Monday, 6 February 2012

Monday still and .....’Sneg’ is worn out from his excursions outside.......all snuggled-up alongside his favourite escape route (he willingly saunters back indoors as he knows this is his home.)

Tuesday 17th Jan  -  A Red Sky arrived, it didn’t look real.....Camera at ready 8.09 a.m  -  holding onto a freezing park fence brrr with probably funny looks from drivers as they passed,  I couldn’t let this opportunity slip away.......

Friday 20th Jan  -  10.40 a.m  -  Everytime I get the hoover out the Four-legged 'Team' arrive, perhaps they think I'm ‘Feeding’ it ?   “Who knows”  'helping Paws n claws' to feed Sneg.

Saturday 21st Jan & Sunday 22nd 

One has to have purpose in ‘Life’  And my first steps downstairs took me to the tiny kitchen window, where I could see amongst the Winter branches of the ‘Buddleia’ sat a ‘Dark Brown Sparrow’ who was munching on insects for breakfast had No idea another pair of ‘eyes’ was watching!  Are we part  of Nature, do we really care that much about Wildlife.....”I Do”  Seems to be my First Call in the morning... to go and see them.

We are definitely Part of Nature’s World......we have taken a Wrong turning during our last few decades And Must  “Change for the Better”  “Our Children’s , Children depend on a ‘Fruitful’ Future ,   “Let’s Make it So”
Sunday 23rd Jan  -  Solar interference – everything switched off in a most peculiar way 

Tuesday 24th Jan   -  Our Son was staying at home today from School......he had ‘Tonsillitis’  with a temperature.....even a cool bath didn’t cool him down.  The ‘paracetamols’ were taken.   By the afternoon he’d settled down and the Fruit and cream below, soothed his throat:

A Bowl-full of taste-bud tinglers: > A Pack of mixed Fruit from freezer creates a tingling sensation around the tongue when syruped-down & add some cream when cool, Great for bad throats!

A liquorice sweet look-a-like was ‘Sneg’s’ early morning deposit ....”how nice” Not !  I had been around to clear up once already this morning and quickly removed this one.  Of course, I should have known better.... Animals of any type or description always leave a scent message of any kind, their way of proving thats my space.......

By 10.03 a.m  A ‘BlackBird’ was singing a beautiful happy tune amongst the garden trees – it must be the fine rain coming down....they know the ‘Worms’ will not tolerate the deep below for long -  they could make their way up to the surface to breath.....'BlackBirds' get a better chance of something worth eating.

We had seen the News on Tweet from our ‘Astro’ friends that the ‘Aurora’ was being seen in our Area......which made us jump out of our chairs and dash for the landing window to view this spectacular event.......didn’t believe what we were seeing but of course it was...... it curved around ‘Cardigan Town’ , surrounded by a ‘Green hue’.   This is caused by the ‘magnetic field’ being erupted from ‘Solar Flares’  Link >  &  &!image-number=1

Wednesday 25th Jan ........Dull rainy outlook !

Almost every News article I opened was negative......then suddenly a tweet arrived on deck from a really nice person ‘Kate’ she made me laugh my first grin of the felt good and I could’nt stop......I was hungry for more !
Primula vulgaris growing on Hedgerow

12.20 p.m   We're getting some fancy footwork from 'sneg' this afternoon..... #skipping round corners - amazing species !

Our ‘moments’ of Real ‘Caricature-Characters’ living nearby. 

Suddenly our Son made a comment....on the way to the Farmers where we buy our Animal feeds “those Donkey People”......I knew straight away who he meant, the ‘Dentally-challenged people’ who live on the way into Town, he replied “thats right Mum”.   Himself joined in on the conversation and made the situation an absolute hilarious Car journey ha haa !  he said “ahhhh  seen them out shopping and can only think of ‘carrots’.......We couldn’t stop laughing am sorry to say And should never find humour from people this way but “we did” And it felt Good to Laugh !!!  “We never spoke from what our Son originally was about to say, he had forgotten amongst So much laughter !

We also spoke of the girl who used to serve us the ‘animal feed’ who Never smiled and only gave a raised eye-brow to Himself on occasions........we named her ‘Glamourous Glenis’ Queen of the Animal Food. 
“Guess What I am”?     ........’MeerKat’ and proud to be like one !

Daffs growing on roadside Hedge

I certainly wouldn't want to be Out any further than doorstep...we live higher than Sea-level and would Be total Madness!  “Himself has gone Walk-about” !!!  Hope he stays intact !!!

Thursday 26th Jan   -  And the garden had come alive now that ‘Sneg’ was outside on his adventure, until the ‘Dog’s ran between  my feet.......I was enjoying the pleasure of the ‘Garden visitors’ .....the ‘Dunnock’ ‘Narcissus family’ who befriend ‘Sneg’ and seemed to like his presence on the ground but they did seem to be showing off that they could fly and sit up high looking down at him as though to say “this is how it’s done” !  

Mr Robin arrived with his breast bellowed-out  with bright red.  I did notice one thing about ‘Sneg’s’ new friends......they indicated that early warning of  #Danger#  when the ‘Dogs’  were out of sight !   He’d been out for a good half an hour and decided of his own accord it was time to saunter back inside to safe surroundings. 


Friday 27th Jan  -  Just flew by with ‘Hail’ beating against each window-pane around 2.p.mish

Saturday 28th Jan  -  And it’s the Big Garden BirdWatch Count>

I arrived downstairs to see NO ‘Sneg’.......he was outside munching along the bark peelings, his Sentinels were sat indoors enjoying the Sunshine on an Old upholstered Wing-backed chair in the  dining-room.....So without further a-Do I opened the back door to where he was and called the two faithful dogs to guard him, they did.  

11.25  My Son and I stepped out from the House to start our Walk along a narrow ‘B Road’ which.... After about ten minutes or so we came across a ‘Dead Female Blackbird’, she was lying flat on her back with feet in the air.......there was blood a few inches from where she lay, it was still bright red

 so must have been recent.......And could see that she must have bounced off a Car Windscreen to have been in this state,  left to die at the Roadside ! LinK>

We kept our slow pace so as not to miss anything and chatted almost every step as we move along the ‘oncoming Traffic’ ......we disturbed Six ‘Female Pheasants’ from behind the Hedge.  They flew from behind the hedge,  over the top and across the road, right infront of us.......quite a vision to see.  Camera takes too long to switch on -  would’nt have captured them.

We stopped at a gateway and looked across the Valley and a ‘Robin’ was asking what were we doing?    A distant drumming sound of a ‘Woodpecker’ was heard.....the talk n chatter from a ‘Raven’ just above our heads,  in a tall Bald 'Beech tree' took flight moments later towards  the drumming sound that began to echo across the Valley  And the ‘Robin’s’ High Notes so tuneful filled the Air, as Nature's main 'Vocal'.

The ‘Morning’s Dew’ still hangs on the threads of some ‘Sheep’s Wool’ dragged n left behind on hawethorn branches along the hedgerow.

The Walk took us One Hour, Nine minutes to return on front doormat.

With an exercise of fresh Air and the fullness of Wild Life filled our heads With ‘A picture of Sound’ as we don’t always have to SEE it to believe it ‘Just Listen’......

The photograph above was taken at precisely 11.45 a.m 'A silhouette of branches'

'Capel Coleman' could be seen from our walk

Some of our Walks in the past have taken us to 'Ffynone Falls' and Well worth a visit - below photo...was taken by my Other Half.

Our Son was quite young here !
AmAzinG what goes on > Druids Call >>>  << Be Warned of picture with Naked Man !

Big BirdWatch

Sunday 29th Jan  -   The early morning Birds in our Garden were nowhere to be seen nor heard and the skies curtain was pulled tightly across “it was a bare/wet  canvas”.

First Birds arrive at 11.20 a.m.......A ‘Blue-tit’ sits in a tree.....A ‘Dunnock’ looks as though it’s so desperate for food that it did a hurried scramble under a Garden chair, then was off.....A ‘Female Blackbird’ sits on top of our hedge for only a second or two!   Their ‘Body Language’ says “Oh...I give up”!....”we had a bumper feast yesterday.”   

It’s  virtually impossible to take an accurate reading of their numbers visiting our Garden, due to the ‘Weather’ turning  has dampened their Song.

A ‘Song Thrush’ turns up  1.45 p.m in the back field doing a ‘bobbing kind of walk’ where it’s Boggy and full of ‘Moss’. 

1.55 p.m  A Female ‘BlackBird’ quickly prances across the bottom path then leaps up to the top of our hedge to twitch her feathers to clear out any unwanted pests....she didn’t hang around for long and soon disappeared from view.

2 p.mish  My eyes catch a glimpse of movement....a  bedraggled Male ‘Dunnock’ stood on a large boulder amongst the rockery,  surveying the area and ridding itself of pests by also twitching and fluffing-up it’s feathers.......he soon vanished under the dry hedge.  Then out of nowhere I see him weighing up the prospect of the ‘Bird Table’ to where he flew below....then had his fill and was away!

The rods of rain appeared chilly  blowing from every direction.  The ‘Birds’ sense a change in the ‘Weather’ and to stay safe!

A couple of ‘Gulls’ and a family of ‘Corvids’ ‘Fly-by-quickly’s’’s not a day for hanging around !

*Snow* is now falling amongst the  rain and the ‘Flakes’ get bigger by the second.

3.35 p.m  and it’s All *Snow*, the ‘Rain’ has vanished !

Monday 30th Jan  -     The Mountains, Valleys and parts of roofs are covered in *SnoW* although our Roads  are still safe to travel on.

7.30p.m   The Day has given us a gentle flow of snow but is now arriving fast and furious,  the size of large Cornflakes...will fetch a bowl of milk teeeheee

Taken 31st Jan Early morn !

Thursday 2nd Feb  -   O.K....... So it's Damn ColD...Been wearing Ear-muffs but what about my Nose brrrrr tucked inside woolly neck as ‘Himself’ and I feed the Animals.

Washing the grubby eggs didn't help in freezing cold water but knew it was necessary for health and  hygiene!   fingers warmed up now .

Friday 3rd Feb  -  Extreme CoLD hits you as you leave the warmth from under the bed covers...quick dash and slosh in the bathroom with clothes thrown on !

9 a.m ish   A ‘Fight of Food’ amongst two ‘Magpie’ – pair of ‘Red Kites’ – two ‘Gulls’ – two ‘Crows’ – one ‘Raven’ and a ‘Pigeon’ who made a mistaken flight course....almost HaD !  A good ten minutes went by .....the only two not seen were the ‘Reds’ All the others were circling around with an occasional attempt to dive and grab.  The two ‘Crows and Gulls’ sat upon a roof to the right and the ‘Raven’ gazed down from a higher point from a roof to the left, all they could do was ‘Watch’.    One of the ‘Reds’ took flight and circled the perimeter but the other ‘Red’ was nowhere to be seen.....obviously still eating ! 

Red-Kite scanning the area

4.15 p.m  Baby Rabbit been seen this afternoon by our Son in Woodland....searching for food and must have sensed  it's our animals feeding time- another desperadO knows our time schedules.

Saturday arrived Soooo very CoLD and *Snow* was expected...yet didn’t .  We were disappointed it never fell from the sky as we were prepared and stocked-up in foods and would have enjoyed the walk along a White covered path ,  instead of Mud !

The ‘temperature’ outside rose and the ‘ice’ was slowly melting by late afternoon.

Sunday 5th  Feb  -  Looked like a massacre had occured in dining-room , 'feathers' everyWheRe 'Sneg's had a Clear-OuT !  “Lads got to take a dip in the bath-tub” !

2nd Feb - Sheep had fastened itself to hedge,was released

10.25 a.m  “Why do you want ‘That’ biscuit from under the washing machine....when theres a bowl of them inches away...Chuckie."?.....”Perhaps it held a particular smell and was desperate for it....or maybe was chewed to a consistency he preferred...who knows “???

‘Snooty’ is now in ‘Season’ , so is separated from ‘Chuckster’ < he has the territory of the lounge/kitchen/diner and  ‘Snoots’ has the hall/stairs and All upstairs access except when she was found to be sitting too comfortably on ‘my’ pillow......And growling at other neighbouring pillow......So is now shut out from the two main bedrooms.........Actually she was pretty well behaved.

'Sneg'  is an intelligent Bird !
He now uses the kitchen mat as a 'Ramp' to get back indoors.

Patterns & Swirls of Ice

Son and I finish off our bowl of soup and hear a low barking, growling, grumbling sound......its ‘Sneg’ Barking!   the ‘Lad’ ‘mimics’  his ‘Sentinels’.....perhaps spending too much time with the Dogs mmmmmm....

Instructions were handed over to our Son - a 'Choc Pud' is the Recipe > 

I'll leave you with some Weather >>>>> 

Thank You