Thursday, 30 May 2013

'Tale-end' of the Bluetits

The UK  Weather has been brutal to us all, especially our 'Wildlife' who are exposed 'day and night' !

The square of wood you see above was put there to 'stop' a Male Sparrow from bullying them out from their home.  Bluetits are much smaller than Sparrows and did succeed ownership with their tenacity.

On one occasion I noticed the 'said' Sparrow coming out from their nesting box, so drastic measures were taken by putting the extra wood above, where he would sit 'chirping' non-stop!

The same Sparrow has bullied the 'House Martins' from their nest and moved in.

Now that their 'nesting material' has created a good bed,  ready for that special moment, they enjoy the outside together.

Heading back to the 'nest'.

This was the last time I saw them together!

16th May'13 ~ Noticed no activity around their nest-box for four or five days but did hear the calls from the 'male' at the top of one of our trees.  

We've had torrential downpour, perhaps she failed her return journey, we'll never know?

21st May'13 ~  4p.m in the afternoon the male 'Bluetit' called, for what seemed like ages, from a tree near to the nest-box....No female was seen , perhaps his last attempt of searching for her.

And so from stopping over winter, trying to hang-on to their home, all was lost and so sad as their numbers are in decline.

The Good News is that the 'Bluetits' in our Woodland are doing well.