Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Summer at last!

Bombus Pratorum ~ early Bee

Winter had'nt long past when Autumn had stepped-in too many times,

where blossoms left sooner than should,

 with the sudden onset of high temperatures, where flora were wilting of thirst. 

Even the Bees took to undercover work, causing some to bleach from the hot mid-day sun.

Our Woodstove cracked-up on the odd chilly evening, as the wind got-up to bring Winter waves of cold. 

Where only a week before the Swallows arrived to open 'spring'.  And the rods of rain was so bad...it hurt!

May came crashing down with hailstorms where the wildlife are All exposed!

The Red Mason Bees arrived later  and their time given was shorter than usual.

Red Mason Bee of the Solitary kind.

Not the Blackbird but the Woodlark sings across the air, 

making sure All can hear,

whilst summer breeze and sunshine awaken the early morn.

Throughout the day another bird spoke,

all green with rasping sounds,

that interrupt the others from it's usual tree.

A 'Greenfinch'.

Goldfinch flock back and forth from tree to tree,

whilst I water the green food who's pleased for that drink before the sunbeams scorch the ground.

Early evening arrives when Larky whines-up to a different tune,

telling us his day was a bit of a laugh.

~ ~ ~

19th June '13  ~  Looking up....a mass of bright green caterpillars descend gently down, with the help from their silk.  After days of living in an Oak tree, suddenly surrounded us on this warm and sunny day at last.

14th July '13  ~  7.15a.m  Dew flicked-up from a Rabbits escape, any sooner could have been prey for a quick-paced Fox who had his nose stuck to another's trail.

Up to no good ~ "was it you"?

16th July '13  ~  Jewels in the mist surround me from the early morning rays.... rise-up caused by the warmth of a day.

A dry ground went 'crunch' with every step, no wonder the many Ringlet Butterflies took flight and a pair of Small Skipper weaved the air with their friendship.......along the 'Wasteland' visit.

Redtailed Cuckoo Bee 'worker'

Birdsfoot Trefoil paved some of the way where a Cuckoo Bee was hard at work.

Small Skipper

Thursday 18th July '13  ~  A scratching sound caught my attention whilst searching for the Tree Bee, it was the Leafcutter Bees......so I was able to take a short footage of them:::

Loki in 'wishful thinking mode'

Bye for now...till next time.