Saturday, 26 November 2011

Tuesday 15th Nov  -  9c with a great looking sky.....a rising mist was carried across the low Valleys by the gentle breeze with the odd glint of sun and “yes” by 10.a.m the Sun was in full-strength!
I can tell this is 'Chuckie' by his ears

Been decorating our Son’s bedroom......didn’t take long as he has been sleeping in small box room for this moment....

3.20 p.m with a hop down the back-doorstep ‘Sneg’ ventures off.....close to the house and particularly close to the dogs.....No predator will swoop down when a couple of hounds around., sensible ‘Bird’  gaining knowledge everyday impressed !

We’ll be walking into the lounge area and ‘Sneg’ sneakily and speedily goes between your feet to get there first !   Now how slick is that !!!

Wednesday 16th Nov  -  A little bit colder today !

‘Chuckie’ had kept my cushion warm for me...”what a polite little chap” !

2.57 p.m And I was just having ten minutes lie down on settee before Son arrived home from School...when a little friend ‘Chuckie’ jumped- up with me, he had a soggy biscuit between his teeth....and with a type of grin still clenched the biscuit as if to say....“here ya”   he says.....I replied “No thanks...I’d rather not have a second-hand one” ! (Dog Talk)

Moved Son's bedroom furniture around......On his return home from School  a *B e a m* stretched across the otherside of room.....*smiles* all pleased !

Friday 18th Nov  -  Strong gusts have returned once more and feels warmer outside than in.  I sit with my lap-top next to the boiler but theres one thing wrong with this picture.....a gaping hole delivers  cold air directly in from outside, so feeling the chill brrrrrr

                                  The Wind doth Howl so horribly wrong
And enters every nook above and below
It enters the Sea to give it a stir
Where No Man would dare to enter
Lashing and thrashing against the ragged rocks
Is only the place where Birds will flock

'Sneg' is sat on a nasty cold floor....his little feet won't stay warm if he continues this.  At 12.24 p.m
‘Chuckie’ has just made the sweetest noise....sounds like he’s dreaming in his sleep upon a cosy cushion.....just  other side of dining table chair.

4.01 p.m ‘Sneg’ has fluffed himself up as it’s brrrrr .......c o l d    !!

Sat 19th Nov  -  A grey sky with a flicker of sun peeking.   Sun has arrived 9.53a.m a bit hit n miss so far...lets enjoy what we have for now.

‘Sneg’  Has taken a wee bit longer for lad to grow-up.......seems able to fly down from higher!

At 9.27 a.m   A very good friend on tweet, Sophie said “Look at Sneg, he's doing great!  "Have told him" whilst he's preening his magnificent coat of feathers.  And around his neck have grown ‘New coloured feathers’ magnificent !

Was hanging white School shirts out and a deep buzzing sound passed me by, with a huge body...biggest I’ve ever seen !    Landed on the sleeve of one.......So ran for the camera but by the time arrived back it had gone, I listened for it’s return.....but nothing.

By the afternoon the weather turned for the better !

A family of  ‘Sparrows’  were trying to make their way into a  ‘Blue-tits’  box in our back garden, they had no hope of succeeding as they were too round.  I wonder if they were anything to do with the ‘Narcissus’ family ?  If you are a ‘new’ reader- this info. can be found   22nd May ‘ 11....’Narcissus’ is peering into our bedroom window fascinated by ‘what ! we just don’t know ! or click here  >

7.15 p.m   I put some tuneful Christmas carols on for ‘Sneg’ ,  as he seemed to like music.

Monday 21st Nov  -  And so the Wet daggers of Rain penetrate through your chance of a dodge.......Son was waiting for a gap to dash for the School Bus, there was thankfully....he had just four  minutes till the next lot  (we guessed)  “Still quite dark”

3.51 p.m   Everything outside seems to be coated in a ‘green fungus’ “Are we next” ?

4.07 p.m   Sneg now sounds like a 'car hooter' voice breaking into something - hopefully a coo !   He has just asked for more seeds and stands well back whilst I root about in the cupboard for them.  He whizzes to the bowl.....infront of me,  as I said “go on then” sweet !

Tuesday 22nd Nov   -   Weather was disgusting once again with more rain and totally wiped-out our view outside.

By the afternoon the Sun decided to explore and what a warm ventured into the back garden area  to find the ‘sumac Tree’ stark naked as only the day before was Full of it was quite a 'shock' to see a total wipeout ! Link>

4.05 p.m    Caught ‘Sneg’ listening through a closed door.....he then dashed off in another direction as he knew I’d seen him up to something.........and we can’t do with his little ‘deposits’ everywhere !

Wednesday 23rd Nov  -  The sky floated caught it in a picture... And just behind this Cloud came another dragging with it some fine mist to moisten the Valley below.

Was whizzing around having just washed my hair and found ‘Sneg’ listening behind the door.....I closed it straight away, he stood there waiting for me to go through it once again to sneak through my legs......”I knew his plan”  sorry ‘Sneg’ it failed !

‘Narcissus’ and family have made an appearance......the extended juveniles have grown-up and moved to   other end of our ‘eaves’ ,  so not far to visit ‘mum and dad’.

Thursday 24th Nov  -  “And did it howl “ ........ “yes” ! 

7.15 a.m  Thirty minutes before Son leaves for School bus and darted outside to take this dramatic picture just beyond the fields. ^

10 a.m ish   Spoke to my Dad and he was telling me how their local Bakery made ‘Christmas Puds’ ...still leaving cloth tied around top for the following festive season, allowing them to mature.

Cleared the Pond in the garden of it’s devilish ‘Duck-weed’ also known as ‘Jenny Greenteeth’.

3.20 p.m  And it’s turning dark already with gusts still blowing so strong !

‘Sneg’ is still giving his usual ‘Wing practice’ sadly getting know where L( Oooo he’s just got  a different word out.....wonderful little Bird !

My poor attempt at taking 'Red'-Kite'
Friday 25th Nov  -  Lovely Sky “thank you” !

Walked  to ‘bottle recycle’ .....posted a letter, met a friend  on the way to ‘Wasteland’ where I was happily greeted by ‘Mr.Robin’ ..........seems he was the ‘gatekeeper’ and checking out on who was entering his territory.  He was all puffed-up with his bright coloured breast and a little tuft of white.  I stood still to admire him and waited to be shown around his grounds.

Mr.Robin sits guarding- left middle of picture
I hadn’t walked far before the ‘Black birds’ gave out there Call and the ‘Willow Warblers’ darting from one tree to another.......nice to see their busy little lives.  I turned back and there was a flicker of browns, deep reds and cream n white above.......‘Red’ the Kite was circling his area for a tasty morsal.  The beam of light from the Sun had outlined and captured each feather on it’s underside......just had to stand still to enjoy this moment of excellence.

The ground had recent wheel marks....too big for a cycle, more like a motorbike.....fortunately not churned-up and the rain from recent days had left it boggy with water-filled holes of all sizes.  A few ‘Red berries’ were still hanging on as though had a fright and left an almost  empty bush.

12 noon Am So glad I went for that early morning’s now teeming with rain !

4.36 p.m   And ‘Sneg’ has switched himself off and gone to sleep.....tucked his little head into his puffed-up body to stay warm.

5.22 p.m   ‘Sneg’ has switched himself on again from his deep slumber....jumped down from his chair-back and promptly zoomed into the lounge to watch T.V.......”very active now” that his discovered t.v.

'Himself'  has handed ‘Sneg’ more seeds before his ‘Shut-down’ he is ‘Hooting’ as he eats.....must be enjoying it.

Wing stretching !

Saturday 26th Nov  -  A bright sunny day so off early to do food shopping at 9.ish

And it’s ‘National Tree Week’ 26th Nov - 4th Dec'11

Thank You for Calling


Monday, 14 November 2011

Wednesday 2nd Nov  -  Strong gusts have found the inside of our bedroom chimney...making it sound all eerie and creepy at 4.33 a.m..I got out of bed to look around for a noise that was only caused by the wind.

Our Son leaves the house with a heavy School bag to keep his feet firmly on the ground !

Sneg was asleep at   6.oo p.m  - seems to do a lot of this, perhaps it helps him grow because the day is taken up with plenty of eating.

Thursday 3rd Nov  -  It was a nice dry start to the day, until moments after our Son left for the School bus ...........and the rain came down......just hope he made it to the Bus Stop... dry.  With so much rain we’ll all grow another layer on our skin called ‘fungi’ think I’d prefer ‘lichen’ don’t you teee hee

 And so the Gusts blew and howled through the village trying to shuffle through a gap where the key fits....on our front and back doors !

And a very good friend tweeted same forecast > 12.13 p.m  I've just arrived in from same Howling gusts over in France.

I had taken pics of Red kite being chased by gulls and crows, then Red decided to swoop down in it's spectacular move ....fab ....just fab.

Weather change>  &

Wetland Birds being 'Frozen out of Britain'>

3.17 p.m   I'm speaking bird language now...Sneg asking for crumbs in morning/afternoon, didn't want to eat on own either...I am understanding now.... Sneg, bless.

3.42 p.m  And Sneg’s voice is breaking...could be ‘Cooing’ lovely !

'Rookie' Life Savers in half an hour.....the 'leakeee' pool has relived it's trauma of a repair...for swimmers to enlighten their spirits !

Friday 4th Nov  -  To see our Son off to School each day feel a little apprehension but also excitement and as I watch the back of him disappear, out of hoping he’ll have a good day and feed his brain with knowledge.  

And whilst still outside had carried my camera because the sky looked utterly 'amazing'.

I love the early morning’s ever changing hue and form.

9.43 a.m  And ‘Sneg’ is still fast asleep, being quite young he still requires plenty of rest.

Today I cleared-out the ‘Duck-weed’ from our Garden lay it alongside just incase someone was still hanging on and could go back into the water.

The dreaded 'duck-weed'
Link: Folklore> 

Saturday 5th Nov  -  Today is quite bright and must make the most of it......

 One of our Dogs left a biscuit deposit for ‘Sneg’ kind, he won't want to eat it as it's not to his tastes.

‘Sneg’ is stood on Himself’s  shoulder peering over to look at lap-top.....’Techno Pigeon’ !

Monday 7th Nov  -  Our first show of Frost and with it’s light covering gives off a sparkle which takes  me back to being  a child once more.....I still get excited !

1.30 p.m ‘Sneg’ is whinning to go into lounge but door is closed.....he does like being with us, trouble is he just can’t get used to so much heat...he won’t survive outside !

Pigeon droppings were once considered a semi-precious commodity. In ancient Egypt it was highly prized manure, and for centuries in England pigeon feces were declared property of the Crown. The valuable dung was used to manufacture saltpeter, a critical ingredient for making gunpowder.

Unless forcibly separated, pigeons mate for life.
Male pigeons have the rare ability to lactate, producing milk for the babies just like the females do!
Newborn pigeons weaned on the “pigeon milk” of both parents, double their weight in the first two days!
A grown pigeon has nearly 10,000 feathers.
Pigeons have been known to live over 30-years!

4.05 p.m    Rain drops pretending to be *Snow-flakes* shivery and cold brrrr !

Tuesday 8th Nov  -  And so the mornings of Autumn/Winter create a delightful change.

'Sneg' is still sleeping at 7.54 a.m amongst the early morning commotion around beginning to think he's mid-night snacking again......with this late rising.

I prepared a collection of dried fruits to soak overnight in rum......and would be ready to add to the Christmas Cake mixture the following morning.

My 'Trio bone china set' 
Wednesday 9th Nov  -  And so the Recipe for 'Christmas Muffin Sized Cakes' is here>

Thurs 10th Nov  - A dry mixed sky above our heads.....could do anything

 Sneg is shaking his head as though saying No ! sweet.


Friday 11th Nov  -  The Young Men 'who some only a boy' Will Live on as we Remember the hardship they toiled for Our Freedom !

1918  Was the final push of ‘young’ Soldiers and..........many were just ‘Boys’......So very Sad..and extremely ’Heartfelt’ at just how this War started and what they All had to go through !

My Great Uncle Cyril had just had his 18th birthday and sent to the Battle of the Somme, he had been training to become a Solicitor and sadly died the same day arrived.  Nobody could fined him and still to this day - don’t know where he lies.... along that horrendous, bloody battle-line !

Wars are a disgrace to ‘humankind’

 Gusts are arriving from unusual direction this morning 'East' but So incredible to see !

‘Sneg’ was still awake at 8.51 p.m enjoying the odd preen in between looking around the place.

Saturday 12th Nov  -  Could hear the rain beating down hard outside...whilst lying in bed...Oh !  it wasn’t for long, only a burst......  A collection of layered  ‘Columbus’ clouds were moving fast....appeared weird looking as not seen this before.

Many dark grey ‘columbus clouds’ hover infront of the sunshine which gives off a little rim of hope.

Sneg has moved up in the ranks to the chair-back...he can now see over and beyond the windowsill....outside is fascinating but also dangerous !

He is still awake...grooming every now and then...think I must be keeping him up whilst on tweet-deck !

Sunday 13th Nov   - Temp. 15.9c  The Sun is as round as it can get this morning giving off some hope for a nice day.......although an ‘old tale’ tells me that if ‘Sun shines before 11 a.m’  we’re in for trouble later !

We have a Sky thats holding hope 'the Sun'giving us it's best beam of warm it’s past 11.a.m with a warm feeling of late Summer.

Have handed ‘Sneg’ some breadcrumbs on top of chair-back perch....he must be full already...doesn’t want them.

Someones' been on my chair 'who could it be' ? "I think it was 'chuckie'" left evidence teeehee , this is our little dog xXx “Nope ....found out it was ‘Snooty" caught her doing it -  ‘Biscuit deposit’

Whilst the food for the evening meal was being prepared “just look who was wearing a ‘sneg’ feather” .........’chuckie’  All go arrhhhhh" !  So sweet.  He must have been sniffing the floor of discarded feathers and was stuck to his ‘cold wet nose’.   Now young ‘Sneg’ has been molting feathers around the floor and doing much more preening these days.  

Monday 14th Nov  -   A proper November temperature outside today...brrrrrrr! It’s 8c  but the Sun is hopefully going to show itself’s shaded behind  cold misty clouds.

 Snegs been side-stepping early this morning at 7. a.m and have asked him if he knows what the weather is going to do today? 

He says "he knows nothing of such things" !

And here is where I shall leave till next time

Thank You


Tuesday, 1 November 2011

We’re half-way through 24th Oct  -  and it’s 1.14 p.m ‘Sneg’ just landed on his feet...having flown down from his basket,  for the first time.  He’d always fallen on his chest so this is an improvement!
Sumac Tree in our Garden

He seems to be giving ‘social’ grooming and handing over the odd crumb....which is so nice of him.

Tuesday 25th Oct  -  ‘Himself’ is putting some food together for us humans and ‘Sneg’ has decided to go around with him travelling on his right foot....feeling very attached.

I have noticed one difference on ‘sneg’...his feet have grown....bit like us  as teenagers growing in fits and starts !   He is a very good listener and shows this by putting his head on one side.

Sneg ran up to the lounge door and had the sense not to step any further into the lounge as seemed to know “it was Dog territory” and stood watching the Dr.Who programme on t.v.   His personality is showing day by day and what a joy to rescue such a beautiful, intelligent, loveable species such as him.

Wednesday 26th  Oct  -  Dark heavy Clouds lurk across the early morning not much to look forward to, hey but we have the pleasure of our Animals!

Sneg is always pleased to see us in the mornings and promptly gives  us the usual greeting of flapping of wings and squeaking.

3.25 p.m  Sneg turned himself around in a reverse style, as though to say “please pick me up “?  He doesn’t like being detached from us......”What an honour it is little guy” to share your homely thoughts....I can’t say Nesting.....he hasn’t got one now.
Thursday 27th Oct  -  Another grey sky hiding the hazy looking blur of sun.

Lots of really nice peeps have been asking about ‘Sneg’ and all the good wishes sent have been passed on to him because he does listen, good and clear.   Good friends: hen4, Val, Jane, Glo_man  Freyjasgal , LoPelYr  and many more kind peeps have been asking how he’s doing.

He is quite a character and follows or scoots alongside wherever we walk in the kitchen/dining area, would scoot straight past if could but keeps his speed to ours, sort of comes to a skid.

He was up late tucking into a ‘latenight’ snack at 10.p.m....think we must have been creating so much activity  downstairs that he wanted to be a part of it !

Link for:  if you find an injured Pigeon >  but if your unsure about their situation always contact an Expert.

Friday 28th Oct  -  It’s well and truly fab outside today, although had to clean a little ice off the car windscreen before driving off for a Dentist appointment.

Arrived back from the Dentist having had a clean and brush-up for myself and Son .  It’s 11.35 a.m and ‘Sneg’ is sat on the third stair up from the bottom and with the front door open he soaks up all the goodness from the natural sun.   3.37 p.m  he has crossed the front door step to outside...just for a quick glance.... then headed back in like a frantic ‘penguin’.....must have seen a predator out there! 

'Stood on 3rd stair'

Link:Pigeon Post>    &
Homing Pigeon >

We were all snug in the lounge this evening  all except 'Sneg' who was fast asleep.  Then  a sudden squeal from a  log in the woodstove startled both ‘Snooty’ and ‘Chuckie’ who promptly turned to look at each other (as they were lying alongside one another) they seemed to say  “Was that you”?  then they realised everything was fine because the ‘Beings’ would have said....and continued to lap-up the heat.

Saturday 29th Oct  -  Yep!  Its fine it’s not fine, we’ve had too many days of it !

‘Sneg’ was sat on Himself’s right shoulder at 9. a.m and showed great excitement by squeaking as loud as he could for quite some time.

Oh no !  ‘Sneg’ is becoming a t.v. addict....watching Live n Deadly ‘Mantis Shrimps’ and knew not to cross onto the Dog’s territory......perhaps a mind thing going on here via the dogs.   After a few minutes he scoots off to do some more of that eating and is followed by ‘Snooty’ who goes to check his bowl and what exactly it was he was given ., aren’t they funny - she spat the seeds out after her one and only lick.

Link:Mantis Shrimp > &

He has no parents to explain about the dangers of life and so must learn in other ways.

Sunday 30th Oct  -  A dry day at last !


Monday 31st Oct  -  Bloweeeeeee Rain in every corner !

Arrived downstairs to see ‘Sneg’ fast asleep and ‘Himself’ had already spoken to him earlier.  He soon awoke once again with the sound of my voice, then gave himself a jolly good preen. 

 He asked me for some of those tasty homemade breadcrumbs of which he seems to have taken a liking .  Its 8.07a.m and ‘Sneg’ is chasing me into the kitchen for more breadcrumbs....demands are great for a little fellow !  He’ll venture off up to the number three stair for a bit of ‘Wing’ practice, then settle himself down to rest or listen to his surroundings.

He has hot breath when up close and warm feet. 

 I call his name, he arrives scooting across the floor towards me  for his treats of crumbs!

‘Snegs’ Best moments yet to arrive !

‘ Flying ‘

We have turned another corner and fold into the month of  ‘NOVEMBER’

Tuesday Nov 1st  -  A treat to wake-up to a really light morning at 6.45 a.m, even though the hour has been put back an hour.  And our comfort foods are gathered into our cupboards ready for the chilly days.  With the many days spent ' hot stoving'  for those ‘Wild fruits’ stored into jars for jam and freezer full of ‘homegrown’ veg. gives us the feeling of satisfaction.

A Bright Sunny Day Ahead

Have just let the dogs outside for a few minutes and ‘Sneg’ has been caught going into the he thought all was safe when they were out of the way...hey !  Cute Bird! He's got more about him than just poo !

1.10p.m  ‘Sneg’ decided, now that he was upon ‘Himself’s’  shoulder... once again... to go one step further down his back and of course this made it difficult for him to leave....eventually hopped off after being lowered down, more like wearing a large ‘insect’ ! 
My ‘wish-full thinking’ of a Pigeon’s Antics

 I do believe he’s giving a helping-beak to clean around.....WoW !  as I’ve just been round the house with the hoover again, I sincerely hope he doesn’t think that’s all there is to beyond the external doors lies a whole new type of living for a Pigeon’s ‘Adventures’.

A little Bird that fell from a great height, high up from the rafters in a Jewson’s Wood Store.....kinda took over the blog spot and why not.  He is recovering nicely after the bruised left foot and a slightly crumpled wing....a true survivor, I’d say !  Still a way to go yet and as his wing recovers he’ll soon find that flying skill, afterall it's what his Life is all about !!!

It’s  3.50 p.m and he’s waving with one wing....wanted to go up on the old chair arm where he has his snooze nowadays, he is still asleep at 5.10 p.m with a quick peek every now and then so as not to miss a thing.

Until  Next Time

Thank You