Thursday, 14 March 2013

Sunday 27th Jan'13   ~  Sunshine arrived in much splendour which showered fields with it's gold, then all did arise to dry-off with a spurt, geared-up to grow as it would.

I took this capture on 9th Jan'13 looking over from our Woodland


At least five pairs 15th Feb'13

Monday 18th February  ~  T'was out preparing the vegetable areas*

An audience of 'singing birds' came by to make the day superb, they cheered me on to dig much more, whilst Frogs were leaping and frolicking, so there was'nt a patch undug. 

Encouraging sounds from wildlife turned the fork so easily and at incredible speed....of course there was meaning to their joyful songs 'more worms'.

Saturday 2nd March  ~  A day that everyOne could almost do as they pleased......"Loki was"....he was seen climbing into the washing machine, rolling over rubbing his back,  giving himself a good massage...he twist and turned many times and found the rubber door surround really great around the back of his neck.  With lots of licking and yawning decided he'd had enough......"So now he expects the washer door open everytime he passes" because he has a routine and never fails to miss anything with sleeves or dark holes 'such as wellies'.  After all.......they are really wildlife*

Ferrets are mostly kept in small cages and surely couldn't be enough room,, plus being socially starved. 

Loki our Ferret has the freedom of our dining-room and enters the lounge, kitchen once a day for a treat...he visits the log basket for extra scratching upon the cut logs.  They are all 'curious' creatures and should be given some amount of free living., for Loki has such an amazing character, which we would never of known his full extent.    "I just wonder...if he knows just how fortunate he is."?

Monday 4th March  ~  The birds ate upper-crust earlier today, spelt bread crumbs...a discarded piece left on the edge of a plate.  Words got round, so they all want a taste.

Early evening eating crisps and 'Chuckster' arrives with his asking look.......?   he was'nt asking, he was 'insisting'! with his paw just under my chin.  I couldn't give him any because of the salt content, so tried as I might not to look at him whilst finishing them off.

Tuesday 5th March  ~  At 7.40 p.m  Dogs were arriving in from outside where the air was getting quite chilly, then  a 'Toad' arrived, looking very thin.  Our Son moved him safely, away from the path and under a log...  'MARCH  of  the  TOAD'

Saturday 9th March  ~  Where wildlife spoke of  'Spring'.....with our first 'spawn' this year.  The afternoon gave way to another surge of  'spawn' and video below ~ be it wobbly at start.

Monday 11th March  ~  The 'Snow' is falling greatly whilst the 'Sun' broadens it's horizon.

Tuesday 12th March  ~  A sky shows off that warmth once more but oh so chilling to the bone with that biting wind hurled across one's face, looking down at frozen 'spawn'.  It was early 7.05 a.m !

By 11.05 a.m  the 'Snow' was arriving thick and fast, three seasons in one.

Its time to close till next time

Thank you