Sunday, 18 December 2011


A Time when Yearly  ‘Traditions’ come fourth, a scented Chimney smoke fired by ‘Ash’ gives off an aroma so delightful.....nodoubt my family from way-back used this and thats why it has such poignancy to me for those chilly cold winter snuggle-up by a Warm, glowing Fire !

Its a moment for those to come close to relatives or friends, to share their festivities of Good Hope and Joy but please spare a thought for those who are desperately ‘alone’, without the necessary Foods, warmth and shelter.  Take a look around.....just Stop a moment in your tracks “Are we living in an Artificial World”?  Be far More Aware and Less Self-indulgent....Just that Hug or Smile can be  All it takes !  We certainly need to reconnect with each other.......throughout the years to come, otherwise we are a ‘Lost’ society without a decent ‘cause’ !

Sunday 27th Nov  -  A vicious wind was circulating around the house.....

2.40 p.m   As the Weather turns it’s change of direction We wrap-up and drink those delicious Hot Chocolate drinks with a chocolate stirrer for a treat -  And most welcome whilst the elements outside are brrrrr !

Monday 28th Nov  -  Made another batch of ‘Christmas sized muffin cakes’no need to use a huge amount of fruit - makes them as  'light' as a feather !Link

Full details on how to make - ScrapperDo's Recipe link
Tuesday 29th Nov  -   Ferocious gusts returned through the night , then poured down most of the day...the Rivers were Running high !

Wednesday 30th Nov  -   A sky of delight today...phew couldn’t stand that other we had yesterday !!!

No School today for our lovely Son as ‘Teachers’ were on ‘Strike’

***  DECEMBER  ***

Thursday 1st Dec  -   And so the darkness still hangs around at 7.45 a.m

“Well....if you could see ‘Sneg’ on his perch doing the ‘Swan Lake’ wonderful  dance movements” ! 

Was rummaging amongst the back of my cupboard upstairs and came across a ball of yarn, it wasn’t doing anything so made it totally useful and turned it into *winter jackets* for naked little hens.

Friday 2nd Dec  -  As I opened the back door I was greeted by the smell of  *Winter*....the cold air touched my face and almost took my breath away !

The Sky was black as black could be with millions of ‘Stars’ who had arrived to ‘dress’ it up, their twinkling sparkles gave great excitement that Christmas was almost here....made me feel like a youngster.

‘Narcissus’  family of ‘Five’ were all sitting right on top of a hedge across the road, surrounding a field, happily chattering about their business. Link>

Sunday 4th Dec  -  Folds of Clouds surround our Sky this morning, quite dull but not too cold thankfully.


At this moment in time has switched himself off and snuggled his head into his fluffy body...has many forms of expression.

2.43 p.m  The Sky is giving us a ‘Hail’ storm out the front of house whilst round the back it’s bright sunshine with a double ‘Rainbow’ !

Monday 5th Dec   -  The Wind is definitely arriving from the *North*  brrrrr

Tuesday 6th Dec  -  Seemed to go by with a great looking sky until mid morning when it started to throw down ‘icy-rain’ brrrrr  very cold once again and so changeable.

Wednesday 7th Dec  -  Very dark this morning......trundled out with the rubbish...couldn’t see a thing  oops trips over stones  ouch !

Having finished the first lot of chores and seeing our lovely Son off to School I can relax just a saved porridge in the pan has gone all cold n hard (like glue) so I add a drop of milk as I stir to warm it up (did’nt want to eat in a hurry – first time around.)  Sitting in the chair enjoying my porridge ‘Chuckie’ arrives with a gift ‘a biscuit’.....he wants to swap......”No good for your tummy ‘Chuckie’ the milk does something to your insides”.....sorry little chap !

Thursday 8th Dec  -  The day Scotland received 165mph Winds!  We're not used to these Climate Changes,  I do hope Scotland's people are Safe! Link>

The ‘Witches Cottage’ news link> 

Our nearest Town 'Cardigan' holds a tremendous amount of History.  'Custom House' as it is Now.... first Row of Houses ever built alongside the Castle and during the process of renorvating came across a 'Dead Cat' within a wall ....people used to put a 'Live' Black Cat built into the walls to 'Ward off Evil Spirits'. 

Duke Always pleased to have his picture taken
Friday 9th Dec  -  A quiet Sky above....perhaps I’l l take a wander around to the ‘Post-Office’ then on to the ‘Wasteland’.   I got as far as the Post Box and the ‘heavens’ opened-up, freezing rain , my little ‘Lumix’ camera doesn’t like the wet so abandoned the wander and any hope of a photograph.

Feathers in 'Action' spectacular to see 'Red' flying very close to house this morning No Cam, was mesmerised by its preying actions Link>

10.54 a.m  I was just hanging the clean clothes on the dryer next to the small bedroom window....thankfully a glimpse of movement outside caught one of my eyes..... ‘Red’ his ‘Talon’s were sharp, poised ready for a catch....was hovering low.  A Flight with  ease just above our garden but near enough to notice it’s ‘All’ and intentions....WoW this was close !   Each feather using precision direction for that change of Air-flow....sadly nothing was caught on our Patch today.

I’d been hoovering in the lounge and was just about to......... as I thought there was a ‘Chuckie’ biscuit on the hearth rug.......he’d been and rescued it...... he knew I was known for sucking them up the hose.  It must have been his last one and wanted to hang onto it for a bit longer, just incase of a ‘swap’ later in the day.

Volunteers brave the elements in an attempt to save a Dolphin Link>

Saturday 10th Dec  -  A WoW sort of sky today.....LOOK >  

a little Rain later....Cold  !

Sunday 11th Dec  -  And so the Rain came beating down,  being pushed along by strong gusts in a manic  urge to fill all the dips and grooves on the ground.

Monday 12th Dec  -  A beautiful morning arose for All to I went a-wandering to the ‘Wasteland’.    As I entered the gateway, all seemed quiet and very still but a little further in was greeted by a group of ‘warblers’ who seemed to be feasting on insects and then a Burst of vibriant red caught my eye on the opposite side.....just above a tiny stream what looked to be a rather larger than life character....the male ‘Bullfinch’ flew towards me with confidence,  he gazed to check who had called.  I quietly aimed the camera...sadly with it’s noise the ‘Bullfinch’ had disappeared.    A little further on now and could hear the faint trickle of water.......the tiny ‘stream’ was 'Singing' ..... met by an incoming stretch of water created a natural sound of rhythmn.

As I sauntered back home.......there on the windowsill were three members of the ‘Narcissus’ family having a good stare in the bedroom, are the Relatives taking on the 'Family Traditions' of 'peeking-in' ?  So here we are on the dish (which I have to say,we don’t use-we gave up on Sky T.V. along time ago.)

2.p.mish ‘Himself’ and I spent an hour or so in the ‘Woodland’,  nothing was going to escape the cold  whistling Wind getting into each nook and cranny. 
Strolled up towards the ‘Top field’ with our faithful friend ‘Duke’ , not much wildlife exposed today but did notice evidence of ‘Rabbits’ by way of their little deposits strewn across the very wet grass and lichen.

Tuesday 13th Dec  And it’s *Snowing* ,  was fine  an hour earlier.... clouds did look full of fluff !

8.45 a.m SCHOOL just rang and Son has rescued a 'Jack-Daw' Dad's going to fetch it - how sweet of him,  always thinking of Wildlife.  Seems to have  natural instincts - if can help he will. Was very thin and Crop was empty.... is eating now, so hopefully will regain some strength.  Link & &

Thursday 15th Dec  -  A #Flash of light lit-up the whole bedroom, I looked outside.....nothing.....thought it was a security light from an opposite went to this  happened last night.

 A loud rumbling  echoed  it’s terror , ripping through the sky of dark with excitement and fascination.... 'A Storm had arrived'.

Sun has been trying to reach the surface and then an outburst of hail storms arrived down from the looming cloud cover.

Interesting skies we're receiving , whilst trying to dodge the ‘hail storms’  outside.

Friday 16th Dec  - 8.30 a.m  This mornings 'bright-eye' just having a peek (the sun) 

9.10 a.m  it was an ‘eye-opener’ and in full swing  by 9.30 a.m.

'Sneg' was heading for the back door and So the Dogs followed, Freezing experience for  bi-stander (Me)  they seemed to enjoy.   He climbed the back-door Step for the first Time.  1.07 p.m

Sunday 18th Dec  -  The Sunshine was streaming through the fine curtains in our bedroom whilst the ‘Narcissus’ family were manoeuvering things.....perhaps they thought ‘Spring’ had arrived.  A cluster of words came to mind whilst still lying in bed at 8.49 a.m “late for Me”  and with No Pen or Pencil by my side decided to get up and express those thoughts.

Theres a Red Jumper I'd been wanting to wear but was covered in White Paint so am "right Now" wearing it inside-out !   Almost like New.....another trick to save on pennies !

                     “We must learn from our Past to Live today and for Our Future"