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Moving on to Wednesday 6th July  - 

At The Heart of a Wood lies  the beginning of a Root that sparks with  life, then growing a little each year collects a species on it’s way to help rehome a ‘Field Mouse’ ‘Shrew’ or ‘Beetle’ maybe...... the Woodland holds many strengths  to help and nurture the growth of many other species - is one such Gift it bestows.  And this Tree will go on for many Years doing just this !

This Picture was taken this year during the end of Winter and the onset of Spring within our Wood.

Thursday 7th July – Could barely make out any clouds as the Sky looked ‘Smudged’ for miles and very Dark !

A Female ‘Sparrow’ (Mrs. Narcissus) misjudged  our Son’s bedroom window with a light flutter of wings then  flew to the Buddleia  growing amongst our hedge, she was o.k after that disaster !

Before breakfast I’d been to top-up the Bird’s Seeds and a rather large Male ‘Sparrow’ dominated the Seed container perched above it like a ‘Sentinel’ – he was looking all around the Garden area, whilst the other ‘Sparrows’ crunched away at their food.

Friday 8th July -  It’s Pouring with Rain, then did brighten up late morning for me to go on a Nature Trail.   Took a few minutes for me to find who was the culprit of a chipping sound     ‘a Wasp’ was collecting supplies for it’s ‘Paper Nest’.

In the middle of picture is a little Bird
Then I heard another weird sound coming from down below the undergrowth just above a collection of water.  Maybe it was a ‘Warbler’ of some kind, it had a thin yellow outline on it’s closed wings - it continued  to cha cha cha sound with a mouthful of those bright green Caterpillars to Ward me off and away from her Nest, so left. 

6.06p.m  And Woody Woodpecker arrived for his usual dose of luscious  Peanuts with his ‘Pecking and bullying tactics !

Saturday 9th July  -  And I hear that the ‘Newt’ was seen floating in the Woodland Pond, very sad indeed to hear this –  our Pond was not ready and not secure enough for her.

Sunday  10th July  -  Sun, Cloud and intervals of Heavy Rain but that didn’t put us off going to our Wood for lunch.
We’ve arrived in the Wood to a lovely warm air and sat still in the car to watch the Birds telling each other " the people have arrived with our food."

The Fruit is just beginning to form
My Son and I took a slow stroll up to the ‘Top Field’ before a downpour.  Looking closely at the Brambles, could see some of the petals were falling off to form that juicy fruit – Some of the Cobwebs are catching the fallen petals and the breeze was wafting them around like miniature Butterflies.

A Thunderstorm sky full of rain so down it came for at least half an hour !

Sitting in the Caravan it feels all warm and cosy listening to the heavy downpour thrashing against the outside metal. 

 Blondie the little Hen has gone semi-broody and so the three Eggs we have ready for such an occasion were placed under her.

This weeks days have taken on massive quantities of Rain but has rewarded us with brilliant sunshine !

Monday 11th July  -   Superb morning just how we like it  with the bonus of a glistening dew!

A ‘Sparrow’ was holding a piece of bread in it’s beak bobbing around on top of our Green Shed – then dropped it and watching it roll away, chased it to the edge – where it fell to the ground, looked totally bewildered by it disappearance.

Lunch time and outside is blazing hot, even in the shade.

Compost is being fed now, which is good as it ‘Never’ leaves any !

A bit of repotting going on for those plants that have lost their nutrients and require a top-up of our luscious home grown compost, also upgraded to a larger sized pot.  The Tomatoes require an enormous amount of ‘Nutrients’ for them to develop a good sized crop.  Himself and I separated the ‘Annual’ weeds from the ‘perennial’ as the compost will decompose at a faster rate if ‘Annuals’ are deposited, rather than ‘Perennials’ like ‘Bramble shoots’   ‘Doc’  ‘Creeping Buttercup’  who would take twice as long to process and to kill the seed within for it Not to  return amongst the following year’s Crop.,Hence - less weeding !

2.41 p.m   And Mr. Pheasant has arrived for his afternoon delight of Seeds, whereas Mrs. Pheasant arrived earlier in the morning. 

5.10p.m   Two impressive ‘Green Finch’ passed through our garden, stopped to look at peanuts surrounded by Sparrows decided they didn’t want to be mobbed so flew off.

Down by the River

 Amongst high sand banks on either side  the odd Tree growing along-side,  it seemed the River knew we’d arrived .
I carefully crossed a low part of the river to an island of tall grasses which camouflaged me, I was wearing Green too and tried not to move with the hope of seeing some River wildlife.  The Sunshine bounced off the River with a mass of Flies hovering just above the water.  The different sounds were incredible from the Water’s flow of twists and turns , then engulfed within a dark gap of Tree Roots exposed along the waters edge.  As I returned to walk across the slippery low water channel  trod extra careful so as not to fall,  the stones lying along the River Bed were covered in a layer of algae which is very slippery.

7.50 p.m   Time to go and looking back I was leaving behind ‘Tales from the River Bank’ and with it many a story to be told.

8.10p.m  The Boys had said “there goes a ‘Kingfisher’ “  unnoticed by me!  a plan was already going through my mind ready for our next visit.

We seemed to attract a 'Crowd'  >

Tuesday 12th July  -  Muggy grey day outside so a day to get jobs done in the fresh air.

Sent an Article on ‘Whales  Risk  Oil Survey’ through to tweetdeck < The Sea Once a Beautiful Place But ... Pollution Rose in our Midst !   Just can't believe whats happening to Our Beautiful Planet !

This is Wednesday 13th July -  with some sunshine and cloud so could have a weather conflict seeing as it’s very warm.

Little ‘Sparrow’ stood All Proud looking on top of our grey shed with a pure white feather clasped in it’s Beak, then giving itself a good scratch Lost it and with it’s Eyes n head followed it float away in the gentle breeze.  She had that “Oh never mind” look about her !

Thursday 14th July  -  Quite a nice day outside !

Small Skipper
2 p.mish and gave the Wasteland another peek around for any different Wildlife, well “Yes” we did see a ‘Small Skipper’ and ‘Small Copper’ it was difficult  trying to jump over rocks, buried holes within loose crumbling Stones,  all completely covered by thick vegetation with  many beautiful Wild flowers in and amongst - which may  of housed a ‘Snakes nest’ , So carefully as I went  along the way backwards and forwards...searching for the perfect species to perhaps take a picture.

Small Copper

The ‘Red Kite’ flew  15 - 20 metres just above our heads but trying to adjust the view on the video wasn’t easy as this was my first time of using, I didn’t get the perfect view for All to see but what a magnificent Bird of such great size and can see why it was given the name , a Stunning Hawk.  Quite obviously had spotted some lunch and oblivious to us being there showed off it’s Pure genius in flight, just above ourselves.

A Beautiful Ladybird in our Woodland

&  &

The Spear Thistle - latin Cirsium vulgare
 Link > 

Oxeye Daisy - latin Leucanthemum Vulgare

Scarlet Pimpernel - latin Anagallis Arvensis


Friday 15th July  -   A very warm, Cloudy Sky with some Rain So am writing this Blog Post, I do hope you've enjoyed the read and viewing my pictures -  maybe next week will be filled with a little more excitement !

I'll let 'Chuckie' say goodbye till Next Time !

x x x

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  1. Thank you,thank you. Such a pleasure to read on a rainy day.Superb pictures too.You certainly have beautiful wildlife where you live.Many thanks for sharing,much appreciated. Aww hugs to Chuckie xxx ps So looking forward to your next blog!