Friday, 22 November 2013

Winter's Tale

Tree Bee enjoying the last of August's gifts.

August’s last day brought the ‘North Pole’ to our door with biting winds that burned your skin “how dare it come so soon”!

And  early September sent us a warm breeze,  which released the ‘cotton-tufts’ from the ‘willowherb’, there were so many that wherever we walked within the woodland, our clothes were covered.

Saturday 21st  Sept ’13  ~  The sun rose from behind the mountains bringing a burst of Summer warmth,  giving way for life that had been missed through the days of cold.  So those that could took flight and filled the air with their colourful displays. 


 Bird songs echoed beyond their boundaries where a calmness was felt.  Whilst a watery glow from the sun showed off it’s sculptured shadows giving wildlife that cover for early morning forage.

Winter’s  Tale

Frayed wings  through sun-kissed days test  ‘Speckled Wood’ in October flight.

Clouds of grey reflect upon the sea,

And how the Bees keep going using their instincts in whatever the weather.

While lollipop birds keep warm flitting back and forth in tune.

A dragonfly of wings so fine moved in elegance, danced the air for the many flies upon the Oak.,
Another arrives doing the same.

I also danced about but on one foot to rid myself of a soggy sock caused by three holes in left welly.

And the ‘Man of the Wood’ taps another nail to secure the small shelter.

As the sun disappeared....a band of icy chill  cut through the trees where birds of the day seeked refuge.

A ‘three day wind’ rarely comes has found it’s way through.

 ‘Peacock Butterflies’ search for winter cover now it’s November,

And a couple of ‘Ladybirds’ seek the last hours of the day.

Whilst those that fall to close another year's chapter, leaf by leaf lay nutrients for 'yet' another life system, who never rejects.

Mistle Thrush so grand and largest of it’s type, perched close to a trunk of the berry tree, cleverly disguised where leaves were beaten about by the gusts “Will you call again even though the berries are sparse.”?   Sure enough more did, picking treats from the nearby field.

Hail stones of  larger size arrive which  cover-up the muddy paths, then minutes later the ‘Snow’ did fall telling us that ‘Winter’ has truly arrived.

Early hours of dark where two ‘Tawny Owls’ exchanged their hoots,

Then as the dark gave-way to light saw everything glisten with frost.

Greetings from a rather large ‘Robin’....tutted as Suki and I stepped into it’s world on our country walk.

~  ~  ~ 

Sunday 17th Nov’13  ~  SomeOne was risking it out in the open ‘Field Mouse’ especially since our larger dog ‘Duke’  has been known to enjoy a fresh one!

It moved like it was wearing 'springs' on it's feet!

Seems they're too busy to say goodbye.

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M E R R Y   C H R I S T M A S

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