Monday, 24 October 2011

Friday 14th Oct  -  Let’s get it said “yes, Wild sounding weather and can’t see a thing at 5.40 a.m !
‘Sneg’ was having a lie-in as he was up rather late the previous night.

2.40 p.m   I’d whisked around quick with the hoover, sadly ‘Sneg’ didn’t take to all the commotion, so made sure wasn’t near him.  He promptly went to sleep on the rug in our dining-room but not for long as a kind friend Lisa was asking how he was from reply was “Plopping nicely around the dining-room floor in between sleeping and a bit of preening.”  Am following around with a piece of kitchen paper to collect his remnants of uneaten seeds and PooP and all looks healthy from his end ! ! ! tee heee   

Saturday 15th Oct  -  A day to be outside with the sun aglow giving us a chill in the air, Autumn has finally arrived......weatherwise.  It’s cold brrrrh !!!

‘Sneg’ was put to bed early at 7.09 p.m as he wasn’t rising until 8 a.mish...(which was late for a 'bird')

Sunday 16th Oct  -   Couldn’t of had better weather, fab ! 

The moment we turned into the lane heading towards the wood, four male ‘pheasants’ wearing stiff white collars...the appearance of ‘Office Clerks’ and three skinny females strolled their walk on this glorious bountiful countryside day !  ‘Pheasants’ were on the  ‘Acorn’ trail.

Two silhouette ‘Buzzard’ shapes sat in a tree further up the lane and a ‘Red Kite’ flew out from our woodland with it’s impressive majestic size was disturbed by the sound of our car's engine.  And as we parked safely it flew just infront of we followed it’s flight took it into our Woodland entrance.    It was two foot from the ground, with each tip of it’s wings almost touching the growth of bracken growing along both sides of the lane.   Such a smooth flight, then turned into our ‘top field’.   I followed quietly...the trees were crackling with many fallen leaves and the heavy bounty of acorns falling continuously. The ‘squirrels’ had gone foraging  on the ground and could see at least six scampering up up and out of my way!   I’d almost turned into the top field and could hear a ‘Crow’ then saw it’s disapproval of the ‘Red Kite’ in it’s zone.......'Red' took flight almost immediately in one direction then turned with ease and returned to scan the perimeter once again., almost oblivious of the frantic crowing sound.

I stood overlooking the Valley from the high Bank, could see ‘Red Kites’ flying around another of their haunts...I waited for a while just to catch another  glimpse and sure enough they made an appearance with the glow of sun catching their magnificent Red feathers gliding and surfing the breeze.

Bracken (the pony) was shooing Duke out of his paddock, as dog poo was an obnoxious substance near to where he ate...... and couldn’t stand the thought of it near his luscious grass !!

Monday 17th Oct  -  A sky of menace and hope mixed together..unsure what we’ll get....... 4.00  p.m A frisky wind brought rods of rain......the type that penetrates whatever one wears ! 

4.40 p.m  ‘Sneg’ has been Scooting around the floor, we have to watch where we place our feet,  ‘ Himself’  put him upon the edge of the ‘Creel Basket’ and sure enough he even surprised himself...took off to the ground with no trouble at all !  Won’t be long now until he’s flying....not sure if we have room.....we’ll see.

Tuesday 18th Oct  -  Woke-up at 1.04 a.m wandering around the bedroom peeling back the curtains to what !  don’t know.  Took ages to get back off as could hear the creaks and groans of the house
I would say it is colder than yesterday with various types of clouds, an explosion of different types !

‘Sneg’ woke at 7.35 a.m and took off on his run around dining-room and kitchen  “I wonder if he knows he has wings.” ???

I could hear him doing a ‘tap dance’ of slap slop slap flippin slap’ and givin it ‘5’ then scooted back in dining-room choosing a snug sun-spot just enough for him.

I wasn't gone long to wash my hair and came downstairs to find 'Sneg' had disappeared, Himself and I searched everywhere for a good ten minutes. ,  there he was....hidden next to the out-of-the-way-spot......meant for him, with the bonus of some concrete grit for his needs.


On our return home from food foraging we drew-up outside our Woodland Gate......sadly disturbed two pairs of ‘Red Kites’ sat in an ‘Oak Tree’ opposite......what a spectacular  picture that would have made, will remember this for next time and creep up from further up the lane.  They all headed into our Woodland, am not surprised as its brimming over with wildlife !.......this was at 1.20 p.m

5.34 p.m and Himself returns to tell me that eleven  ‘Red Kites’ and  seven  ‘Buzzards’ were sat in the farmer’s field all glowing in the sunshine.....incredible !

Wednesday 19th Oct  -  And we’re getting hail, Sun, Strong wind with heavy freezing rain !  not something would want to hand around, so I ought to say it quietly.

Sneg went to bed at 8.25 p.m

Thursday 20th Oct  -  Sneg rose to a dark morning at 7.20 a.m....the sky was trying to tell us something but “what” ?

'Picked today'

Never thought the tomatoes would ever turn red !

8.27 a.m  And Sneg seems to be partial to affection, which he gets an awful lot of.  8 p.m  he was asleep !

Friday 21st Oct  -  HALF – TERM  HOLIDAY     YIPPEEEEEEeeee !

Saturday 22nd Oct  -  A dark heavy thunderous sky which made one feel even colder !

‘Sneg’ had eaten his breakfast early and with a squeaky noise seemed to be asking “whats next”?   I have also noticed he is growing into his ‘beak’, perhaps the tap tap tapping on the concrete corner is helping reshape it !

I washed the kitchen and dining-room floors and ‘Sneg’ came on around with me....seems to like the company, I take that as a compliment......coming from a ‘pigeon’.

6.06 p.m   Well.....I do declare that ‘Sneg’ has performed a style of flipper dance just for sound effects...testing out the clean surface....way...hey.

This is Sunday 23rd Oct.....

For the last couple of nights ‘Sneg’ has been sleeping on the ‘edge’ don’t mean in a bad’s how they sleep at night.....perched on the edge of his basket.

Sleep 'tight'
It rained all night long and looking out at the Crows appeared to be having a jolly good time of testing their flying a celebration !

Can feel a warm summer breeze...a total contrast to yesterday’s weather ‘Calm before the Storm’ as bad weather was predicted !

 We’d been out for a good couple of hours having left the dogs incharge of the lounge and ‘Sneg’ took charge of the kitchen/dining but when we returned...’Sneg’ was squeaking continuously upon our return..... for at least half-an-hour, pining for company......poor little mite didn’t like being left !

‘Sneg’ was nudging Himself’s hand begging for food ‘pigeon milk’ as it’s called.... both parents do actually 'lactate'. 

Monday 24th Oct  -  An awful long night of what sounded like a hurricane blustering down the bedroom chimney and whisking everything about outside! 'Calm before the Storm' was so right !!!

It was  8. a.m there wasn’t a bird in sight ...could just make out a  flickering light through the thick mist half-way up the mountain.....perhaps a farmer’s headlamps gone to check on his livestock. 

The Thrills of country living !!! 

 'A Way of Life' 

Thursday, 13 October 2011

'St.John's  Wort'

  Link >                                   

                        Wednesday 5th Oct  -  A Wild and Windy wet day !

The ‘Shallots’ were picked 25th Sept  and have dried off nicely...they were growing in our  garden veg patch, a few are still quite small so shall use them sliced thinly amongst a salad dish.

'Shallots' will need drying now

A never ending stream of ‘Acorns’ fall around us and so the collecting of them begins, to plant them around the woodland for the pleasure of seeing a new ‘Oak’ sapling reach out into a new life.   Also, ‘Ash ‘saplings were growing around our Veg patch so dug them up to replant and the ‘Buddleia’ were spreading themselves along the drive out the front.Link>  & < Ponies and Horses should not be eating huge amounts !  & 

Thursday 6th Oct  -  An early rise to some dark was full of heavy clouds and was’nt giving way to any light  at 6.30 a.m

‘Bill’ the Cockerel attacked Himself’s right shin and what a strong bird, his leg has gone all black and yellow.   Protecting his brood but wrecking the keeper !!!

Chuckie was trying to entice Snooty into a play mode but she wasn’t having any of it !  He was prancing and lying on his side infront of her,  then turned to wag his tail in her which she was displeased and moved away with no interest in him at all.  It’s that ‘Dog behaviour’ again.


Friday 7th Oct  -  So from now onwards.... it’s dark mornings.

Unfortunately a ‘Rat’ has left evidence amongst our garden compost to which was working extremely well until abandoned this and continue with the Woodland compost which is feeding up well.......when the cover is taken off heat escapes with steam, something we’re doing right, thankfully !  The trick is to keep a lid on tight,which stops air flowing in and creates a work in process fast !  The 'Rattie' family we've seen , look extremely fed and well groomed considering most folk dislike them.....I do find them very cute !

Saturday 8th Oct   -  Sky appears to be as white as a blank sheet of paper !

We decide to take our Son to experience Carmarthen Horse kicks off at 11.a.m so we take a leisurely drive leaving at 10 ish .  We’d never been to this one before it seemed much more organised and clean for the Pony and Horses to be shown off in a large enough ring covered in sawdust., with a seating area all around.  The bidding began and the Auctioneer speedily talks through a microphone and the one’s that decide to buy, give a wink, nod or wave with a numbered ticket . 

I’ve never seen so many different characters at one event before and so friendly and smiley, it may be their once a month  chance to chat to others with Pony and Horses in mind.

Another Oak Tree in our Woodland

3.p.mish and sauntered around the Woodland up towards the top field to where the many butterflies and bees were once busying themselves was now quiet with just one ‘large white’ butterflying with an occasional cling to the short grass whilst the wind blew it every-which-way – so fragile ....yet resilient!

A blow of warm air touched my face but brought with it a new hatch of biting gnats !  which later that evening found out to be most annoying ! Link > & 

We sat down to enjoy our evening meal and Chuckie got up into his throne chair and with his left paw pointed pawing the air many times, at first we thought he must have something wrong with it, so looked but nothing.....he was wanting a taste of our food. Arrhh ! ‘his way of speaking’  Now these are an intelligent breed and probably thought “there’s nothing wrong with my foot” !   “Give me a taste of your food”?
“I’ll put a better face on that's more appealing........will this help “!!


Sunday 9th Oct  -  As I looked across the front of our house the Mountains had disappeared beneath a thick wall of white and could only just make out the valley below.  And the wind was strong enough to whisk everything around as it past through the village, it wasn’t for’s staying !

The three of us jumped into our little car for a drive up to ‘Carningli’ to have another look at the mountain ponies but when we arrived it was a wall of the decision was to find a suitable area to about turn and head home.  A  ‘neolithic  stone’ was laid down, which was unusual, alongside a gate and didn’t think anymore of it until a good friend on twitter ‘Jane’  (Thursday 13th Oct) was sending her daily news links out and being historically interested read further into the passages ....then realised it was the ‘Stone’ we had noticed lying flat on the ground !!!  So here is the Link >

Perhaps it was telling people that it would be far more secure dug further into the ‘Mountain Ponies’ wander all over these areas....they often have a rub or two on gates and stones .

'Carningli Mountain Ponies'

Spent the afternoon in our Woodland and the ‘Ivy ‘ was coming into bud whilst the ‘Hedge bindweed’ was hanging onto it’s last innings.

'Hedge bindweed'

'Multicoloured Autumn Ivy'

Monday 10th Oct   -  As dark as dark could get on these early morning wake-ups !  Light switch on so as not to fumble about....thankfully became light enough for our Son to walk safely to the School bus stop.

More leaves have fallen upon the ground and many more yet to let go, they won’t last long with this whistling  wind!   It’s a sad time to see the trees  start to bare of their leaves but we do have the pleasure of our ‘Holly’ evergreen.

'Young Holly growing'

As Duke and I walk close around the edge of two lengthy paths,  could see some muddy dug holes for those to scoot for cover.  They would suit a ‘Rabbit’ or ‘Weasel’.


After lunch...Himself and I trundled down to our Woodland, parked the car on the roadside, I was snapping with the camera., then heard a tooting sound heading towards us with a full heard of ‘Heifers’ speedily running our way.  I took the chance of a middle of road photo then ran towards the car as advised by other half, got in and himself reversed into our lane and  closed the gate just in time they were heading straight for us ! 

Little black Hen seems to be the biggest out of the ‘famous five’ chicks and as I observe their actions this little youngster is testing her skills at telling the others which way to go.

Quite a few times had to run and tell the Red renegade which way to go !
Mum is alert at all times, whilst the youngsters eat in unison with her ever watchful eyes scanning for any predator !
She marches them into the stable where theres a good collection of flies within the horse poo
The Black and White  are doing the ‘cock’ feather stand-off !
Whilst the other two reds see who’s the tallest, by stretching their necks to it’s highest length.

We have the occasional predator that stalks the outside perimeter of our Woodland so our Hens and Cockerels have to be on guard constantly !

'Always keep a look-out!'
'Enjoying the warm afternoon'
Tuesday 11th Oct  -  That Wild wind was still with us unyet a nice warm temperature even at 7.a.m

2.-08p.m.  And Himself arrives home clutching within his fleece top....a ‘Pigeon’ looking all frail and thin that he’d picked up from the floor of a ‘Jewson’s’ warehouse, it may have fallen from it’s perch or nest.  It’s little face seems quite perky and we’ll just give it some T.L.C. (tender loving care.)

'Sneg the Pigeon'

Today I spotted three pairs of ‘Swallows’ soon they’ll be moving on to warmer temperatures.

Wednesday 12th Oct  -  And the sky is Wild once again, stirring everything up from below !

Little ‘Pigeon’ taking in some liquid chick feed  via syringe .  At 10.55 a.m -  Himself has just taken little mite out of Fishing Creel basket onto the carpet and has fluffed it’s feathers....a good sign hey !  Time will tell .

3.24 p.m and Son arrives home from School with a ‘Bloodnose Beetle’ in his hand, a great species, although the Beetle didn’t like being on the dining-room table.  The pictures taken were not focused - it soon left the house as was continuously on the move. Link>  &

Thursday 13th Oct  -  Sneg the ‘Pigeon’ is at last eating on his own and not by syringe,  having made himself comfortable flip-flopping the kitchen floor circuit many times .  I had dropped a couple of crumbs from my sandwich  made for lunch and he took an instant liking to put lots more down as the bird seed wasn’t attractive enough, fussy eater but then one wants nice treats when under the weather. 

As I type these words across the page can hear his feet flip-flopping with remarkable speed, even scratched himself earlier with bad foot and a little preening...a good sign.!    There’s nothing of handling a leaf !
'Enjoying outside'
Sneg is taking a trip around our top veg. patch now and seems able to climb up small steps.   Am keeping a close eye on him incase a predator enters our space.......of which are many !

He has found a cosy warm spot in our dining room where the sun shines the most !  And the time is 1.08 p.m

'Nature can be so clever' 

 And so I'll leave you till next time 

Thank you 

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Wednesday 28th Sept  -  Almost feels like the ‘Sea Stories’ are heading inland fast to tell those tales of promise for a great day to enjoy !

'A busy Bee working inside a Nasturtium Flower'

12.55 p.m   Was sat on the Garden Seat taking a break drinking a cool drink of orange mixed with a dash of lemonade when a ‘Silver Y Moth’ showed up for a drink also.  This wonderful species stayed focused on the Chives for a good hour or so which gave me plenty of time to enjoy my drink and fetch the camera..... also had a chat “well I did” .

'Silver Y Moth'

Friday 30th Sept  -  Again we received a day of fabulous weather....I’d say, better than summer, with a nice cool breeze arriving from the coast.

Not long after our Son had left for the School Bus, Himself and I wandered off down the Woods to find the Autumn patterns stretched as far as one could see, with ‘Cob-webs’ wrapped around many branches, trees wearing multicoloured leaves and  a carpet of morning dew covered the short grass.  And whilst the sun captured their sight they glistened amidst the short nibbled blades for those to quench their thirst . 

' Cob-webs' covered in early  morning dew

Lunch-time and get a call from Himself saying our Cat ‘Nippy’ had pawed down from the air a ‘Dragonfly’.  Himself managed to rescue it from Nippy and promptly put it in our caravan where nobody would be damaging it further.

I arrived and could see straight away that one of it’s ‘Wings’ had been clawed,  losing almost half a wing.

We later moved it outside on to a tall tree stump and waited for it to recover but it appeared disorientated and turned upside down.    By late afternoon we arrived with our Son only to find it below the stump, sadly it was dead.  Such a beautiful species and later found out it was a ‘female Southern Hawker’.

Saturday 1st Oct  -  Another hot dry day and we ventured in the direction of our Wood with the warm air blowing in all directions.  The woodland floor is crunchy to walk no sneaking up on species but they also !  It’s quite fascinating to stop and listen to the different wildlife treading the dried fallen leaves, some may wait for the noise of the strong breeze to give cover for their next move.

A rather large ‘Black Beetle’ was taking a leisurely flight past me, was awesome and the size of a fifty pence piece. Link > 

Monday 3rd Oct  -  And could only just make out a round ball of sun behind the early morning mist at 7.58 a.m  

Tuesday 4th Oct  -  A chill in the air today so warmer clothes – quite dull and grey !

1.21 p.m Himself rang to tell me about another ‘Southern Hawker’  flying around our Pond in the wood and appears to be laying a ‘Pheromone Scent’ dropping and dragging it's tail along every side and not missing any areas either – “ooooo....was just looking right at me to leave some on me” ! ! ! “moves away”  “Amazing to witness this “!  Because they’re not known to have a ‘pheromone’ only use ‘visual recognition’.
This particular species dates back before the ‘Dinosaurs’ !!!

'Small Copper'
A couple of 'Male Small Copper' butterflies were enjoying the warmth of the day.

'Proud Mum with youngsters'

The youngsters are growing fast and enjoy their freedom amongst the Woodland 

And produce the most amazing tasty Eggs !