Friday, 29 July 2011

SATURDAY 16th July 2011

Here we have Rain !

Saturday 16th July  -  Rainy & rather clammy outside with the odd patch of Sun peering around the edges of Dark Columbus Clouds !

A ‘Fledgling Jay’ had managed to get inside one of our Chicken Runs - it couldn’t get out so was panicking – Himself went in to help the little distraught Bird.    It created an incredible loud screech - it was  many many decibels of  Sc r e e c h ing whilst being held but not for long as Himself released the poor little thing to it’s family.  Am quite Sure it won’t be making this mistake again as they are a member of the ‘Corvid’ Family – Who do Learn Fast! Link >

Sunday 17th July  -  Sadly today past with Chores around the House!

Monday 18th July  -   And the ‘Angels’ of the Garden were not flying about as usual (Butterflies) the weather was  giving us an extra Rainfall which was much appreciated after the parched grounds over the last months,  it was most welcomed !

A Lone ‘Sparrow’ was almost unseen pecking away at it’s breakfast in the ‘Bird House’  because it was quite dark this morning with that ‘smudged sky’  again !

7.30p.m   The Rain had paused for Five or Six ‘Jackdaws’  who seemed  to be searching for a small morsel to eat amongst the top of the Hedge in the front garden , quite a Scene to watch, mystery as to what they were eating !

Tuesday 19th July  -  And it’s another Dark dingy day out there but we Do need Rain !

Click on Picture to see Youngster  in middle 
1.04p.m   Have just washed my hair – looked in the long mirror and not only saw myself but a pretty little ‘Sparrow’ struggling to stay on the telegraph wire outside,   the wind was powerful , she was a youngster, still wearing a yellow beak  And had taken the toll of that wind for long enough, so had to  make that flight a good one.  Am guessing it was a little daughter of ‘Narcissus’  !   I stood watching her for a few minutes to see that she was safe – she was changing foot positions with much wobbliness, trying to get her  balance !

Wednesday 20th July  -  Seems that the ‘Narcissus’ Family are Out Gritting in our drive, three youngsters and both Parents.

A Beautiful Tortoishell enjoying the Warm Sunshine on the Privet Hedge
Link >

Been down the bottom of the Garden a few times today and couldn’t fathom out where that beautiful  fragrance  came from “Well, I now know” !  it’s the ‘Privet’s Blossom ‘  .  Most people would never get to enjoy this beautiful aroma around the Garden as they ‘Trim’ their Hedges,  Bald !

The different Bee Species enjoyed it too !

Late night Shop into Town and the Sky is that Wedgwood Blue with feathered light Brush strokes here and there, a Sky full of promise !

Thursday 21st  July  -  A  warm morning, still some Cloud but good enough to get some demolition Weeding done out in the front garden as a large collection had rather taken over in awkward places and “so sorry to say these ones have to go” !

I noticed an exceptional gathering of Crows lined up along everyone’s Roof’s and the ‘Sparrows’ were collecting a juicy feast from the Hedge, looked like easy pickings as lots of pick pick picking for many a minute.

Friday 22nd July  -  Peeked through the Curtains and saw  the ‘Narcisuss’ Family  having a Clean-Out !  Kicking Dust particles all over the place from up above the Eaves., well at least all the 'Peskies will leave'.

 Arose to a beautiful Fresh morning with plenty of ‘Plans’ for that Nature Trail once again.  And ...........

The 'Male' Common Blue 
A  Vivid Blue Butterfly flew past me on my left side just as I was leaving the ‘Wasteland’ so approached with some caution and was able to take many pictures as it stayed quite still for many minutes, I had never seen one around here before !

Saturday 23rd July  -  What A Fab Day – An early venture to ‘Wasteland’ to take a few pics of those gorgeous plants , also the Bees of many different Species - some that I didn’t recognise at all.   A large ‘Black Crow’ sent out an ‘Alarm Call’ that I’d arrived so there was no hope of seeing any 'Warblers'.

Results of  'Worm' 

Link > < It's the 'Worm' that causes problems not the 'Moth'.

Himself returned from the Wood saying that a ‘Squirrel’s’ teeth marks were left in a dropped Apple not far from where I last took his picture scampering up a Tree.  He Was  our ‘Apple’  Thief!   We hadn’t many left as forgot to ‘organically’ protect our Trees in time before the ‘Codling Worm’ munched it’s way through almost everyone !  “Learn the Hard way”


'Carningli'  Was where we stopped to take that ‘Picnic’ with a View all around,  the ‘Neolithic’ history on one side and the wide and open Sea on the other with a Sky full of ‘Red Kites’ just perfect !

The Coast 
Heading towards St.Davids we veered off before the busy Town onto an 'Unadopted' Road & Cattlegrid (which was signposted as such.) Link >

We decided to pay ‘Saudersfoot’ a visit and managed to find a ‘Free Parking space’ immediately, which was a short walk down to the Town Centre where we bought Strawberry ice-creams – lush !

Walking along the beach found various different Stones, of which our Son is an ‘Avid Collector’ !  Both Lads were laden down in All Pockets, including my Eco Friendly cloth Bag, a way to go dragging your trousers off one’s waist.  Noticed the ‘Crisp’ Burnt Humans exposed to all the Sun’s Rays still trying to colour-up !

The New Stones

Driving Home with the Windows wide open we experienced that exact same ‘Scent’from our Garden Hedge which  filled the Car !  There was a Roadside of Naturally grown ‘Privets’ - "We should see more of this" !

The Bees in our Garden were gathering their ‘Nectar’ from within the Hedge but only where the Sun shone as a touch cool this evening, now that we’re home.

Sunday 24th July  -  A Dull sort of a Day And the Bees Are a Buzzing !

Here she is just before Closing Time !

Himself tells me later in the day that ‘Foxy’ may have been and help himself to Our ‘Maran’ Hen –  he was using the Forge whilst the commotion was a-happening, then suddenly heard Mr.Pheasant’s Alarm Call, it was perhaps too late ! ! !  6.23 pm  She always goes off for a wander !  And we thought the Worst !

Monday 25th July  -  My Nature Trail took place earlyish 8.30 am peeking around ‘Wasteland’  and what a perfect morning to go as the Air was particularly warm and the Sun was just glimmering from around the edge of a Cloud.   I came upon a ‘Dragonfly’ it didn’t hang around for long,  it was for OFF !   Everyone was arriving at once -  ‘Hummingbird Hawk Moth’ my first sight of one, sadly too quick for me to take that Picture !
Link >

  A ‘Tabby Cat’ was heading in my direction and the ‘Birds’ were showing their distaste of it being there, until it saw me, then scampered off ! 

  < <   ‘Male Common Blue' Butterfly .

11.10 a.m  Was wearing my Reading Glasses to be able to see small details amongst the Hedge at the bottom of our garden, “well am glad I did”  A ‘Comma’ Butterfly was just having a Warm-up upon a Raspberry leaf !  “Must have been a ‘Newbie’ to our World” it’s formation and design were magnificent !

'Comma' Butterfly link >

'Comma Butterfly'

'Peacock' Link>
Took this picture the following day on 'Wasteland'
In the wood now and came across ‘Peacock’ Butterfly with Wings open in All it’s splendour but sadly unable to fix camera for that moment !   It was extremely susceptible to any kind of vibrations or movements , so pretty difficult to take that Picture.

We were Weeding yet again the never ending task !

In between  the Weeding thingy went to search for a ‘High Brown Fritillary’ Butterfly or even the Caterpillar but sadly where I looked none of the ‘Wood  Violet’  leaves had been nibbled, unless I hadn’t covered enough ground – you see this particular Butterfly only lives during July and August for it’s Mating session then dies !  It’s Caterpillar enjoys eating the ‘Wood Violet’ leaves  and there was no evidence of this - the Butterfly is sometimes seen on the tips of the Bracken.Link>   &

'Comma Butterfly'  Warming itself in a Sunny spot in our Garden
'Small Copper'
'Small Copper' Link>
Big Butterfly Count >

Did come across a ‘Lizard’s’ Tail – wasn’t sure it belonged to one until it moved and am pretty sure it’s one of the youngsters belonging to the Mother we  found pregnant, who is pictured on the 'next but one' blog.

'Eyebright' - latin - Euphrasia Officinalis

Link >
'Marsh Thistle' - latin - Cirsium Palustre

Link > 
'Male' Speckled Wood' taken in our Woodland
Link >

Picture taken at 'Wasteland'

Clover link > &

3.10 p.m   Was about to sit down at the table with Another  (in our little Caravan) when a little ‘Wren’ flew up from the cushions !   Earlier I had noticed on the writing Pad that a tiny remnant of Bird Deposit !

*Sweetness* of a Tiny 'Wren'
Link >  &

Tuesday 26th July  -  8 a.m  Walking slowly to‘Wasteland’ and the Sun hasn’t fully formed that Glow.

Poor little Mite - quite plain wasn't 'Shrewd'
Link >

The Neighbourhood  Birds see me as NO Threat because of my regular appearances.   It was early,  so surveyed the area from a distance and noticed the ‘Old Railway Station’ still stood the test of Time, where once a flurry of busy People went about their Business via ‘Steam Train’.

A thoroughly Wet Chewed Shrew was left behind and very dead !

 A ‘Gull’ was flying low to Bagsy the prize of left-behind food, totally surprised that the ‘Red Kite’ hadn’t already claimed it but their Range is Vast  and possibly elsewhere!    I searched around the rocks, stones and hedges – they must of heard me approach as a swarm of Insects surrounded me....ohhhh!

An Animal Track smelt of ‘Strong Fox Spraint’ then to recover from that nasty scent was surrounded by the Fragrant Sweet Scent from the Buddleia - it was now 8.35 a.m and the Sun started to make it’s Show of  Warm Colour.   Turned back round to continue where I’d started the search and there on a beam of wood warming itself was the Prize  ‘Peacock Butterfly’ this made the wait worthwhile ! 'Picture as Above'

The ‘Comma’ Butterfly returned to our Garden a couple more times today, it seemed to like nestling in between the lengthy growth of hedge which was in full Sun.

Wednesday 27th July  -  The Morning Dew is heavy for the first time and there are No Bees A Humming or Butterflies having that Warm – perhaps they’ll appear once  that  Sun has eventually  shoved it’s way through the Thick Misty Haze !

8.15 a.m  And Himself says “Look Woody”  I peer out of the window to see a much larger Species and No Red on top of Head – it’s a ‘Great Spotted Woodpecker’ WoW.... not seen one – just a completely different World in Our Garden, probably because we let the Grass grow on the lawn !  ha ha  “Our Garden seems to be a ‘Trusty Old Soul’ for Wildlife, perhaps the ‘Chirp Words’ got around via the ‘telling Blackbird’ ! 
Great Spotted Woodpecker Link >

We live in a Most Beautiful Countryside Full of that Wonder and Surprise in everything we see -‘Saundersfoot’  has it All, Coast, Woodland, Rivers and Rocky Terrain !
Link >  &

'Seal' behind rock on right
So we arrived at ‘Saundersfoot’ and parked ourselves amongst the Rocks after a short drive through some amazing Countryside.   What at first we thought was a Swimmer with a Shiny head was infact a ‘Seal’ I took a couple of pictures, unfortunately it was up and down continuously then it arrived with a ‘Flat Fish’ showing off with a ‘look what I’ve caught’ then seemed to wave with it’s flipper as though saying ‘Goodbye’.    By this time our Son and I were in the Water and something swam fast by my right foot, then another  “it was a ‘Flat Fish’, the Sea was Bubbling with Fish – they had arrived in the shallows to get out of their ‘Predator’s’ way, who was patrolling Very Close inshore! 

'Seal' link >

Looks like a 'Dab' Flat Fish
Dab Link >

The Tide was heading in and a line of Ruffled Sea movement, not far from shore was splasing with Fish – the ‘Gulls’ took the opportunity to eat too!    It’s  1.05p.m  and the Sea has covered the Rocks we were sat on so removed  further up the Beach.   No sign of the, what could have been ‘Bull Seal’ but another ‘Slim head ‘ ‘Seal’ showed itself off and exceptionally nosy at that!

There's a Baby Squid between the 'Dabs' please excuse bad pic!
Squid Link >

"I want to be alone"
Crabs Link >

Rockpooling is Fun !
Link >

There's hardly any Waves, just a trickle on the incoming and looks so clear and inviting to go in yet again – We did !

The Sun was still shining hot with a Warm breeze, we moved our equipment once again as there was a flow of Water being forced up by the  ‘Running Tide’ - The Tide had pushed up a 'Fresh Water Spring' and Water was running down the Beach towards the Sea !

After having had a delicious lunch watched a group of people squeezing themselves into a tiny ‘Outboard Boat’  with the hope of catching some Fish as one carried a Rod, the heavy weight didn’t leave much  visible Boat – unyet the little boat managed to carry them out quite a distance! 

By about 5.30 p.m we decided to Walk the stretch of Coast –in that beautiful warm Sea water and the rest on land, in between climbing Rocks and through Dark Tunnels to ‘Wiseman’s Bridge’.   We could see that the level of Sea had covered All the Rocks where we first Sat, just hope everyone else had the sense to  leave that Cove of Beach !

By the time we’d arrived home in our little Car, we were ‘Flakers’ and  falling asleep !

What a Fabulous Time had by All Three of  us !

Thursday 28th July  -  It had Rained in the night -  the Air had a Fine Mist still about it with a Dark Sky, complete opposite to yesterday’s temperatures !

Friday 29th July  -  Weather very much like yesterday So am finishing off my Blog to Share And hope Our Adventures have made it Fun !                           

Overlooking 'Newport Coast' Pembs

Many Thank You's !

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Moving on to Wednesday 6th July  - 

At The Heart of a Wood lies  the beginning of a Root that sparks with  life, then growing a little each year collects a species on it’s way to help rehome a ‘Field Mouse’ ‘Shrew’ or ‘Beetle’ maybe...... the Woodland holds many strengths  to help and nurture the growth of many other species - is one such Gift it bestows.  And this Tree will go on for many Years doing just this !

This Picture was taken this year during the end of Winter and the onset of Spring within our Wood.

Thursday 7th July – Could barely make out any clouds as the Sky looked ‘Smudged’ for miles and very Dark !

A Female ‘Sparrow’ (Mrs. Narcissus) misjudged  our Son’s bedroom window with a light flutter of wings then  flew to the Buddleia  growing amongst our hedge, she was o.k after that disaster !

Before breakfast I’d been to top-up the Bird’s Seeds and a rather large Male ‘Sparrow’ dominated the Seed container perched above it like a ‘Sentinel’ – he was looking all around the Garden area, whilst the other ‘Sparrows’ crunched away at their food.

Friday 8th July -  It’s Pouring with Rain, then did brighten up late morning for me to go on a Nature Trail.   Took a few minutes for me to find who was the culprit of a chipping sound     ‘a Wasp’ was collecting supplies for it’s ‘Paper Nest’.

In the middle of picture is a little Bird
Then I heard another weird sound coming from down below the undergrowth just above a collection of water.  Maybe it was a ‘Warbler’ of some kind, it had a thin yellow outline on it’s closed wings - it continued  to cha cha cha sound with a mouthful of those bright green Caterpillars to Ward me off and away from her Nest, so left. 

6.06p.m  And Woody Woodpecker arrived for his usual dose of luscious  Peanuts with his ‘Pecking and bullying tactics !

Saturday 9th July  -  And I hear that the ‘Newt’ was seen floating in the Woodland Pond, very sad indeed to hear this –  our Pond was not ready and not secure enough for her.

Sunday  10th July  -  Sun, Cloud and intervals of Heavy Rain but that didn’t put us off going to our Wood for lunch.
We’ve arrived in the Wood to a lovely warm air and sat still in the car to watch the Birds telling each other " the people have arrived with our food."

The Fruit is just beginning to form
My Son and I took a slow stroll up to the ‘Top Field’ before a downpour.  Looking closely at the Brambles, could see some of the petals were falling off to form that juicy fruit – Some of the Cobwebs are catching the fallen petals and the breeze was wafting them around like miniature Butterflies.

A Thunderstorm sky full of rain so down it came for at least half an hour !

Sitting in the Caravan it feels all warm and cosy listening to the heavy downpour thrashing against the outside metal. 

 Blondie the little Hen has gone semi-broody and so the three Eggs we have ready for such an occasion were placed under her.

This weeks days have taken on massive quantities of Rain but has rewarded us with brilliant sunshine !

Monday 11th July  -   Superb morning just how we like it  with the bonus of a glistening dew!

A ‘Sparrow’ was holding a piece of bread in it’s beak bobbing around on top of our Green Shed – then dropped it and watching it roll away, chased it to the edge – where it fell to the ground, looked totally bewildered by it disappearance.

Lunch time and outside is blazing hot, even in the shade.

Compost is being fed now, which is good as it ‘Never’ leaves any !

A bit of repotting going on for those plants that have lost their nutrients and require a top-up of our luscious home grown compost, also upgraded to a larger sized pot.  The Tomatoes require an enormous amount of ‘Nutrients’ for them to develop a good sized crop.  Himself and I separated the ‘Annual’ weeds from the ‘perennial’ as the compost will decompose at a faster rate if ‘Annuals’ are deposited, rather than ‘Perennials’ like ‘Bramble shoots’   ‘Doc’  ‘Creeping Buttercup’  who would take twice as long to process and to kill the seed within for it Not to  return amongst the following year’s Crop.,Hence - less weeding !

2.41 p.m   And Mr. Pheasant has arrived for his afternoon delight of Seeds, whereas Mrs. Pheasant arrived earlier in the morning. 

5.10p.m   Two impressive ‘Green Finch’ passed through our garden, stopped to look at peanuts surrounded by Sparrows decided they didn’t want to be mobbed so flew off.

Down by the River

 Amongst high sand banks on either side  the odd Tree growing along-side,  it seemed the River knew we’d arrived .
I carefully crossed a low part of the river to an island of tall grasses which camouflaged me, I was wearing Green too and tried not to move with the hope of seeing some River wildlife.  The Sunshine bounced off the River with a mass of Flies hovering just above the water.  The different sounds were incredible from the Water’s flow of twists and turns , then engulfed within a dark gap of Tree Roots exposed along the waters edge.  As I returned to walk across the slippery low water channel  trod extra careful so as not to fall,  the stones lying along the River Bed were covered in a layer of algae which is very slippery.

7.50 p.m   Time to go and looking back I was leaving behind ‘Tales from the River Bank’ and with it many a story to be told.

8.10p.m  The Boys had said “there goes a ‘Kingfisher’ “  unnoticed by me!  a plan was already going through my mind ready for our next visit.

We seemed to attract a 'Crowd'  >

Tuesday 12th July  -  Muggy grey day outside so a day to get jobs done in the fresh air.

Sent an Article on ‘Whales  Risk  Oil Survey’ through to tweetdeck < The Sea Once a Beautiful Place But ... Pollution Rose in our Midst !   Just can't believe whats happening to Our Beautiful Planet !

This is Wednesday 13th July -  with some sunshine and cloud so could have a weather conflict seeing as it’s very warm.

Little ‘Sparrow’ stood All Proud looking on top of our grey shed with a pure white feather clasped in it’s Beak, then giving itself a good scratch Lost it and with it’s Eyes n head followed it float away in the gentle breeze.  She had that “Oh never mind” look about her !

Thursday 14th July  -  Quite a nice day outside !

Small Skipper
2 p.mish and gave the Wasteland another peek around for any different Wildlife, well “Yes” we did see a ‘Small Skipper’ and ‘Small Copper’ it was difficult  trying to jump over rocks, buried holes within loose crumbling Stones,  all completely covered by thick vegetation with  many beautiful Wild flowers in and amongst - which may  of housed a ‘Snakes nest’ , So carefully as I went  along the way backwards and forwards...searching for the perfect species to perhaps take a picture.

Small Copper

The ‘Red Kite’ flew  15 - 20 metres just above our heads but trying to adjust the view on the video wasn’t easy as this was my first time of using, I didn’t get the perfect view for All to see but what a magnificent Bird of such great size and can see why it was given the name , a Stunning Hawk.  Quite obviously had spotted some lunch and oblivious to us being there showed off it’s Pure genius in flight, just above ourselves.

A Beautiful Ladybird in our Woodland

&  &

The Spear Thistle - latin Cirsium vulgare
 Link > 

Oxeye Daisy - latin Leucanthemum Vulgare

Scarlet Pimpernel - latin Anagallis Arvensis


Friday 15th July  -   A very warm, Cloudy Sky with some Rain So am writing this Blog Post, I do hope you've enjoyed the read and viewing my pictures -  maybe next week will be filled with a little more excitement !

I'll let 'Chuckie' say goodbye till Next Time !

x x x

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Thursday 30th June  -  Last day of this month and theres a cool breeze passing through the Garden.    And  just behind me can hear the ‘Birds’ Crunching their way through their Cereal, very noisy they are too !

A Male ‘Sparrow’ was taking a ‘Wash-up and Brush-up’ sat on the ‘Buddleia’ just at side of our house, wiping it’s little beak back n forth across a narrow branch, then having a preen under one wing with a shake n fluff-up to warm itself up.

Had another peek in and around the Pond in the garden “A couple of ‘Toadlets’ springing back into the water with a Dry Skin this time, appearance of a proper ‘Toad’ “.

These were no bigger than a 2p. piece !
Gorgeous evening in our Wood, shadows long with it's deep dark passages of Nooks and Crannies, looking All mystical and no doubt   ‘Many an Eye’ on Us !   With the different sudden sounds of a dried leaf or twig, there were many a movement from  under ‘Brambles’  where we stood  listening “It’s the '  Blackbirds ’ finding their evening treats.

 Our Son had captured a ‘ Beautiful Vixen ’ with the Sunshine showering her in All her splendour,  backwards and forwards through the recently cut grass.  Another noise , a lighter sound, a ‘Baby Rabbit’ !  It made his Day ! !   His Education via Wildlife Video !  Will require some editing !

Whilst the other two had gone off in search of Wildlife I was stood in the midst of the many Hums of Bees, within a Vast amount of ‘Bramble’ growth and ‘Hedge Bindweed’ – a continuous humming tone of many different Species, even the odd Wasp.

Hoverfly on left & Bee  ?  to right

Friday  1st July  -   Thankfully Mr Pheasant arrived for his breakfast after a Time lapse !  Outside’s Clouds ,  just looked better after that wonderful  News !

‘Sky’ was full of white unusual  looking Clouds, with that Chill in the Air , perhaps it will Rain.

Early Evening in the Wood -  I could hear some faint treads beneath the Brambles, I stood still for a few minutes and whoever was rustling in the undergrowth.... rushed off !

We’re ‘Raiding the Peas from their Pods’  and what an incredible taste “No need to buy Sweets... because these are” !  Our Son calls them ‘Tiny Sweets’ !

Going on a Walk-about – Dad says “Tread gently and Speak None” then we can be sure of seeing something.

The Evenings are starting to draw in  - the Sun has lowered it’s face already at 8.15p.m. 

 The morning has to be my favourite time  when all is quiet -  then a sudden burst of life takes off in ‘Song’.   So we have to seize these moments and take every opportunity to get out and enjoy , whatever the Time !   "I do like the Opening of a New Day" 

The gentle breeze didn’t stir the tall grasses, 
And the  three of us ambled along the narrow Animal tracks searching for the hope to view another species, nothing visable at the far end of Our Wood but I bet their ‘Eyes’ n ‘Ears’ were All on us !  We took an ‘about turn’ to study the ‘Oak Trees’ within our walk. 
 And this one is ‘wrapped in a Shower  of Light’  must be at least 150 to 200 Years of Life and still it shows off an array of branches full of intense Rich Green Leaves -   Stretching my neck to look above,
 the  ‘Oak Tree’ gave a Splendid view, the Sun appeared from behind a cloud to give another element – The  Canopy Opened up Wide with Life !   It  showed  every outline of leaf, almost like a negative photograph but in colour.
* * * * *

The Show of today’s events is almost at a close.... to release All those Night Creatures for their rituals!

9.15 p.m and the Sun’s loss of  light  means  the Dark will soon be upon us,  in all it’s  incredible ways !

Saturday 2nd  July  -  Awoke to see a beautiful little female ‘Sparrow’ having a look in our Bedroom window – sadly no camera at the time but.... .... ....

Probably 'Mrs Narcissus'

Theres no doubt todays weather is going to be Great because there’s No Clouds !

Am now looking at the Cabbages and Brussel Sprouts at the bottom of our garden and there’s plenty of  ‘Sparrow’ movement amongst them  – Our little ‘Workers’ helping to clear the ‘Green Caterpillars’ ! 

 12.31 p.m   And Badger  feaces  was strewn along the entrance  to our Wood, perhaps Youngsters on the loose for first time. Link >         &

Had just put our Cool bag of food into the Caravan, ventured out and immediately confronted with the biggest ‘Dragonflies’ I’ve ever seen, one of them viewed us up close (inches away- whilst the other one flew up high  into the crowns of the Oak Trees.)   I later researched what they could have been ‘Golden Dragonflies’.    A sight I thought I’d never see and was happy just to admire.

Son and I took a slow walk through the Woodland Paths and peering deep into the thick of it all could see a  nifty ‘Squirrel’ , who had good eyesight too, scampered off behind the tree trunk, they’re so good at disappearing !

Arrived back at camp with the vain hope of catching another glimpse of those beautiful ‘yellow and black striped Dragonflies’, they were obviously searching for a Pond that would suit their requirements , "Our’s was not..... sadly" !

Sunday 3rd July  -  Well ...   Mr & Mrs. ‘Narcissus’  are both sat looking in again, same place- his Mrs looks totally bewildered at ‘why’ ?  but he’s obviously shown her his little secret!   It’s now 1 p.m and they are both gritting on our driveway 'their usual antics'.

Lunch was had and then ventured down to our Wood for the next new adventures !

Our Son unearthed from under a Corrugated Tin Sheet  ‘Common Lizard’ and she was pregnant, so put her back very carefully – meanwhile , from the same surrounding area flew a ‘Large Skipper’ – never seen one here before. Link on Skipper >   &  

Four ‘Jays’ flew down to feast on the thrown Seed, unusual for them to fly in So close to Camp !  

Monday 4th July  -  Scorching HOT today and am thankfull for the Cool breeze flowing through ! 

A tiny ‘Bee’ seemed to have got itself entangled in the long hair of one of our small dogs, took it off twice but climbed back on – something it liked !  Have put it in a Sunny spot with the hope of a revival.

Just been out to see if ‘Bees’ o.k. and it’s flown off, must have required the Sun to get it motivated.

These two photos were taken on 2-7-11

They were busy in the Garden 'loving the Hebe's blossom'

Many of the Bees on this particular Shrub were heavily laden with 'Pollen'
Planting Wildflowers Helps the Bees >  &   < BEE Nest Removal, not an easy task !

About Bees and Bee Sting Treatments >  All Courtesy of @saveourbees & @BeeStrawbridge  x x x

In the afternoon Himself had been and peeked around the Woodland Pond – A ‘Female Newt’ heavily pregnant was struggling to get out,  himself  helped her climb out !  Collected a few stones and lay them at one end for her to  be able to get out with ease , she will be laying her ‘Eggs’ , hopefully in our Pond.
The long winding Pathway leading to the beach was teeming with 'Wildlife' accompanied by the sound of a trickling Stream, which meandered off into the undergrowth.  Rather excitedly the Boys spotted (what they thought was a Buzzard) it was infact a 'Red Kite' sitting on a branch not far infront of us, then flapped it's enormous wings for a stretch or two before taking off !   Camera took too long setting up !
Link >

My Daughter, Grandsons + friend, Our Son and myself took a walk to the Beach where the Tide was just on the turn for returning back up onto the Sand.  And with it was bringing many different Species of ‘SeaJellies’  ‘Compass Jellies’ ‘Moon jellies’ and plenty of those ‘SeaGooseberries’ , the Children were fascinated by So many arriving in on the tide ~ ‘Compass Jellies’ will sting.  There are also the ‘Weaver Fish’ that we don’t always notice until it’s too darn late, which will ‘STING’ quite painfull too ! ! !  

'Compass Jelly'

Link >  above ^

Viper's Bugloss - latin - Echium vulgare

Link >

 Tuesday  5th July  -  Was particularly Wet all night long and most of the morning but Rain is good and can’t live without it.....  so bring it on !

A glimpse of Warm Sunshine has bounced around all things Green with that beautiful  jewel  of light !

Cornflower - latin - Centaurea cyanus
Our Son took this Photograph of the Cornflower !

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Common - Bird's-foot Trefoil - latin - Lotus corniculatus 

Foxglove - latin - Digitalis

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Two of our Hens were Cooling down by fanning their Wings out

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