Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Prickly 'Gorse'

8.06 p.m Monday evening continued with ‘Sneg’ making a drilling sound, he was picking up a seed at a time and  drilling each one inside his beak.........dropped it a few times and kept going for 30 seconds. 

We had the greatest of pleasure seeing a group of ‘Long-tailed-Tits’ pass through our Woodland Link> http://www.bbc.co.uk/nature/life/Long-tailed_Tit & http://www.rspb.org.uk/wildlife/birdguide/name/l/longtailedtit/index.aspx

Tuesday 20th March

Wednesday   21st March   It would have been great if only the other half of my body would Wake-up......guess it's a left-handed day !

 I’d already been out of bed at 3 a.m and this was my second step towards staying-up........but the only side of my body that had woken-up was the left and veering off to one side felt so weird.........I tried not to dash and slowed right down to gather the right-side’s senses, eventually All of me awoke ! 
I managed to open the landing  window and all I could see was a glum grey sky........the wildlife didn’t seem to be so enthusiastic about the day., until I handed the seeds out.

3.p.m  Was able to sit outside and enjoy the flow of nature!

Thursday 22nd March  -  Looks to be a promising start to the day, not too much Sun and Not too little, just enough to hold on to.

A Bees desperate moment for ‘nectar’ this little Bee tried to get in head-on, side-ways and last resort reversed in half-way but knew the plan was hopeless so flew off to try somewhere else !

A ‘small tortoiseshell’ was busying itself moving in every direction to search out the best plants....seemed to like the ‘Dandelions’ and ‘lesser celandine’ close to the ground.

11.39 a.m A ‘Queen’ Bee decided to buzz into the dining-room, she was franticly grooming herself on  the  window-sill – ‘Himself’ gently and briskly swiped off the ‘mite’ on her back......we opened the window for her escape.   Looks like  Bombus terrestris queen ?

Friday 23rd March  -  A beautiful morning !

Just before lunch cleared around ‘Strawberries’ of all their neighbouring weeds and straggling long ends and then cut away the dead dried ‘nettles’ from last year to make way for new growth.

Saturday 24th march  -  The day has begun so beautifully bright, a warm breeze approaches.

I’ve re-potted the ‘Strawberries’, taken all the old soil out and mixed in with our very own ‘compost’, they’re appearance seems bright now!

Sunday 25th March  -  Feels quite strange losing the hour but the good weather makes up for it's loss,  I'm pleased I sorted strawberries out yesterday, had a peek at them early this morning and they’re looking happy, ready for their grow !

11.15 a.m  Our youngest Son decides to go on a cycle ride, well manned with phone and money he sets off speedily,  anxious to reach his friends in a nearby village.    The phone rings and its him exhausted.....he had managed to cycle half-way home., so  I suggest to ‘Himself’ to also take a drink of water but he grabbed for the fizzy bottle instead.....”its a new bottle which hasn’t been opened... you’ll be surprised if it squirts all over the inside of car”! < this has occurred before ! (managed to get bike in car also.) and so the exhausted teenager was pleased for the lift home.

Previously ‘Himself’ and I had to repair, yet another  gap in the fence that ‘Jack’ had created to join his friend ‘Bracken’ (the Pony)  he wasn’t for befriending only after his food and knew he’d made a mistake getting in as once the stock of food had gone was Wanting Out to roam the ‘Woodland’ once more for the new shoots from the ‘gorse’.

We both walked a little way into the Woodland and came across (what appeared to be, ‘Buzzard’ feathers) the only predator we could think who would take a ‘Buzzard’  was the ‘GosHawk’.>>> Or maybe it had been run over and carried by another into our Woods to eat.

Mystery kill or escape !

We were almost near completion when ‘Himself’ said “look over there in that tree”  I did and there stood in the crooks of the said tree was a large bird, either a ‘Buzzard’ or a ‘Red-Kite’, looking straight at us.........it turned to view the other side beyond the farmer’s field searching for prey (better ‘still’ in a tree to save energy than waste it flying endlessly around.) 

Late afternoon......Driving out from our drive-way ,  we stopped to let the passing cars go by.... saw a ‘queen bee’ run over.........vulnerable to fast cars !!! 

We were on our way to ‘Poppit Beach’ which is only ten minutes away from home......

The other two wanted to search the other end of the ‘Estuary’- so I wandered off in search for anything interesting on my own, “I did, almost straight away”

Saw a solitary ‘Sandpiper’ dancing in and out of the waves, delightful to watch.

It was running in and out with the tide stopping at intervals to use it’s long sharp beak to dig beneath the sand for a tasty treat.......almost like a ‘SandDance’.  The Sun was so bright I wasn’t sure if I’d captured the little bird or not, so I focused the binoculars to see who it really was?  I waded into the sea behind and then beside it and it didn’t seem vazed by anything walking past it like loose dogs running and chasing a ball with their owners talking and dipping their toes.  I tried not to look straight at it as knew this was a predatory action and patience paid.........look at this>>>  


I’d been gone over an hour or two and realised it was time to catch-up with the others who had seen a ‘Nine spotted Ladybird’ a deep blood red and tiny 3mm in size., No photo am afraid!

Wednesday 28th March  -  Glorious weather to awaken to but we still require much rain !

‘Himself’ and I were returning home from our early trip to the woods and there in a gate-way a beaut of a ‘Male Buzzard’ wearing fabulous feathers glowing in the sunshine and feasting  on it’s morning catch.

Male Buzzard - taken through Car Windscreen !

11.15 a.m  A ‘Wild Rabbit’ arrived to see what she could eat, obviously found something amongst our Vegetable patch as the ‘Doe’s’ jaw is to one side >>>

Sneaky Rabbit !

3.45 p.m  My second phone call to UK London Japanese Embassy: http://binnie-fragilelife.blogspot.co.uk/ which confirmed how they thought about Dolphins - Cetaceans ! "Too Many Dolphins"

Female Buzzard who had been watching us fix the fence

Thursday 29th March  -  This morning's Sky hung low, almost like a frozen fog that chilled one to the bone- Sun awakes half hour on *smiles


Sunday 1st April  -  Still very cold with Sunshine !

3 p.m’ish  I was stood under the ‘Nuthatch’ box, talking away to other half......then noticed the box had some kind of dark markings (where the lid connects to main body.)  The dry weather has made the wood  shrink (contract,)  causing gaps.....when taking a picture of (just the box) a ‘Nuthatch’ arrived also.   She was too busy to take any notice of a bystander.....tooing and froing with beakfulls of mud....doing her plastering.

Across from this ‘Bird box’ another was placed last year......A ‘Blue-tit’ has taken residence, sadly another ‘Nuthatch’ keeps going inside and excavates the premises...whilst the poor little ‘Blue-Tit’ sits on a nearby branch awaiting it’s turn to go inside L(( totally unfair !

Monday 2nd April  -  Alls very Cold here but the sunshine is peeling away the Fog, so could be a nice day ahead......

Driving down the narrow lane, four Buzzards were doing their morning look-outs and grooming sat in different trees.   Two of them looked directly at me, one was splaying it’s Wing feathers out and the other stood large as Life......looked across the field.

3 p.m Taken a video of the ‘female Nuthatch’......She had already made sure that there was enough mud to use for filling her entrance by placing it just above her door........ (handy) also very clever!

I'll leave you with the Video, where you can hear Duke our Dog frustrated that I was putting too much attention into a Video Cam rather than himself........arrhhhhh x

A 'Male' Nuthatch was calling in the background........

                                THANK YOU