Sunday, 21 August 2011

Friday early evening and little ‘Blondie Hen’ has produced two White Chicks !

Saturday 30th July  -  It had Rained and was looking like gravity would be sending much more from a  Sky  so Grey and Dark !

A little ‘Brown Chick’ Hatched during early hours and now have three Chicks to feed, plenty room and  ‘Tummed-Up’

Himself went to feed and make sure everyone was comfortable in their Nesting arrangements – Well,  he was Hit by a ‘Smell’ so bad just had to clear this Mother hen’s Poo sharpish !  Poor little Chick having not arrived long into a World of Poo’d Air !  Yuck !

Another was trying to unfold itself from an Egg at around 5 p.mish.  And more on the Wayyyyy  !!!yippee  A  n  d  it’s  Black and Wearing White fluff on top of Head !

Careful Now, No Wobbles !

Living by the Coast tells many of it’s Great Past,

The  Sailor’s Tales of massive monsters swimming in the Ocean out on  Vast Waters

The Treacherous Dark Ocean Waves that gobble-up Ships of all sizes including it’s  Cargo

And leaving their Families to Suffer the Great Loss of loved Ones to Struggle on without

One would think that we’d Mastered the Ocean’s Cruel side, alas Not .. it’s always hungry for more

It’s Ever-evolving Species,  Endangered or Extinct have been Ruined by Man-Kind

The Ever Hopeful turning point to Change our Ways Will Tell !

Sunday 31st July  -  The Strong Breeze carried the ‘Sea Stories’ inland with that Salty taste and Ocean Scent.

Monday 1st August  -  Weather is a tad grim but still a little warm outside.  Not much happening in the Garden apart from a ‘Flock’ of ‘Sparrows’ enjoying their Food.

Tuesday 2nd August  -  Today is a Good Day as the Weather outside looks highly pleasing up there in the Sky and the Sun has just appeared at 9.22 a.m

When is it Our Turn ?

Poor little *Mother Hen* all Skin and Bone “Trouble is, the Good One’s don’t think for themselves  and Go without Food and Water” !  21  Days is an awful long time to Sit Eggs !  So here she is having her very own feast  of cooked Veg! 

Wednesday 3rd August  -  Absolute *Gem* of a Day Outside and holds a successful adventure ahead !

There were many Beautiful Butterflies flying around the Wasteland today !

Link >

A ‘Lizard’ was soaking up the Warm sunshine early morn,  quite out in the open and looks like a Youngster.
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We started Out early in the Wood manned with the binoculars which hung heavy around my neck but knew if I wanted to see anything Flutter  would have to Plan ahead for it not to  flutter-past !  

I stood very still to listen and could hear many different sounds, the Woodpecker was Tapping away- leaf rustling below the Brambles.

 I thoroughly enjoyed the Morning Sounds of a Woodland and the Smell of Damp Leaf Litter rose from the ground in the warm Sun.

It’s  8 p.mish  with a  Strong Wind Brewing including a very Dark Sky, perhaps a Storm approaching !

Thursday 4th August  -  It proved quite a Wet, soggy Day outside with the  early morning downpour and what was left to arrive from above, was plenty More!

Friday 5th August  -  Lot’s of Clouds rolling in our direction from over the Mountains with the odd sunny spell.  Am afraid the Weather shows signs of Autumn already.

Garden weeding not finished and never is.   Log Stacking started for the Cold Winter months.

Saturday 6th August   -  Not a Sound could be heard, not even a Bird for just that moment, the Scent of Autumn is awakening with Clouds of White n Dark with no movement at All !    A glimmer of light shows off a Blue hue, will this be the opening of a grand day out or in ?  Seems to be... So very changeable these days !
Blackberries Colouring-up within Woodland
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And so the Petals and Leaves are beginning to fall to lower ground with some Species Ending their feeding frenzies for their Young  But not all have finished,  few are still hatching!  The *Pigeon* will still be busy Feeding, also a few others.

7 p.m exactly and a beautiful well fed Rat was climbing our Bird House wearing the most gorgeous jacket of well groomed Fur!  Now we know where all the Seed was vanishing off to .... his Tum !

Sunday 7th August  -  And the Sky is full of Weird looking Clouds hanging like drapes over a Bright sunshiny Glow.

I keep looking outside at the few remaining Birds in the Garden that the many used to fill the Air with their pleasant Song !

T’was the Blackbird that first spoke aloud, he always knows what’s going round. The neighbourhood of Birds you know all joined in soon after.  Am pleased they’re there so we can hear their Tune-full notes so sweet !

Monday 8th August  -  Passed us by with Rain !

Tuesday 9th August  -  Took a long Walk to the *Folly* whilst the Rain had stopped and was equipped with light rain-coat if required, thankfully didn't.

Wednesday 10th August  -  A very drab start to the day with the Sun glittering just slightly around the edges of an almost black Cloud at 9.04 a.m.

Today I put together a Blog called *The Folly*  a place of interesting History of where the Gentry of it’s day would go for relaxation and many thoughtful wanders.  Please Enter and take a Peek   x X x

Link >

Thursday 11th August  -  Mix of weather this morning mainly dark clouds again with tiny Sun Rays making the odd appearance.

The afternoon took us along the Banking to our Wood which was full of newly grown Heather and Field Scabious scattered in and amongst with a *Wall Butterfly* and another *GateKeeper Butterfly* showing it’s full face of colour – whom only caught a glimpse of outside wings on previous Blog., So now we know what he looks like from all Sides !


Wall Butterfly

Gatekeeper Butterfly

Friday 12th August  -  Arrived with a Sunny start to the day , so a few Outdoor Chores were accomplished and as I was Washing the Car it Rained enough to help Rid of all those Soapy Bubbles and give a great Shine !
Saturday 13th August  -  Was a Dull Misty Day and spent most of it indoors !

A Red Admiral enjoying the Buddleia
& Red Admiral >

By Sunday 14th August  -  The Sun made an appearance  and was really Hot by the afternoon which gave a massive display of the late Summer’s Butterflies and a Lizard enjoying a comfy warm stone, that hadn’t noticed me until the Camera Clicked.   It  seemed everyone was Out making the most of what was left of Summer !

A Butterfly Trapped in a Web that I Released, carefully !

A Common Lizard

The Ragwort was giving us a Show of Brilliance !
Link> & must be made quite clear that shouldn't be any Dead Ragwort lying around for Horses to Eat as Absolute Poison !

We leave a few growing for the Bees and other Pollinators then when finished, Pull Up with a twist from Damp Ground so as to gather All of the Root Matter - As none should be left !

Link>  &

Link>  &

Monday 15th August   -  Was giving us a Darkish day with a tiny glimpse of Sun.

Thought we’d seek the *Leatherback Turtles* as early morning News on the Web had said there were sightings along our Coastline  and their favourite foods are *SeaJellies* of which a huge migration had swam into our waters earlier this year.   They were following the *Jellyfish Trail* ~ most people use this name.

Our search took us to *Saundersfoot* - we arrived with the hope of seeing one but to No avail as the Weather had turned nasty on us and were *Soaked* !   A thick Mist had arrived alongside which made it difficult to See and if stood still for a moment would feel a Chill down one’s back – So kept marching towards the Car to go home.... FAST !

Tuesday 16th August  -  Misty start with a Ray of hope *A Glimmer of Sun* Arose !

By early afternoon the weather felt a little warmer and so the three of us ventured down our Wood.  Himself was sorting out the Safety of our *Young Chicks* securing the panels at lowest point with narrow Chicken Wire, so they wouldn’t venture Out, as there’s always ONE  that would take that chance!

The Famous Five enjoying a Fun Time with Mum & Aunty in Background
Our Son and myself took to the Top Field and within 5 minutes of arriving had seen a *Golden-ringed Dragonfly*, Lizard and an array of Butterflies - I believe they were trying to get their last innings of Summer !

The Golden-ringed Dragonfly
Link >

We were all in the Camp Admiring the *Young Chicks* when I spotted someone fluttering around the Curtains in the Caravan – of course it was the *Male Wren* once again, he’s favourite *Insect* corner !  We opened the Door and off he went – he’ll be back for more juicy tastes!

Golden-ringed Dragonfly Eating an Insect
He was so Busy Eating his Catch that this allowed us to approach quite close and Actually Hear the Eating Process ! yuck !!

One of the Few Apples Left & would love to taste one before a Certain *Squirrel* Steals them All !

The Celery, Beetroot & Onions from our Plot
Wednesday 17th August  -  The Sun is at last showing an appearance at 9.03 a.m.
The Willowherb has Seeds that disperse in the Wind
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It’s 9.55 a.m   -  There is But a few *Swallows* remaining as Most have moved on And allows the *Sparrows* once again to take charge of the telegraph lines !

No sign of the ‘Swallows’ -  sitting on telegraph wires like yesterday afternoon and  So very many of them sat together, almost like they’d grouped around  to plan a route for their return ! Link  >

The Summer Show of Colour is almost at a Close and seems to Pass So quickly !

Thursday  18th August  -  Took ourselves off to *Saundersfoot* as the Weather was being kind to us today.    Had an early lunch at home then friskly packed-up our gear enough for a long stay !
As we arrived amongst the few People, our stroll was slow as didn’t want to miss a thing, eventually arrived at the quieter part of the Beach where large Cliffs had broken away from the land and left many Boulders  strewn about covering the Sand but had created the odd Rockpool for different species to thrive.
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The Butterflies were enjoying the Sunshine flying from off the Woodland and Bracken above.  And with the Sea behind me I was surrounded by Living Beauty of All types!

There were large groups of *Gulls* making a Wellie Splashing Sound on the Wet Shore to encourage that tasty morsal to rise above for a treat.   Whilst, other *Gulls* were prodding at the *Sea Urchins* of which were many lying around, for  that other Salty taste !
Sea Urchin or Sea Potato
Link > Heart Urchin:

Tide was on the ebb with *Oyster Catchers* flying with ease and curving around to land on the Cliffs.
Link >

And the Wet Sand was A-Wash with Individuals Squirting Water Hoses, unsure as to Who these Species were ?  

As we walked along the Water’s edge could feel the rippled sand beneath our beach shoes.  The Water felt So warm and inviting !
The delicate Casing left of a Sea Urchin

A Beautiful Cluster of Tiny Shells

Hermit Crab under Water
Link > &

Velvet Crab
Link >

Sand Gaper
Link >

Anemone - unsure which type ?
Link >

Necklace Shell
Link >
Red Seaweed not seen before !

Link > Red Seaweed >

Red Seaweed attached itself to a Razor

Type of Tube Worm

Sediment Shores >

Tube Worm Casing
Tube Worm Casings are made up of tiny particles of shell and sand.
Link >  &
Type of Sea Lettuce

Link >   & Sea Birds >

Wild Honeysuckle's are producing their Red Berries

 Thank you for crossing the Path of my Photo's and words , so nice to know it’s all enjoyed – as the Diary flows through it’s different seasons *Autumn* is approaching Fast !