Monday, 13 August 2012

Too much Rain!

Monday 16th July  -  Rain of plenty and rain of many droplets thrusted against the window panes. Snails of all sizes cling fast below the outside window ledge.... hope!

'Snails under window'

Tuesday 17th July  -  ‘Red Admiral’ butterfly flew around our garden and not long after vanished.
Wednesday 18th July  -   Spotted a ‘Small Tortoiseshell’ upon the ‘Wasteland’ just as I was approaching the entrance......

Small Tortoiseshell

Sunday 22nd July  -  A waft of scent so strong from the ‘privet’, which attracted the ‘insects’  like a magnet.

Day-time Moth's agility moves so fast 
with flame of orange and quite a size, on this beautiful morn.  In a trance my eye’s did follow, body motionless with joy.... of such a grand entrance, I am  in ‘awe’ of it’s splendour!  “Even though I was ready to take a picture, I couldn’t take my eye’s elsewhere,  for this moment may never occur again.
Unable to Capture that moment of wildlife within a least it’s imprinted in my  mind.

There’s No broken mist or tortured song from native birds because the sky gave us a splendid view!

Tuesday 24th July  -  Arrived back from the ‘Wasteland’ where the ‘wildlife’ was just beginning to warm-up but also the ‘Pollen’.......I.was sneezing !

The video was complete: < pls look
Wednesday 25th July  -  The Run I  did wasn't far....a pleasant sprint with nature refreshes one's mind and look forward to meeting Wise and Caring People.

Weeding the ‘woodchip’ paths surrounding the vegetable patches more often than not, it’s mostly fertile and requires a change each year (hasn't been done for a while.)


Thursday 26th July  -  With a fine mist to keep me cool and the wet grass make my trainers squeak as I run the ‘morning juant’ once more. “A better start to the day”.

Friday 27th July  -  ‘Butterfly’ trails with sun-kissed droplets glisten as they fall, a breeze so fresh and tracks of wet soggy grass , it’s a pleasure to experience this early morning thrill!

Saturday 28th July  -

If our ‘eye’s’ were ‘camera’s just think what we could share: Wildlife and Scenic views so vastly wide with wonder !

If our 'eye's were cameras just think what we could share, the wildlife and the beauty of our World so full of smiles

Sunday 29th July  -  Passed being busy........

Monday 30th July  -  Zipped by....

Tuesday  31st July  -  T’was  getting gusty here already with heavy rain blowing into everything and making it exceptionally soggy !

Wednesday  1st Aug  -  Vanished with Rain....

Thursday 2nd Aug  -  Arrived with more Rain and sunshine later .... One way to feel ec-static is to wear a motorbike helmet as pillion rider and when taken off ........whoa! “brilliant hair-do”   

Photo: Courtesy of 'Himself' 'Connie'

Connemara pony:

Later today we had a new family member join us ‘Connie’ a beautiful white ‘Pony’.  She stands at about 13.3 hands and extremely ‘Wild’, she’s never been handled and disapproves with kicks.

She looks just like a ‘Unicorn’ with bellowing nostrils standing amidst the many trees.  With ‘Himself’  and plenty of time will help her over this dilemma with humans. , She is afraid.

Friday 3rd Aug  -  I'd just been outside whilst the sun shone upon the privet flowers where all the bees and hoverflies arrive in massive numbers, they were in and out.....following the sun as fast as they'd arrived !

Saturday 4th Aug  -  ll.a.m’ ish   'Sun' just arrived, I just had to go and look at it to remind myself never to look it straight in the 'eye' ouch !

Each time the sun shone......I was out snapping-up photo’s of anything that moved.

A warm glow had opened up the garden  of scents, to those who chose to fly in, did....with great speed and agility, making the most of this time, as every moment counts.  A multitude of  ‘Hoverflies’ and ‘white’s’ flutterbye along the swift breeze ........And just as they'd arrived, they went again.. when cloud’s  of grey descend once more.

Bees in Trouble !

Sunday 5th August

Another blog 'Bees' :  Please click on BeeStrawbridge link below page for more help on how to help our Bees....thank you.

'Red-tailed Cuckoo worker Bee' stayed the night here

As I was walking from out of the neighbouring field a ‘Bumblebee’ deceased  upon the path L  Last week I found another in distress upon the ground, only this one was a ‘Honeybee’ L

A very wet Bee next morning

We have already had the Rain clouds and theres still more to follow, destroying our wildlife.  A little Bee parked on a chive for the night, soaked !!!  Didn't look like it was raining through the window pane, until I stepped-out and felt a wet splash seep down behind my neck.  I was ‘Focused on wet Bee’ didn’t make it L

I stand amidst the many insects desperate for some 'sun', the flowers on shrubs have drooped with heavy-loads of rain, Insect skills enforce....for those that can!

Notice the diff.colour pollen from one above - link below

Was gardening at the bottom of the vegetable patch when a ‘Bumblebee’ flew down right infront of me and disappeared under a piece of bark on our path.  I was curious to see what was going on, so filmed above video.

Monday 6th August  -  Same ‘Bee’ managing to walk the path....

Tuesday 7th August – Was too wet for any species to go outside....

Wednesday 8th August  -  Same ‘Bee’ perhaps doing exact same thing....

Thursday 9th August  -  When borrowed stars and jewels of life have taken their last breath,  within the devils grip of the unquenchable desires of  beings.

Unfortunately some Countries still persist in slaughtering Cetaceans (Dolphins,Whales.) Our Oceans need All the help they can get and taking species in such large numbers reduces their chances of survival.  A healthy Ocean requires biodiversity, creating a healthy ecosystem....Extinction is close for some species.....the smallest of the dolphins is in trouble, along with the Tuna, Cod, Menhaden....I could go on....

We didn't reach the Beach Trek on bike, t’was arduous and seemed to never end, with face so red I thought I’d just explode.! Phew phew Link:

Cilgerran Gorge wasn’t far, so walked the down-hill steep but unbeknown to me had to push our cycles up another wrong turn, so down we came.. And up again.  Eight miles of sweat replenished by orange drink, almost drunk and the bottle soaked in mud, with lips curled-up and..... mouth so thirsty couldn’t care about the dirt!
 We thought this was a quiet path, how wrong we were, with Silege trucks, grass trucks and  zooming delivery vans, we hugged the hedge as they drove passed.  
Home was insight, an open gate most welcome after such a brilliant day.   The ride took it out of Son and I and now weigh less, “If you see two sticks. on bikes..that'll be us on our cycles”
And as the day ended, left us with the sweet memories of nature’s trails of ‘Butterflies’ and neon coloured ‘Dragonflies’ going about their day along the ‘Riverbank’.

Saturday 11th August  -  A warm breeze with waves of sensational memories - upon my father's boat, working the jib to turn-about, cuts into crest with sea-spray so cool.

The twists n twirls from butterflies get carried through the breeze, who untie knots of flight full loops then disappear from sight.

'Small Skipper'

 A playful garden has arrived upon this very day with many butterflies displaying their courtship dance.  Brilliance of nature, “make it quick”  for a storm brews just above that hill. Oh nature's sweet and gentle kind... needs all the help  can get. Grow more ‘Wildflowers’.....please

Sunday 12th August  -  A cat-spring leap from a well sized ‘Fox’ fades amongst the bracken and brambles in the mid-day sun, perhaps it's hunting habits favour day.

Monday 13th August  -  Wildlife gets another attack of bad weather - from the ' Wild West Weather in Wales ' L   It's not much fun going out getting wet when the car's off the road and transports exposed to elements, I won’t see much  ‘wildlife’ today.

'Green Veined' Mating

My thoughts of the day:

I knew a lad who cylced often, miles of road his tyres would tread and when the time to buy a treat he'd take a note from sweaty sock: Moral of story: Always wash hands when handling money.


The European Peacock, more commonly known simply as the 'Peacock' butterfly, is a colourful butterfly, found in Europe and temperate Asia as far east as Japan.  Classified as the only member of the 'genus' Inachis. wikipedia

A Time to close 

Thank you