Friday, 8 June 2012

Sneg had vanished !

Monday 28th May  -  All bright and fresh with little Nippy our puddy cat sunning herself on our green shed whilst the birds say NO no.....not you again!!!

She'd got herself too hot and ventured into the shade

Been down the Woods a few times today already and after lunch discovered the ‘Mining Bee’ excavations.......

Mining Bee ~ could be 'Tawny'

As we were leaving...... I noticed the ‘Bank’ had 'Badger' ladders and ‘Rabbit’ Warrens......

A way in

Bank 'Voles' could also have taken up residence
And even 'Bees' have an interest in the 'bank' alongside a road

Some were quite a size!

'Fox' foot print
During the wettest weather you'll always find animal trails leaving evidence of their whereabouts.

Tuesday  29th May  -  Sunshine behind thick misty fog,  weird looking.  I wonder what we'll get ?

And so the 'Cat' came back, we'd lost her last night................phew! "Hurry up young birds and fledge so Cat can return to Woods"!

I counted fourteen  ‘Mining Bee’ holes on our top field and two of these were mined by our entrance....

A Texas bee with strange bathroom habits>

Honeybee decline linked to deadly virus:

’Bees’  working undercover today as the Sun decided to hide.

Believe this little bird is a 'Baby Robin'
it was trying to get out of the Stable window.

Wednesday 30th  -  Sunshine out and hoping for a sight of those gorgeous young birds to take their first... ever flight!

No one wanting to leave nest, must be too comfortable and  appear to be finding the odd tasty morsal within nest. 

Here's a Link to the video I took last week and remember it was pouring with rain >

Thursday 31st May  -  Was filming all day long and nobody took flight except parents, absolutely soaked but unbeknown to me,  until I uploaded films, noticed how Nutty's push and  shove to reach the entrance where both parents deliver the food......Nature can be quite aggressive but those that do are survivors!  And one did appear to be leaving just when the Video Cam steamed-up :((

I was sat hunched  on a stool outside wearing a camo waterproof jacket, with video cam. close to hood and had to keep wiping. I heard a noise behind me...... it was the Male Pheasant looking just how I felt, bedraggled :((

Saw a pair of Birds I'd never noticed before in our Wood.......superb day now the unusual wildlife join me, even in the Rain !  Still trying to work out which type they were, as they’d landed on the ground a few times and were too quick for the video peeped around a tree with a bright red breast staring right at me.....was cute as it was also wearing (what looked like) a white frill below the red and the size of a ‘Blackbird’ not a ‘Robin’., could quite possibly of been a 'RedStart' but these are slightly slimmer than a 'Blackbird'. 

'Welsh Poppy' in our front garden

Friday 1st June   -  Not a good ‘Sneg’ went missing from the front garden, the Postman had greeted him (he says "he’s cute".)  And had spent most of the morning out .......he usually sensed any predators and would come running in (as we leave the door open.)  ‘Nippy’ was sat patiently waiting, watching a ‘space’ within the ‘hedge’ in the front garden, maybe witnessed something...........was it a ‘Raven’ that took him but then I keep thinking.....maybe he hid., I called many times but nothing L(  


  ‘House is empty without him, he always listened to what we had to say'

An evening spent down in the Wood and because there were so many ‘midges and horse fly’ we decided to also Spray ourselves in the ‘homemade’ remedy... I'd made earlier.... We All Wore the 'Horse-Fly-Spray' - but that was o.k as I'd made this out of  'Natural' ingredients..... Stopped us from being so attractive! Worked ....!!!  Here’s my concoction: 12ml of ‘Eucalyptus’ oil – 5ml of ‘Rosemary’ oil – Pure Oils.  Quarter of a pint of ‘Baby oil’,5ml 'Tea Tree' Oil and ‘Natural Soap’ which has been soaked in ‘hot water’ in the bathroom sink (to liquefy and easier to fill Atomiser) - about half a pint of hot water, makes it easier to fill a cup to transfer into bottle.   I start by putting the ‘Liquified Soap, Baby Oil and next the three oils and shake well each time before use.  ‘Voila’ !

Saturday 2nd June   -  I keep thinking that 'Sneg' will turn up,he went missing late morning yesterday, feel we've let him down. Could have been that large cat who calls (  The house seems empty without the pitter-patter of his feet walking across the kitchen floor to the lounge with that desire to listen and watch T.V. and snuggle-up to the ‘Wood Stove’ which he must have felt some comfort from.  I keep looking outside with some ‘hope’, he couldn’t ‘fly’ only roll over to look dead.....was a meal waiting to happen L(

To be able to record the different Bird tunes would be fascinating especially ‘Wood_lark’ I find the 'WoodLark' fascinating with his different range of vocals, outstanding Bird !!! Link > &

Sunday 3rd June   -  To be woken by Nature's *Song from the ‘Blackbird’  is soothing and helps one get  motivated, and to see what else is beyond closed curtains..... ‘Narcissus’ (a Male Sparrow) was finding morsals amongst the drive.........or maybe ‘gritting’?  You'll find him here >  ~ scroll down to 22nd May.

Have noticed many movements amongst the leaf and bramble - not 'Bedw'...someone smaller? 

Monday 4th June  -  Walked along to the ‘WildLife Park’ in ‘Cilgerran’ heard plenty of ‘Birds singing’ and the weather was true to us today....warm and dry.

Tuesday  5th June  -  Changed sky today... for Rain ......yuck ! And Wednesday, Thursday.....

6.21 p.m   It’s all systems go down amongst the ‘Woodland’ trees of hidden treasures ‘humans’ arrive and give ‘gifts’.  ‘Himself’ just arrived back to say the ‘Magpies’ were singing a jolly tune when he arrived to collect the eggs.....they were hoping for another feed as he had forgotten to remove the last lot earlier today  from ‘Hen roof’ they had been singing “A silly twat”!

And there’s more....the ‘Rat’ has moved indoors.... nesting next to the ‘Nest-boxes’ due to all the ‘Rain’ handy! "Phantom Egg eater"!

Male Palmate 'Newt'
Link >  Our Son had found this little guy in our Garden Pond, nice to know it's a 'living pond'.

Friday 8th June  - 

World Ocean Day 

'Himself' took this at Saundersfoot

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