Monday, 19 March 2012

Tuesday 7th Feb  -  And so the Sunshine streams in through the windows with a glorious glow....
A Gangster ‘LadyBird’ is at Large in the UK >   

Our 'Native' Ladybird

Wednesday 8th Feb  -  Fabulous morning, sky filled with the brightest Sun, the Valleys were bathed in Sunshine !

With the amount of feathers shaken from ‘Sneg’ I could have knitted another Bird together  tee hee

Thurs & Friday disappeared into a Wet Chill and Friday afternoon took a few moments to sit and enjoy the warm fire in the lounge.....Watching the flames dance about amongst the roughly cut wood soon gave a homely  feeling.

Saturday 11th Feb  -  Sunshine everywhere....what a treat but still very brrrr !

Its the afternoon and a ‘Robin’ was chased away....he was out-numbered by a gang of ‘Sparrows’ busily eating from the seeds I’d put out earlier in the ‘Bird House’., so ‘Robin’s arrogance was out-weighed !  He looked a pleasant enough chap...

Sunday 12th Feb  -   Its all rather glum, a grey palette has been drawn across the entire sky...which doesn’t help when you read the news of a ‘Great Singer’ ‘Whitney Housten’ died at awful for her family, heartfelt L(

Monday 13th Feb  -  An ‘Easterly’ breeze has arrived, this can only mean One thing 'Freeze' n wrap-up !

Tuesday 14th Feb  -  ‘Valentines Day’ > > 

Early morning and I’m searching in the dark for our Dog’s tin of food......I opened a brand new tin and after feeding our second little Dog noticed my right index finger bleeding , with drips running down towards the tip........

“Well..theres nothing quite like feeding your Dogs with a Bleeding finger, do they choose me or the food from the tin “?.......

It’s beginning to hurt - now that I’ve noticed it and so rushed for a piece of kitchen paper to kept going for at least five minutes......then knocked it.....of course it bled  again but more flowed out.....time to reach for a large ‘Plaster’ !

We arrived home from having taken our Son to the he suffers with ‘Tonsillitis’....thankfully they were not around to be seen “As the Doc had put it” and prescribed more ‘vitamins’ as he had spent too much time off School and this ‘Virus’ was still hanging around!
Combing helps to loosen unwanted moulting

Anyway.....getting back on track.....Had already cleaned the dining-room floor of ‘Snegs’ deposits and fearther-fluff only to arrive to a Ring of feathers , Snegs been doing his ‘Bird Dance’ again.

Then  I sat down to explain to ‘Chuckie’ what had happened..... in the comfy lounge.....”Well, the look on his face said it All”  “Wasn’t me” as he covered his head with his paws......I replied “ How could it be you ‘Chuckie’ your wearing Dog Hair.....the culprit is the One wearing feathers” !

Wednesday 15th Feb  -  Morning has broken with a Cold Chill from an Easterly Wind....not good as usually brings disastrous Weather !

Saturday 18th Feb  -  Poured with Rain !!!

Activity around the Garden LasT !

2.20  p.m  Was clearing the Winter mess in the front garden.....whilst doing so..... thought I’d take a look around the ‘Pond’.......A huge ‘Female Frog’ took a dive below, was obviously hanging around the edge for a ‘Mate’.  Her body was 3” in length with good, lengthy strong legs just what a ‘Mate’ would be looking for.
Monday 20th Feb  -  Rain had fallen most of the night and by morning had still some wringing-out to do....with the odd drips.

7.56 a.m     I was sat in the kitchen eating my marmite on toast..... when a little face peered up at me (Dog's begging mode can be So *sweet*)  Chuckie had sniffed the air with a taste for my toast!  His tail disappeared between his back legs up towards his stomach and his bottom couldn't get more tucked-Up!  “Almost like the incredible ‘folding-dog” !   ‘Marmite’ is far too salty for dogs to I gave him some extra of his own. 

He is a 'Fantastic' little Dog ! 

Thursday 23rd Feb  -   The Flies are out in force – we were blasted with them last night as we opened the back door and forgot to switch the light off....they all clung to our heads and made us itch !!!

7.15 a.m   Son’s eating his breakfast and points his index finger at me.......”Was that you”?  We both heard a-rumbling in the kitchen...... “No”  I answered  “but was it you”?  “No” he said.....then promptly pointed at  both dogs who had been yearning for a piece of his toast.  I hadn’t fed them wasn’t them.....!
There was a rumbling in the Pipes, Son looked at Me'No'was it him'No'-both Dogs stood close,Was it them? It was boiler !

Now that theres an enormous hatch of flies, which filled the entire garden, the Birds will be delighted!

Wishing your ‘Pets’ could talk is fun,  until you remember everything you’ve ever done infront of your Pets! .......I couldn’t leave the page empty of  this!

10.46 a.m  Can hear a familiar four-legged echo from upstairs.... ‘Snooties’ running around......searching for ‘Bogey Men’ (ghosts and gouls).,  none of the other dogs do this.    She seems to have a repetitive nature.......quite different from the other dogs we’ve had in the past .

Friday 24th Feb  - 8.20 a.m  How lucky was a ‘Female Sparrow’  VERY !  I had just put the seeds out in the ‘Bird-House’ and there was great excitement shown from our feathered friends who arrived from all directions...those that were fat sat on the side-bar, outside the house, then an extra Keen female flew against the House.....only to trap her  foot....Just as well I was keeping an ‘eye’ on things for them., “it’s hanging...quick help” I called to ‘Himself’  he rushed to release the poor frantic bird.......then......for a few seconds held her in both hands to check she hadn’t broken her leg........have never seen one fly Sooooo fast in opposite direction, she won’t be back !  Causing everyone to fly off......then a brave ‘Sparrow’  returned moments later ......was safely eating inside as he knew his surroundings well.   Phew !

We're 'Spawning' at LAST !!! >>>>> <<<<< #Frog_Spawn ! @ARGroupsUK Today !"Yay! Bigspawncount 2012  Noticed three Clumps then looked again later in afternoon to see another Clump of ‘Spawn’ ! > &

We have Frog Spawn for the first time EveR..... usually have to transport rescued Spawn, excited ! Lots of Activity in and around the edges with Mama Frogs jumping in and out, appeared to be three or four.

The 'Homemade' Bread is such good quality, So  'soft' one could almost sleep on it ! 

‘Sea-Fret’  just arrived inland.....scent of the Ocean, mist of beyond and can't see a Bl.....dy thing ! >> 

Saturday 25th Feb  -  8.10 a.m  A ‘female frog’ senses my vibrations on the ground, she makes for the bottom where it’s all dark and murky looking.  

This is the 'Female Frog' from last year's Pics-has she returned ?

 I’d already put out the ‘seeds’ for the hungry ‘Birds’ and on my return  indoors....looked back to see “who”? a ‘Male Sparrow’ was already filling his face whilst a ‘Robin’ viewed from the ‘side-lines’.

9.16 a.m   A pair of active 'BlueTits' give the nest-box a 'Go-over' female went inside and stayed for a good minute, whilst Male clasped on from outside.  “is this the start of something good”!  Link>

Sunday 26th Feb  -   The confident seed eaters are enjoying the inside of the ‘Bird House’ (they know how its done!) then a couple of ‘Blue tits’ arrive all keen......they try a few times to join in the mornings hand-out but sadly are soon mobbed by the rest of the ‘Sparrows’ and with that they give-in and fly away!

8.20.a.m  Be it frosty here first thing, with the Sun is giving its best !

11.15 a.m  We were almost home from being on a shopping trip and am quite sure I spotted a ‘Partridge’ sat on a lower limb of a tree.  ‘Himself’ has heard one in our Woodland......this is good news, just requires patience to wait and see. Link > & &

Tuesday 28th Feb  -  Its a ‘marvel’ when One sees the ‘Scuba-Flying Great tits’ arrive into your garden – their sense of dress has to be admired! Link>

The regular  ‘Bird’ visitors  are all keen eaters even though the Sun is hidden behind a palette of grey and fine rain.

Wednesday 29th Feb  -  We may actually get some Sunshine today it's pushing through grey columbus clouds .
Some of the Trees are still ‘stark’ but others join in the early growth.....

Arrived back from the Wood and the Dogs/Pigeon have rolled-out the  ‘Red carpet’ – how kind of them....mwahh xXx.


Thursday 1st March  -  The days awakening felt like ‘Spring’ -  the Sun was still asleep at 7.a.m
Sat peering into the Garden ‘Pond’......a Male ‘frog’ exposed himself to the surface and left a collection of ‘air bubbles’ upon the surface.

It proved to be a ‘WildLife’ day down below, upon the ground, Up above -  an array of ‘Crows’, ‘Buzzards’ and two pairs of ‘Red Kites’ of which appeared to have a ‘torn wing’ ....of course ‘molting time’.

Friday 2nd March  -   Its a good start to the day with a developing sky of that bright Sunshine !

2.47 p.m  The one and only lawn is being side-trimmed by the strimmer and finished off with the mower to a nice level.  At first it lay all Flat but soon perked-up with ‘blades of grass’ like soldiers.......And a first solitary ‘Bee’ flies past  sweeping through the air-currents with extraordinary ease.....with all this nature  passing through gives great excitement for those Summer days that will soon be on the way !

Saturday 3rd March   -  A ‘Rain-Storm’  kept me awake most of the night, surprisingly enough the sky had cleared but then an out-burst once again.......

 Had a horrible Scare that Sneg had gone from our garden whilst getting washing in from Rain, searched every corner- “Was sat under Waterbutt “ phew!  He asked to go out at the time of hanging the clothes out and thought it safe....lesson learned !  “Always take a Sentinel (one of the dogs.)’...they're good at 'telling' if forgotten something or someOne !

Sunday 4th March  -  Bright sunshine in between the odd rain-drops left over from the night’s heavy showers.
We're experiencing a HAIL Storm ~~~##### horrible !

Monday 5th March  -  VeRy  cold and blustery  brrrrr !

Another item of School Clothing gone Astray !

No jumper as yet but the detectives are out amongst the School...had an instant reply !

The Letter I sent >>> Dear ......not telling who,

     We're here yet again with an item of expensive clothing thats gone missing?  

      Tom remembers putting it into his school bag the day before Eisteddfod.

      It has his Name written in black permanent marker on Neck tab and a 'Sewn' name tab along bottom left hand seam.

      The Right wrist Rib was unravelling a little and the Neckline at front was repaired.

       Anyone seen a description such as this is a genius !

        Sorry to trouble you with this,

                         Kind regards,

I wrote to the School and explained that the ‘Jumper’ had returned unharmed via a young lad - I was most grateful !

Tuesday 6th March  -  Hope U've had breakie...Sneg's latest deposit was.... size and colour of a three inch  frog.......much prefer the instalments,..... I guess, he’s  growing up !

Himself and I arrived home around lunch time, we’d been to collect a couple of new ‘Pullets’   a ‘BlueBell’  and ‘Light Sussex’.   And so.... two new lives join our ‘gang’ ! Contact>  Crymych listed at bottom of page.

Light Sussex & Bluebell
Wednesday  disappeared !

Thursday 8th March  -  arrived with Warnings of a Solar Storm......

Today’s weather proved ok'ish !

Front garden tidy and 'tear-n-shared' some ‘cornflowers’  from the front to around the Pond - should look colourful but also adds some shade for the ‘PondLife’.

Friday 9th March  -  A kind of non-descript day ‘weatherwise’ a little rain which if it had been more might have filled-up the Garden Pond the low level was drying out the top layer of ‘Frog-Spawn’ !   Between my Son and I we carried washing-up bowls/wheelbarrow fulls of ‘rain-water’ to ease the problem.......can’t be losing any of our First ever ‘Spawn’ !

We are both now soaking wet from spilling some of the ‘rain-water’  whilst trundling back and forth – this has to work !

Saturday 10th March  -  A bright sky with massive low lying clouds covering the mountains.

Weird weather as Sun kept going in & out !

10.26 a.m.  A Lady-friend called for ‘Sneg’ - he is indoors, I'll ask him if he's interested ? “he didn’t want to go”!......she had'nt stayed long L(

Sunday 11th March  -  Sun keeps going in and out today but at least its not Raining ,  although... could do with that Rain to fill-up the Garden Pond.

One of those mornings when all the animals appear at once...rescued spider from sink, ‘Sneg’  fell over ( as No mat to get out) I carefully picked him up!  “””‘Chuckie’ missing!”””    ‘Chuckie’  was cosying-up with our Son eating cereal, in the lounge......phew All safe ..... panic over !

3.17 p.m    Appears to be a ‘Sea Fret’ arriving thick and fast....No sign of the mountains and the bottom field has vanished!

I do hope it Rains soon.....well enough to fill our Garden Pond for the sake of the ‘Spawn’ ....just had to give them another watering.

Elder Tree


Monday 12th March  -  The ‘Fog’ has lowered and we can’t see a thing, only just make out other side of road!

8.44 a.m.  Snegs barking like a dog again.......perhaps he thinks he's one and has to do what others don't.

11.26 a.m   ‘Blue-Tits’ And they’ve arrived back to survey the area to see if the Box attached to our Brick shed is worthy of  producing their ‘Off-Spring’.......its taken a good look from above our grey tin shed,  then flies beneath the weather-shield on top of door (a place to view around in the dry)....”Nice Garden”...she says.

3.14 p.m  The Fog is closing in now.. times got on with a chilly breeze feeling quite icy... brrrrh!

16.30 p.m   Sneg’s taken a liking to the Music Channel on T.V. arrhhh ....he was tapping a rhythm on the dog’s dish earlier.

Wednesday 14th March...sorry about the day before, it just went....”So I haven’t filled it in”

A thick Damp Fog surrounded the Village and couldn’t see beyond the garden hedge....

4.20 p.m  Eventually the Sun gave a Spark of enthusiasm for a spot of gardening.......better late than never !

Talking to my friend Tots....said > 

I didn't explain exactly how I started the venture out from the back door, put my garden glove on my right foot instead of wellie ((...”am so used to putting a second pair of warm socks on.)
Something totally wrong there :(( worrying - how could I forget the difference between a glove and wellie ??
Thanks for your spark of sunshine tots, its given me hope in the garden - cleared two areas, one of which nearly fell in deep hole :((  “ as she'd kindly sent some virtual over”

Thursday 15th March  -  Disappeared into ‘Fog’ !!!

Friday 16th March  -  Outside was *Bathed in sunlight*  -   The Bees were a-buzzing and the ‘Red-Kite’ has chosen a low flight this morning for people such as me to admire !

On the way to get Hay we had to drive over  a 'Flat Cock-Pheasant 'in the  middle of road, must have been a wide heavy tyred vehicle - very sad indeed.

 Now Ratty is on a Roller taking Eggs, usually have 1 egg per day..haven't last few.....problems problems, always a problem L(

3.25 p.m  The ‘Return of the School Jumper’ !!!

Defiant ‘Pigeon’s Wishes’ squashed

3.40p.m and ‘Sneg’ would not move from out of the lounge.....seemed to be determine to Stay!   “its not t.v. music time yet, Sneg”.   So encouraged him to walk ahead of me “like we do with the hens”    -  He stood still, looking up at me.....As though, saying “Oh, please can I stay?”   I couldn’t have him trying to take over like the ‘Dogs’ do,  they would see a weakness in my manovering and join in with ‘Sneg’ , both were following and watching the results in play........’Sneg’  eventually skipped sideways, keeping an Eye on me...looking for an escape route (of which.  he normally succeeds.) 

I look upon the Sky outside and saw a streak of ‘light’
 Has woken-up All ‘Nature’s Eye’ and given us  some Hope.
The days events will fill the ‘Air’ of pleasant ‘sound’ and ‘flight’
“We’ll give the ‘Pigeon’ some more scope.
To find a ‘female’ friend.
The rain last night has filled the‘Pond’
Let’s hope its on the mend.

Our ‘Scuba’ friends  arrived to eat the seed thats been put out
And now out-thought the ‘Sparrows’
 arriving  just on time
The ‘Pond’ is right, the ‘Ground’ is right for celebration shout
 Squirling ‘Worms’ move above to surface for some Air
Too late... a Beak awaits the big fat juicy one
Devoured by feathered flights.

  My silly ditties written by binnie

10.55 a.m   ‘Sneg’ is pecking at ‘Himself’s’ trainers who have clearly taken his ‘Sun-Spot’.......Five minutes of pecking, there seems to be a ‘snack’ in between the fabric, he’s forgotten about the Sun beam.

2.23 p.m  “Did you have a knot in that feather ‘Sneg’”?  He’s combing each feather with his beak.

Sunday 18th March  - History of Mother's Day >

  After the Hail and heavy rainfall from yesterday has woken this morning with a ‘Fresh’ clear start........until an hour later the ‘Rain’ arrived in sheets !

Monday 19th March  -  A light covering of *frost* and everything ~bathed~ in warm Sun-light :-) *smiles*  “I knew the ‘Birds’ had something good to tell us - their celebration Calls, I was still lying in bed.”

Returned to a warm home where the Sunshine was  giving the ‘Tomatoes’ some strength.....trouble is the ‘beams’ keep moving so am enjoying their company on the dining-room table., 
they are now on the ‘front door-step’ outside.....lapping up the glow!   The rest of the ‘Tomatoes’ are on the kitchen sills......just had to rescue the outside 'Toms' as Suns vanished !


Expressions from Jack - 'anxious for breakie'

'Frosty Morning'

I hope next time we meet we have moved into warmer temperatures