Wednesday, 29 June 2011

 ' SOLTICE '  Link > &

Tuesday 21st June   -  One of those Dark, dull days that you want to stay inside doing things,  “which we are”  – Himself Baking Bread & Me finishing Blog.

Woody  ‘Woodpecker’ was seen having a search for the Best Peanuts, think he found it easy to pick his way through the new cage.  He Pecked one of the little ‘Sparrows’ off  and the poor creature had to wait it’s turn for a feast of those exceptional nutritional Nuts.

Today started with a ‘blip’ in the weather but changed into it’s normal Summery day.

'Narcissus'  - his friend didn't stop!

Just outside,  breathing in all that lovely Air and ‘Narcissus’ was displaying a ‘Chattering n Posing’ characteristics, had the camera at the ready .... >  he was flying from telegraph wire to ‘Butterfly bush’ (Buddleia)  and Guttering  above our bedroom window – backwards and forwards continuously for at least 5 minutes “so took his picture”  !   Mr & Mrs ‘Narcissus’ sat comfortably together  on the Guttering - as we left them behind and got into our little Car.

'Narcissus' is in Middle of Picture

We took the back roads into Town and the Sky appeared to look like ‘SEA’ , seemed we were surrounded by ‘SEA’ , you had to see it to believe it – a photo wouldn’t have fit it all in ! The Skies Colours had meld into the Sea !


Been lurking around our Pond again and trod very carefully, by brushing my foot across the grass before placing it down (really don’t want to flatten anyone.)  And now I have One – Beautiful species of  ‘Frog’ !

‘Woody Woodpecker ‘the ‘Lesser’ paid a few visits during the hours of today and on one occasion a pair of  ‘Red Kites’  flew over chasing the thermals.  So much wildlife going on out there,  don’t know what to look at first !

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker

We saw Woody  ‘Slapping’  the odd Sparrow with his Wing to go away  “I’m busy” -  he is still nibbling at the Peanuts at 7.04 p.m  and has been at it since the early hours !  Love their special way of Clinging on with Feet & Tail-Vice,  whilst eating -  quite a unique Anatomy,  they have short wings that have to work twice as hard to keep in flight !

‘Narcissus’ has taken up residence just under the eaves of our House, it’s nice to be able to view almost everything he, his family are up to!

Wednesday  22nd June  -  Seemed to disappear !  But did manage to take a few Photos >

A Friendly 'Sparrow'

Thursday 23rd June  -  Furious Bike Ride of only 1  ½ Miles in perfect weather conditions !

‘Narcissus’ wasn’t visible but a ‘House Martin’ had taken over his Area.

Friday 24th June  -  Well, it was a Great start to the day, then it turned inside-out and the Heavens decided to Fall, heavy and fast !

Whilst it was dry in the Woodland we cleared out all the overgrown lettuce that would have tasted too bitter and put them onto the Compost Heap, in Torn pieces -  this quickens up the process.  Then it Rained and most of the Birds took cover under the Tree Canopies,  ‘Neighbourly Bird Avenue’  – Birds flitting from one tree to the next , still enjoying life in the dry.

Celery doing well in a Tyre !
Saturday 25th  June  - A little ‘female Sparrow’ had flown against our downstairs window, feeling out of sorts she flew under the ‘Bird Bath’ for cover, then a few seconds.... flew off as though nothing had happened.   

Out  ‘School Shoe shopping’  – success, we found a pair that fit so comfortably !  Then went to search around the £`1  Shops for ‘Industrial Bungy’ for the ‘Pole lathe’ Himself So brilliantly put together !  “Didn’t  find  any “ ! ! 

Weather had an ‘Amazon’ feel to it, Damp and extremely ‘hot’ !    So after all the walking around Town we decided to Cool off in one of our Fav. Cafes.  We both had a ‘strawberry milkshake’ – our Son had a ‘Custard Cream Slice’ and I a huge portion of ‘Black Cherry Cheesecake’, “so nice to do this occasionally, too often and one doesn’t appreciate”.  Himself wasn’t with us he had his mind on the Wood and chores that required attention.

Sunday 26th   June  -  ‘Narcissus’  was taking the View in from up above the house, as I was below, a beautiful Scene to See “Sky So Blue, Air So Sweet”  !   And only moments before the weather was thick ‘Fog’ and thought it might be difficult to do chores Outside.   Better cover-up or stay well in the Shade !

We arrived in the Wood, the ground was still very ‘Moist’ it was at long last holding ‘Water’ !  Our ‘Planet’s Precious Substance’ , which means the ‘Fish’ won’t be struggling to suvive in our Rivers and our Crop of Veg. have put a ‘Happy Face On’ !

We’re experiencing the warmest breeze so far this year  ‘Tropics’ perhaps,  a little too hot.

The tallest grasses are swaying from side to side, and the ‘Clover’ are giving off that immense sweet smell of Summer, that 'smell' you want to bottle up and keep !

Rosebay Willowherb

I opened the big window in our tiny caravan to release the humid stale air and the long tall ‘triffids’ of nettles (that were shut-inside the window) gave a shy of relief.  The Cool Breeze was most welcome on such a hot dry day – too hot for sitting out  !

Was just noticing how much the ‘Oak Tree’s’ new growth had raced on infront of others  – makes quite an impression along the uneven outline of Tree against Sky.

The Shadows are short during the hot Summer days so there is less chance of  keeping Cool , best to Plan ahead if venturing out in Wide open spaces.   And  it’ll be early evening when the shadows appear longer as the Sun goes down to Rest.

On my return to Camp noticed the ‘what was Pond’ (Mission spawn Rescue)  had a puddle of water from the last rainfall a couple of days ago – So pleased that we’d Rescued the ‘Tads’ they wouldn’t have made it if we didn’t  because it’s been months without  a decent  Rainfall .

Monday 27th June  -  A Really Scorching Hot start to the day but mid morning changed completely and turned into a ‘Sea Fret’ !  Cooler and workable weather, thankfully.

I left the ‘Narcissus’ Window open , just slightly, and spotted him flying past and thought I’d better close incase he chanced a 'visit' and wouldn't have been happy stranded indoors.

I notice the ‘Meadowsweet’ in Full Bloom along the roadside as we drive home from Town, having only done a Small Food Shop. Link >

There has been NO SIGN of the ‘Pheasants’ for a few days now, can only think that ‘Foxy’ paid a visit !    The Female’s Chicks may have hatched and she daren’t leave the Nest , maybe ?  ‘Time Will Tell’


Link >

Tuesday 28th June  -  Lots of little ‘Sparrows’ rooting through the tall grasses and amongst the tiny pots of Brassicas ready for a replant, at the bottom of the garden.  It's like a Sea of Brown Bobbing  and have seen them stop still ... listening for that yummy treat.  Some of the youngsters still ask their Mother for food because we've  seen her feeding them.

The Weather started So Well but seems to be clouding Over a little.... ....

River Pathway
We ate a Quick Tea and drove down to the ‘River’ , Just setting foot onto the Bridge a ‘Dog Fight’ between a ‘Swallow’  and  ‘Magpie’ caught my attention to the right of me, they were part way over the Fast Water “And .... sadly a chick fell from the ‘Magpie’s beak’ “ !   Immediately I ran to the otherside of the Bridge to see if I could Rescue the poor little mite but the River flowed too quick – my  walk alongside the River was rather subdued as I was on the look-out for the ‘Swallow’s Chick’ but NO sign !   It’s quite a traumatic experience to ‘Witness’ such an event but Nature is “Oh So Cruel sometimes” !

We finished our evening in the Wood, taking photos of many-a-thing ! 
'Selfheal'  latin >Prunella Vulgaris
Link >

Field Scabious - latin > Knautia arvensis

There was only One 'Field Scabious' this year alongside the outer perimeter, in the past they have grown in abundance - this stretches One and ahalf Miles ! Link>

Ragwort will soon be in full bloom for the Bees !
Link >  &

Requires Modifications 

The ‘Pole Lathe’ is beginning to take shape and will help to create many a useful item !

Wednesday 29th June  -  The Sky has opened up a Wedgwood Blue, right across and beyond, what a delight !

The ‘Sparrows’ are having a Feeding Frenzy, all crowded around the Bird House and Peanut Cage.   They seem to be looking rather  ‘Streamline’  these days, it must be the Hot Sunshine and it’s their way of Cooling down.  Then in Winter they’re all  ‘fluffed-up’ like a round ball using their insulation feathers, by losing the Streamline appearance.  "Like Fluffing-up a Duvet"

We have an Ancient  ‘Drover’s  Road’ Passing around the edge of our Woodland.  The Lane that we use regular has some age about it too but not as Old as the Drover’s Road – this goes into the ‘Neolithic times’ , there is also evidence of Very Old worked Stones  in and amongst .

Just to the left is an Old Stone

"Well I believe I've exhausted this Page for now but Will Return with more exciting Activities"

           Thank you for Reading

I'll leave you with 'Duke', who is Smiling !

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Rosa Canina (Dog Rose)-Link below
< These beautiful Flowers are growing at the end of our Lane and what a Perfect Show of Colour !

Monday 13th  -  Very Misty, Grey kind of a day out there!

‘Jackdaws attack the Container of Seeds’

The ‘Jackdaws’ had come up with a new technique of releasing the Seeds from the container,  by Fly bombing,  to shake n jump them out, this did seem to be working but only a very few flung out of the tiny gap.  A good try on their part and have my admiration for trying.

3 ish in the afternoon and was lurking around the Pond in the Garden with the hope of seeing a ‘Toadlet’,  “yes”, quite a few of them – just managed to get one to keep still for a moments posing xx
We found ourselves at the River not far from home and so took a Walk along the path- way.   I felt very  excited  in the thought of being out in our beautiful Countryside, the Smell, Sounds and trying to take All of it  in.   The long  damp narrow winding path.,  was where  Tree roots had taken ahold to strengthen the banking along the Riverside.   One  could easily create a story from just these Roots and to whose home they reached out to.       

Had tripped over a protruding Tree Root along the Path, it was impossible for me to be quiet like this,  so took it a little steadier in where to place my steps, as I had walked whilst peering up above the tree crowns (not looking where I was going.)    A Pigeon flew off in front of me then a ‘telling’ ‘Blackbird’ told every living Species I’d arrived ! 

Now,  I do know that the ‘Kingfisher’  Family live along this River, so trying not to make much of a noise,  crept along.   Probably acting more of a threat to Wildlife – so decided to walk normal.   Heard some heavy sploshing  just near to where I stood but couldn’t see anything along the edge of the banking,  perhaps a ‘Vole’ which we have seen at the other end of the River.   A ‘River Trout’, perhaps,  had  been jumping out of the Water for a ‘Mayfly’, too quick for me to notice , the surface had been broken and left  a large ring of Ripples.
A loud noisy Bird was sqreeching a warning that I was approaching, “ of course”,  a ‘Wren’  (small bird – loud noise)  and then a couple more sound their  alarm.  A group of ‘Wrens’ nesting along the same  area,  how lovely and I spoke to them saying  “I was just leaving“ .

On my return to meet up with the other two,  who had been enjoying the Open River, the Sun was still hot and blazing it’s heat upon whatever it could.  It made the leaves look  so bright that it was difficult to keep focused on anything,  it made the shimmering River  reflective.   It was alive with activity and made one’s listening senses much more aware!

As we were half-way into Town thought we’d buy some food to take out for a picnic down by the Estuary but this time on other side where the Boats are moored.   Drove down on to the beach and sat comfortably watching the Wildlife moving amongst  the Sailors,  who were preparing their Boats for the next trip,  on this  calm water.   Such a beautiful evening !

Tuesday 14th  -  A Fresh Bright morning, one to go on adventures and not get too hot !

A Young ‘Jackdaw’ was sat mesmerised by the Seeds in the swinging container, following it’s movements from side-to-side in the gentle breeze.   He arrived back later in the morning thinking that there must be a way of getting them out !  So annoyed that he decided to ‘Fly Bomb’ an attack mode,  a few times,  then gave up and flew back up to the tallest trees  -  I could see where he had flown to - Top of a Tall Tree overlooking the Bird Seeds  - obviously trying to hatch a Plan,  whilst he viewed from afar. 

Himself and I ate a quick lunch to get back down to our Wood where many weeds were growing amongst the veggie and had already been in the morning doing the Weed thing.   Stopped for a drink and my first ‘Meadow Brown  Butterfly’ flew past me, just one.  I dashed for the camera but it had moved on,  it came back later to the same spot but still No piccie, it was far too quick for me,   nice to have that image in my mind than never seeing one at all !
The ‘Little Brown Hen’  had managed to get into where the ‘squashes’ were trying to grow, so I clapped my hands to shoo her out,  not realising that ‘Bill’ the enormous Cockerel was heading behind  me,  until he was almost upon me “Well, Run n  nnnn   did I”  !   had to run through two fences under and over.  Funny thing was ‘Duke’ our dog was joining in with him but looking  quite bewildered at why he should be chasing me at all !  By this time I’d closed the gate behind me in the Veg.enclosure   -  ‘Bill’ did come a seeking.  Have learned a lesson there to check where ‘Bill’ is first, he’s never done this before -  a ‘Cockerel’s’ protection  towards his Hens and doing a great job !

 Stopped to have a further drink after that alarm call and Duke was licking the Oak stool, strange, must require a drink or some minerals.  His outside water bowl was all bitty, so I changed it for nice clear fresh water,  he wasn’t  thirsty after all but it was there for anyone else that passed.
Himself checked the state of the ‘Compost’ and it’s gone black already, the grass had turned to slime, so everything was knitting together  nicely !

But, was it a 'Sawflies' Work?

The ‘Sawflies’ have been busy,  precision cutting again from leaf to leaf. Link >

Arrived home to make another quick Tea so that the three of us could take that Trip down by the Sea Again !  We passed our Son’s bestest friend on the way,  he excitedly headed towards our Car – as we had slowed down by this time to stop.  Our Son got out to meet him and they promptly went to collect his equipment and appropriate footwear. 

We arrived at the Pontoon with our ‘Fishing Net’ to explore the salty water  for Crabs, Sea gooseberries, Jellyfish and anything else passing by .  After 15 minutes or so three more Children arrived , who our Son and Best friend knew, one had a bike with him.  They seemed interested in what we were catching in the Net and explained how to handle them (carefully) as they were living just as us.  Masses of ‘Jellyfish’ floating down from the incoming Tide, never seen so many and the children were fascinated by it all.  It was nice that they asked questions to expand  their Minds!    It was getting late and the other two teenagers had gone on home and left the little guy with his Bike, which we, One and All, including the Bike squeezed into our little Car !

There was an annoying ‘Jetski’ whizzing past , they shouldn’t be allowed !  >  >  >

Sea Gooseberries 

  & a Link Sea Eggs  We didn't come across any Sea Eggs but thought you might like to see the difference between Sea Gooseberries and Eggs.& < Must Look !

This Link may take a few mins to load but well worth a Peek >  & one we didn't come across but worth a look:  &
& Anatomy > 

Wednesday 15th June  -  A Wet , unyet warmish start to the day !

The ‘House Martins’ are taking mud from our Veggie patch,  in the garden area, to repair their ‘Nests’ they spent most of the morning collecting,  they certainly Work Hard !

Thursday 16th June  -  Plenty of Sunshine up there in the Sky today with a fresh feel.

Mr Pheasant didn’t turn up for his food in the morning , just hope he’s o.k, he did turn-up for his Tea thankfully, were worried incase he was of ‘nomore’ !

 1.24p.m and the Heavens opened full of Rain, so rushed to get the washing in, which was almost dry.

It’s  4.20 p.m and two ‘Bullfinch’ Fledglings arrive in the garden, one eating Wild Seeds with it’s mother  on the ‘Garlic Mustard’   and the other was in the ‘Bird House’ eating whilst the ‘Father’ was guarding sat on the seed container , with his watchfull eye out for Predators !  ‘Parents’ showing a loving and caring attitude.  The youngsters true colours hadn’t formed but one could see which one’s were there’s by the size.

Friday 17th June  -  An exceptionally ‘blustery’ day !

‘The Strengthy Wind has gathered up some Speed and Whisking-up everything  in it’s Path, So be careful little Mites and Species, tuck yourself inside and keep Safe.’

10.30 a.m    Was just about to do some exercises upstairs, peered out of the back window to see A ‘Squirrel’ wrapped around the Nut Container, tucking into a good feast of Nuts.   Oblivious to me opening the back door, it wasn’t  until the bark on the pathway under my right foot sounded the ‘Alarm’ – Oh boy, did he panic, poor little thing,  wasn’t small,  was quite a size.   After a few seconds he managed to climb out the bottom and ran to the end of our garden and stopped to listen when I spoke softly,  he turned to look right at me with those beautiful Large Eyes !   then scampered off into the thick Hedge growth. 


Saturday 18th June  - Rain at first then dried off  !
Nuthatch sat on the ‘once used Nesting Box’ by the ‘Blue Tits’ having a good nose around the garden.  Haven’t seen him for ages.
Link >  & information on 'Red Squirrel' below > 

Sunday  19th June  -  Weather not too bad.   

Sexton Beetle
Sort of day that we spent the afternoon in Woodland and in one particular warm area, where the ‘Blackberry Blossom’  and ‘Hedge Bindweed’  had decided to open up ,  seemed to attract All manner of different Species – from the ‘Meadow Brown Butterfly’ to various ‘Bee’ species, ‘Moths’ and ‘Beetles’.  Actually managed to capture the 'Meadow Brown' in a reasonable Pose! < see above.

Scorpian Fly

Monday 20th June  -  The Mist was hanging low in the Valley and the Sky was ‘Wedgwood’ Blue, with a few neat looking Clouds (like cotton Wool) motionless – a picture of ‘Delight’ surrounds us everywhere !

Link >  some extra info: 
Most Wanted: Six Key British Bugs >

Longhorn Beetle

Looking at Me !

There is a 'World' of So many different Species, be it Micro, Small, Medium or Large - they are All So very interesting ! 

 'Thank You'  for Reading my Blog and Do Hope that Sharing our Finds Will enlighten your Minds' to Go & Seek

Monday, 13 June 2011

'Sea Thrift Greeting'

We’re still in  -  Thursday 2nd June  -  Haven’t seen anymore of our friend  ‘Narcissus’   today, he now has a lady friend and is too busy I guess .....  he may return  ?


Himself  had taken Our Son to our friends Woodland, as they had kindly invited him to stay for the day and wouldn’t arrive back till ‘tea time’, he’ll enjoy the Woodland life of other children, as  everyone has a different way of doing things.

1.30 p.m in the afternoon and it’s ‘Scorching ‘HOT’ in the Woodland, a glorious day !  Arrive in the car and Himself  tells me that a ‘Vixen Fox’ nonchalantly walked in front of the car very early this morning.  Looked right at him, then carried on it’s business.  She had a long streamline body and was probably searching for a quick meal.

Whilst sat down and taking all this beautiful moment in,  two ‘Red Admirals’ butterflied past , they seemed to be chasing each other – then ‘Dancing’ in a beautiful arrangement of movements high up in the Air ! 

Friday 3rd June  -   The feel of ‘Summer’ for the first time and it smells good !
I’d packed a Picnic lunch to enjoy within our beautiful Woodland and do a few chores too.  Sat down after clearing some of the ‘Nettles’ over hanging around the Gate to the Vegetable patch and along a pathway , then noticed they were giving off a ‘Smoky’ substance.  The males were releasing their ‘Pollen’ to self-pollinate,  never seen this happening in the ‘Real’,  before!

Returned home at around 4.22 p.m  to prepare for ‘yet’ another visit to the Beach !  We called into Town and bought a few goodies to eat, like sweets and chocolates.  
My Son and I had decided to Wear our Swim gear because we knew we’d like to take that Dip again !   We grabbed all the equipment out of the car,  after Parking sensibly, locked-up and hurried along the grassy estruary but our Son had said aloud “Wait”  “am digging this stone up” and sure enough a bit of a ‘Gem’ , so I waited for him.  It was an almost square ‘quartz’. , one more to Add to his ‘many’ collections ! 
 As we crossed the ‘Stepping Stones’ a couple of Ladies were sat comfortably in their brightly coloured Deck chairs,  reading,  with a flask of,  probably Tea beside each one.  “They and we politely exchanged hellos and smiles”.  We settled our gear down on the Sand next to a group of rather large logs arranged in a circle., obviously for a party of people to sit and chatter a while or sing songs around with the bonus of a warm campfire. 

The two of us,  hoping to take a Dip in the Sea,  walked around to the Safe Swimming Zone , then placed our Towel  etc. on the sand,  quite a way infront of the trickle of  waves  but it wasn’t long before I had to remove  them further back, as the Tide was Running in fast.  The Sea Water was warm in the shallows but the deeper we ventured, the cooler it seemed – we didn’t stop long but did do the frantic running in and out thingy , splashing each other , as you do when having fun !

Started walking back to where Himself was and the Breeze  had turned into a much more aggressive strength - this  whisked-up the Sand,  which meant because we were wet,   were ‘SandBlasted’  !  The Air was beginning to Chill and everything was being covered in Sand by this time.  The only one oblivious to the Sand blowing, was our Son in a deep hole  that he’d dug!   He had taken a Plastic bedroom Bin , and made large ‘Sand Castles’ around the top surface, which didn’t stay- up for long because of the strong  wind.    “Suppose the size of bucket grows with their Age “ !  "Sincerely hope he doesn't take a Dust bin along, when he's my height " he's not far off !

 By now  I was sat down on a large log and was taking in all the surroundings, the ‘Sand Martins’ were flying in an acrobatic formation, simply beautiful., a group of ‘Canada Geese’ were making quite a noise across the water ,  waited,  for the last straggler, in the safe water stream - then flew off further along the estuary. 
We arrived home having enjoyed the whole experience !


Saturday 4th June  -  Hot Again ! 
Three or four  ‘House Martins’ were sat preening themselves on the telegraph wire just where ‘Narcissus’ had sat.  Their colours were amazing up close !

It’s such a good day I’ve decided to wear my shorts and swim top, more comfortable in ‘Hot’ weather. 


The Bird House is covered in Sparrows, those that can’t get to the seeds are hanging on all around the edge and on top of roof,  “Bird House Cluster”  quite a sight !

We required another bag of ‘Layers pellets’ for the Hens,  also ‘Bird Seed’ so my Son and I took off in the car, then reaching a not so far away point from home discussed that we should have taken our Swimming gear, so about-turn towards home and did so.  Bought the necessary Animal Feeds and drove to the Swimming Pool with big smiles stretched across our Faces.   We felt the need for some exercise and this was it !  A good hours swim and off to the local Cafe for lunch, just Fab !

Early afternoon  Wood Visit  -  A widespread  ground covering of  ‘Wild Strawberries’  were red and ready to eat and So very sweet – lush !  But the ones in the Tyre were not ready, perhaps required more Water .
Wild Strawberries

Himself had gone into one of the Hen Houses  to see if any of our ladies had laid but the only thing he came out with was a ‘crawling mass’ of ‘Mites’ !  Desperately trying to get them off  with ‘Wipes’,  a ‘Doc leaf’,  Nothing would work , – just hurry on home and take a hot bath.     His clothes were crawling with them !

Purple Woundwort 

Sunday 5th June  -  Early morning stroll around the garden and noticed three different types of ‘Bees’ buzzing from one ‘Purple Woundwort’  to another with a kind of rhythmic  ‘Buzz’ sound !   “The Rhythm of Life” .   The tall ‘Purple  Woundwort’   were cavorting  (French dance)  at the side of the Pond,  caused by the breeze and their reflection in the water was smudged out by the many ripples.  

We’re now in the Woodland watering the Salad Crops with ordinary ‘Tap’ water to be on the safe side, don’t want any lurgy tummy bugs. 
Been for a walk with our Son to the Top Field and it’s extremely ‘ Hot’ so we didn’t stay long.   Then wend our way back through the shadowy trees for shelter.  A ‘Grey Squirrel’ had crossed a pathway, his cover was blown and he quickly jumped into the lower crook of an Oak Tree, he was looking right at me and must have decided this is too intense , so with a scamper up and over to another Tree disappeared.
Mr Squirrel is in the middle of this picture !
Link  >

On the way back to camp could smell a rather strong smell of Fox ‘Spraint’ !  urgh ! “They do tend to make themselves known.” 

Monday 6th June  -  A Grey Misty Sky today so we’re busy doing things ‘Outside’ as it’s ‘Cooler’.
“Still No ‘Narcissus’  !


8.40 a.m  Went to carry our hot drinks to the table and peered outside to ‘Four’ Beauties clung on tight to our Nut container, ‘Gt. Tit Fledglings’ they seemed quite a size – the parents were on the Green Shed Roof explaining the ‘Facts of Awareness ‘ to them (no doubt.)  I slowly and carefully opened the back door with the hope of a picture but they all flew back to the Shed Roof. 

 All lined up patiently waiting for the disruptive human and dog to leave,  so they could continue their breakfast.  They appeared to be wearing Yellow and Black as their Adult colours were not truly developed,  at first glance I thought they were ‘Siskins’ -  whom I have not seen yet !

The garden is now full of ‘Jackdaws’ munching the seeds that I dropped from reloading the feeder, can’t see the ‘Gt.Tit’ Fledglings coming back yet !  
They did return and  managed to get some kind of a picture.

Tuesday 7th June  -  An absolute ‘Downpour of Rain’  the Gardens/Woodlands Vegetable plot are still very thirsty as this is the ‘Best’ Rain we’ve seen in ages.

Peered out through our bedroom curtains to see if ‘Narcissus’ had arrived with his lovely friend, but No !

A male ‘Bullfinch’ sat himself comfortably on our garden chair back,  having a scan as to whatever was surrounding the area.  Then a large male ‘Sparrow’ bullied a ‘Gt.Tit’ Fledgling off 
the Nut Container and flew over to where the ‘Bullfinch’ had perched - watching patiently for his turn.

2.30 p.m  And ‘Narcissus’ was hanging around on the Telegraph Wire but on his own.


10 Things you can do to Save the Ocean: 

Wednesday 8th June  -  Today it’s heavy Rain but No worries we desperately need it !  

The ‘Jackdaw’  family have taken over the Seed and Nut supplies put out for the smaller species, they just don’t seem to be getting a look-in !  Will have to change the Feeders !

It’s early evening  -  Packing our equipment into our little Car and tootled-off to town to buy some cheese n onion pies with some orange pop to enjoy at the Beach of #WorldOceansDay  Clearing  all it’s Rubbish washed up or just left behind by a non-caring person, or could have just blown away by mistake (it happens.)     

We scooped-up our Son’s Friend to join in the fun , as we had to pass his way and would give them both an insight as to what happens in the Real World.

Himself,   my  ‘Mighty Hero’  hauled two loads back to the car so that we could dispose of it carefully.  There seemed to be a huge quantity of  ‘Plastic’  but in tiny pieces (just as I’d seen on a video.)  The tiny pieces are the ones that can have dramatic effects on ‘Wildlife’ , it can get into their stomachs and cause all sorts of problems – including the inevitable !

Rubbish just left !

Some Netting just discarded and left !

Fishing line !

Thursday 9th June  -  And it’s a lovely fresh start to the day with all the Garden Birds living it up in and amongst our Hedges, Trees , Shrubs and Tree House, we seem to have let them,  kind of,  ‘take-over’ and ‘why not’.    The ‘Bullfinch’   Male stands out from the rest with his colour of flaming red, he is quite a prominent character.

Woodland visit  -  The Banking within our Woodland has evidence of new Badger digging, perhaps youngsters having to move on and were using it as a ‘Stop n Poo’ area !

1st Female Pheasant 

Just arrived in the Woodland Camp and Mrs. Pheasant ran like a  ‘ brown Feathered Dart’ frantically eating,  then drinking, then darting back for more food, ah! Running like a ‘Mad Bird’ dashing off to where possibly she may have laid ‘Eggs’.   “Oh !  I hope so, how sweet that would be to have their little ‘family of pheasants’ in Our Wood.”   I sincerely hope the Cat doesn’t seek them out !

2nd Female Pheasant 

Friday 10th June  -  Woke to find outside Very Wet but we do need our Water as Rivers are extremely low around here and the Fish will die if not enough !

Saturday 11th June arrives with a cloudy but blue sky, so it’s good to be outside.   Food shopping first then drifted off to our Woodland. 

I think we can call them the ‘Narcissus’ couple,  have been busying themselves to stop and take that peek into their favourite window upstairs, Winging it on the telegraph Wire.  Then doing ‘bobbing’ motion flying across to a field where the ‘Bullocks’ were grazing, to forage for that tasty morsel in and amongst the long grasses, then taking that ‘gritting’ session in our driveway once again.

My Son and I are taking a walk around the Woodland,  he finds a disused ‘Birds Nest’ which had fallen to the ground from a ‘Pine Tree’.    We’re stood looking across the ‘Farmer’s’  field of  ‘Wheat’  swaying in the gentle breeze and   am guessing that all manner of Species are having some fun within this field before it’s cut down and collected.

Crossing the ‘Top Field’, where it’s always ‘Hot’ and the Horse was having a slow saunter with nibbling in between.  

A loud sound of ‘Grasshoppers’ took over the ‘Birds melodies’, so my Son managed to catch a ‘Male’, quite friendly too - he sat still a few moments,  whilst I took his picture. 

Around  3 p.mish and both ‘Female’ Pheasants arrived,  one flew over the bottom paddock fence and with   quick frantic movements , ate, drank, dirt bath, ate, drank, dirt bath two or three times whilst the ‘Male’ Pheasant  was assuring his ‘Bond’ with her.  Then the second ‘Female’ arrived showing the same urgency of ‘Brown Feathered Darting’ from food, to drink and so on,  many times before Dashing off to where she had laid her ‘Eggs’.   We did notice that both ‘Females’ had lost some weight, ‘the lean’ look !    Their ‘Eggs’  can take up to  26 -  28 Days to hatch, whereas the Hens take 21 days.
Neither of the two mothers will dare bring their ‘Chicks’ into the Camp area as they know full well there is a Cat roaming. Link:

One of ‘Bill’s ‘ ladies decided to Cool down by turning on her side with a wing stuck-out and with a rolling motion on the cold concrete step into the stable.

Arrived home to see that ‘Narcissus & Co’ had been marauding the front hedge and garden area to collect their speciality food catch, then a bit of gritting along the way to help it all go down, from the driveway.

We’d  found an Old Bird Cage to put the ‘Nut Container’ within to stop the ‘Corvids’ from stealing the small Bird’s Food, now the ‘Jackdaws’ were given their food from the top of the high hedge., so they needn’t think that they're being left out !  As soon as the ‘Bird Feeder’ was hung up and we’d gone indoors, the ‘Jackdaws flew and clung themselves tight with their claws but found it impossible to reach the Food, they did have three goes at it,  Success !  “I do believe that the ‘Corvids’ have their   Very Own ‘GrapeVine’ as NOT one turned up,  during the rest of the day."

Sunday 12th  -  A day of notorious Weather changes occurring, it’s turning the leaves upsidedown and blowing so strong a wind, even the Birds aren’t venturing out ,  only the desperate !  - 1c in the night, it was unusually Cold !

‘Narcissus’ had flown by looking in at me eating my Toast, downstairs.  Perhaps he fancied a slice.  Maybe the strong wind had carried him out of control ?  He was later seen ‘Beak shopping' within the front garden area again,  turning his head to decide which feast to choose.   A little birds Shopping spree !  On the Nature’s view, ‘Narcissus’ was focused on the mornings collection of  juicy feasts, using the excellent vision and hearing he was given ,  trod the ground carefully - walking around the small plants bedded amongst a good Soil with that precision catch.

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