Thursday, 12 September 2013

Early September

This was probably the same Herring gull  on our Chimney pots, rather than neighbour's whose pots are not covered.

September leaves already turned their shade of pale,

Via winds from north of frozen tales.

Creatures choose below and out of way

Where up above tall trees do sway

Of  rubbing limbs for many hours

A broken branch did fall it’s tower.

Carrion blown in backward flight

Did seem to be an unnatural sight.

Poss'd inside a chimney-pot

A Gull takes it’s lot.

Restless behaviour adjusts to another,

Oh ...the discomfort looking bird now calling for it’s mate.

"Oh where are’t thou,  Gull’s partner, your late" !

When a sudden blaze shone round to give need...some eego

To brave the whip-lashing weather that came too soon.

~ ~ ~

copyright:  lynne shaw (@Lynnibinny)