye.

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M E R R Y   C H R I S T M A S

P.S.:  Leafy Lunch ~ BBC video:

And.:  Tawny Owl including it's vocals

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Early September

This was probably the same Herring gull  on our Chimney pots, rather than neighbour's whose pots are not covered.

September leaves already turned their shade of pale,

Via winds from north of frozen tales.

Creatures choose below and out of way

Where up above tall trees do sway

Of  rubbing limbs for many hours

A broken branch did fall it’s tower.

Carrion blown in backward flight

Did seem to be an unnatural sight.

Poss'd inside a chimney-pot

A Gull takes it’s lot.

Restless behaviour adjusts to another,

Oh ...the discomfort looking bird now calling for it’s mate.

"Oh where are’t thou,  Gull’s partner, your late" !

When a sudden blaze shone round to give need...some eego

To brave the whip-lashing weather that came too soon.

~ ~ ~

copyright:  lynne shaw (@Lynnibinny)

Thursday, 29 August 2013

‘Frogs’ , there weren’t so many this year

‘Frogs’ ,   there weren’t so many this year, unlike last year who were leaping in masses every time we walked the garden.  I’d say 75% down from previous year.  And, those who ‘are’,  enjoy the many ‘Oak logs’ within our garden rockery, hiding in their nooks and crannies.  They leap-aside when one of our Ponies shortens the unkempt lawn.   A kinder approach to life.

Ianto with one thing on his mind, 'food' & Suki you'll see her later.

Although a few hot days, none could compare with an early morning of Monday  26th August “Just like Summer should be with a stillness of joyous scents that stay with you forever and should be ‘bottled-up’.

Previous years I’d noticed the usual species, this year’s was void of one or two, like the ‘Ladybird’ who didn’t come to light in her favourite place in our front garden, nor in our Woodland ( blackfly had arrived which they like.)  And the ‘Burnet Moth’ wasn’t either......... but other species came forth and made-up for their loss.   Juvenile  ‘Willow Warbler’ and ‘TreeCreeper’ ....only by accidental mishaps on their part. 

Very good at 'climbing-up' but so very bad at flying these juvenile 'TreeCreepers' ......T'was still breathing so placed upon a large log next to our hedge, giving cover from predators. 

'Clever' comes in all sizes..... so good at disguising themselves, just look at this, appears to have 'no' head...can just make out the beak as turned it's head to one side having fluffed-up like a duvet. Little mite flew off soon after.

Someone I hadn’t noticed before upon our hedge mid morning, a ‘Grey Wagtail’ sifting it’s pickings through the damp., who like scrubland, rivers, marshes and lakes to find their choice of insects. A ‘Chaser’ did chance a visit to our garden pond, who I’ve never seen in the real. (sorry, no photos.)

Juvenile Willow Warbler

Twice we rescued the same  juvenile 'Willow Warbler' from off the road where moments later a fast van drove and wouldn't have seen such a tiny bird...was sure to be squashed. I heard the mother calling so tiddler was put back safe. Phewwww... the risks they take...& nearly always carry my trustee captured the safe return.

Our resident ‘Thrush’ was cleaning it’s beak from the remnants of eating a snail, under a shady tree.  Half an hour later t’was smashing the living daylights out of another from it’s shell.

Please click on photos to enlarge....

Summer rain.... falls gently whilst sunlight crosses the valley, showing off it’s varied colours of green, so refreshing and new growth for all.  Where a female ‘Meadow Brown’ butterfly was enjoying the young shoots of grass upon our one and only lawn.

A few days later an electrified ‘storm’ went off with sheets of rain you couldn’t see through!

One evening a beautiful brown ‘Patterdale’ arrived,  we didn’t know her name, only age, seven.  The previous owner had young children and couldn’t find the time for her so we took her on.  We allowed her time to settle in our home (giving her the chance to size us up first, )  then went through various names......of which she responded  to ‘Suki’ which means ‘love’ or ‘like’ in Japanese.,  and quite honestly suits the name., so she chose well.

'I trust you'

'Finally I can laugh

A rustling sound was heard by our Son, with a quick response grabbed whatever it was... a  ‘Mole’..... so sweet and cute.  He released it to the ground where ‘unfortunately’ our new rescue dog had already crushed it to death.  “Never saw that coming” !

Tuesday 13th Aug’13 12.30p.m

Exhausted by the mid-day sun sat down upon a sand-filled builder’s bag, when ‘Bob’ came around from behind the hydrangea and cheered me on to dig some more.   With keen eyes the mighty feast began from a juvenile ‘Robin’ whilst I rested and captured him within my little black box.  I spoke throughout our connection and now seems to be a partnership born.


The ‘One and Only’ Painted Lady butterfly came by,  so continued the captures........whilst our Son was digging an area for a greenhouse where ‘Bob’ the young robin was joining in also.

Painted Lady 

Wednesday 21st Aug’13

A dark sky shadowed the land where a ‘Raven’ of some size sat in a distant tree, then ‘Bob’ appeared from beneath a Hebe shrub next to our old shed enjoying the early morning riches.

Saturday 24th August’13

Lots of tut tut tutting sounds going on in our garden and woodland, the males have started their fight for territory,  youngsters brave the scene with tails up and down, red waistcoats forming on some already, a Robin’s life can be tough for some.

Woodland youngster forming a red waistcoat

Sunday arrived with mating Bumblebees in flight, they were whizzing everywhere..... 'Union Flight' And were mostly 'Cuckoo Bumblebees' (Redtailed)

Our Woodland took on a new meaning as many Queen Bees were out mating and seemed to choose just about anywhere as were upon our log/water carrier.

The sunshine still gives us it's best as we almost close another August

enjoy 'life' get out and about with wildlife

Goodbye from Ianto

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Summer at last!

Bombus Pratorum ~ early Bee

Winter had'nt long past when Autumn had stepped-in too many times,

where blossoms left sooner than should,

 with the sudden onset of high temperatures, where flora were wilting of thirst. 

Even the Bees took to undercover work, causing some to bleach from the hot mid-day sun.

Our Woodstove cracked-up on the odd chilly evening, as the wind got-up to bring Winter waves of cold. 

Where only a week before the Swallows arrived to open 'spring'.  And the rods of rain was so hurt!

May came crashing down with hailstorms where the wildlife are All exposed!

The Red Mason Bees arrived later  and their time given was shorter than usual.

Red Mason Bee of the Solitary kind.

Not the Blackbird but the Woodlark sings across the air, 

making sure All can hear,

whilst summer breeze and sunshine awaken the early morn.

Throughout the day another bird spoke,

all green with rasping sounds,

that interrupt the others from it's usual tree.

A 'Greenfinch'.

Goldfinch flock back and forth from tree to tree,

whilst I water the green food who's pleased for that drink before the sunbeams scorch the ground.

Early evening arrives when Larky whines-up to a different tune,

telling us his day was a bit of a laugh.

~ ~ ~

19th June '13  ~  Looking up....a mass of bright green caterpillars descend gently down, with the help from their silk.  After days of living in an Oak tree, suddenly surrounded us on this warm and sunny day at last.

14th July '13  ~  7.15a.m  Dew flicked-up from a Rabbits escape, any sooner could have been prey for a quick-paced Fox who had his nose stuck to another's trail.

Up to no good ~ "was it you"?

16th July '13  ~  Jewels in the mist surround me from the early morning rays.... rise-up caused by the warmth of a day.

A dry ground went 'crunch' with every step, no wonder the many Ringlet Butterflies took flight and a pair of Small Skipper weaved the air with their friendship.......along the 'Wasteland' visit.

Redtailed Cuckoo Bee 'worker'

Birdsfoot Trefoil paved some of the way where a Cuckoo Bee was hard at work.

Small Skipper

Thursday 18th July '13  ~  A scratching sound caught my attention whilst searching for the Tree Bee, it was the Leafcutter I was able to take a short footage of them:::

Loki in 'wishful thinking mode'

Bye for now...till next time.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

'Tale-end' of the Bluetits

The UK  Weather has been brutal to us all, especially our 'Wildlife' who are exposed 'day and night' !

The square of wood you see above was put there to 'stop' a Male Sparrow from bullying them out from their home.  Bluetits are much smaller than Sparrows and did succeed ownership with their tenacity.

On one occasion I noticed the 'said' Sparrow coming out from their nesting box, so drastic measures were taken by putting the extra wood above, where he would sit 'chirping' non-stop!

The same Sparrow has bullied the 'House Martins' from their nest and moved in.

Now that their 'nesting material' has created a good bed,  ready for that special moment, they enjoy the outside together.

Heading back to the 'nest'.

This was the last time I saw them together!

16th May'13 ~ Noticed no activity around their nest-box for four or five days but did hear the calls from the 'male' at the top of one of our trees.  

We've had torrential downpour, perhaps she failed her return journey, we'll never know?

21st May'13 ~  4p.m in the afternoon the male 'Bluetit' called, for what seemed like ages, from a tree near to the nest-box....No female was seen , perhaps his last attempt of searching for her.

And so from stopping over winter, trying to hang-on to their home, all was lost and so sad as their numbers are in decline.

The Good News is that the 'Bluetits' in our Woodland are doing well.