Sunday, 10 February 2013

Christmas went down well with plenty of wholesome foods, and  those special chocolatey tastes.

'Himself' took this photo of Loki

December 15th'12    ~  And Loki arrived 'all claws and teeth', hopefully he'll trust us to be his new friends.  The plump little Ferret is quite a size and wears beige as his coat and probably why he was given to us., this didn't matter as our youngest Son has been longing for one.

Loki has been learning our ways as we have of his and enjoys his daily romp in our lounge but when the Woodstove is roaring away with it's heat,  asks to leave via the door he came in.  "C**an't stand the heat."
The dining-room is where he lives for now as this winter's temperatures have dropped below minus a few times brrrr **  this gave us all the chance to understand each other.

The name 'Loki' came about because we three are interested in 'Norse' ~  Loki was the seductively handsome Norse God of mischief and chaos and this suited his animal-like character.

Monday 17th Dec'12  ~  Early this morning a mechanical sound echoed from beneath one of our dressers in the dining-room.....Loki had vanished and was sweeping up the lost dust., everyOne else thought I'd gone mad as I thought the Ferret began to talk, it said "Warrior dreams", then later during the day we All heard the same sound "A Toy" !

9th January' 13  ~  took a few snaps around the Woodland early morning.

18th January' 13  ~  Awoke at 6.45a.m to a Snow blizzard***  

A female Blackbird was taking shelter under our fir tree, then every now and then pops out to see if any food?

And the Blackbirds, Song Thrush were perched exposed

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