Monday, 14 November 2011

Wednesday 2nd Nov  -  Strong gusts have found the inside of our bedroom chimney...making it sound all eerie and creepy at 4.33 a.m..I got out of bed to look around for a noise that was only caused by the wind.

Our Son leaves the house with a heavy School bag to keep his feet firmly on the ground !

Sneg was asleep at   6.oo p.m  - seems to do a lot of this, perhaps it helps him grow because the day is taken up with plenty of eating.

Thursday 3rd Nov  -  It was a nice dry start to the day, until moments after our Son left for the School bus ...........and the rain came down......just hope he made it to the Bus Stop... dry.  With so much rain we’ll all grow another layer on our skin called ‘fungi’ think I’d prefer ‘lichen’ don’t you teee hee

 And so the Gusts blew and howled through the village trying to shuffle through a gap where the key fits....on our front and back doors !

And a very good friend tweeted same forecast > 12.13 p.m  I've just arrived in from same Howling gusts over in France.

I had taken pics of Red kite being chased by gulls and crows, then Red decided to swoop down in it's spectacular move ....fab ....just fab.

Weather change>  &

Wetland Birds being 'Frozen out of Britain'>

3.17 p.m   I'm speaking bird language now...Sneg asking for crumbs in morning/afternoon, didn't want to eat on own either...I am understanding now.... Sneg, bless.

3.42 p.m  And Sneg’s voice is breaking...could be ‘Cooing’ lovely !

'Rookie' Life Savers in half an hour.....the 'leakeee' pool has relived it's trauma of a repair...for swimmers to enlighten their spirits !

Friday 4th Nov  -  To see our Son off to School each day feel a little apprehension but also excitement and as I watch the back of him disappear, out of hoping he’ll have a good day and feed his brain with knowledge.  

And whilst still outside had carried my camera because the sky looked utterly 'amazing'.

I love the early morning’s ever changing hue and form.

9.43 a.m  And ‘Sneg’ is still fast asleep, being quite young he still requires plenty of rest.

Today I cleared-out the ‘Duck-weed’ from our Garden lay it alongside just incase someone was still hanging on and could go back into the water.

The dreaded 'duck-weed'
Link: Folklore> 

Saturday 5th Nov  -  Today is quite bright and must make the most of it......

 One of our Dogs left a biscuit deposit for ‘Sneg’ kind, he won't want to eat it as it's not to his tastes.

‘Sneg’ is stood on Himself’s  shoulder peering over to look at lap-top.....’Techno Pigeon’ !

Monday 7th Nov  -  Our first show of Frost and with it’s light covering gives off a sparkle which takes  me back to being  a child once more.....I still get excited !

1.30 p.m ‘Sneg’ is whinning to go into lounge but door is closed.....he does like being with us, trouble is he just can’t get used to so much heat...he won’t survive outside !

Pigeon droppings were once considered a semi-precious commodity. In ancient Egypt it was highly prized manure, and for centuries in England pigeon feces were declared property of the Crown. The valuable dung was used to manufacture saltpeter, a critical ingredient for making gunpowder.

Unless forcibly separated, pigeons mate for life.
Male pigeons have the rare ability to lactate, producing milk for the babies just like the females do!
Newborn pigeons weaned on the “pigeon milk” of both parents, double their weight in the first two days!
A grown pigeon has nearly 10,000 feathers.
Pigeons have been known to live over 30-years!

4.05 p.m    Rain drops pretending to be *Snow-flakes* shivery and cold brrrr !

Tuesday 8th Nov  -  And so the mornings of Autumn/Winter create a delightful change.

'Sneg' is still sleeping at 7.54 a.m amongst the early morning commotion around beginning to think he's mid-night snacking again......with this late rising.

I prepared a collection of dried fruits to soak overnight in rum......and would be ready to add to the Christmas Cake mixture the following morning.

My 'Trio bone china set' 
Wednesday 9th Nov  -  And so the Recipe for 'Christmas Muffin Sized Cakes' is here>

Thurs 10th Nov  - A dry mixed sky above our heads.....could do anything

 Sneg is shaking his head as though saying No ! sweet.


Friday 11th Nov  -  The Young Men 'who some only a boy' Will Live on as we Remember the hardship they toiled for Our Freedom !

1918  Was the final push of ‘young’ Soldiers and..........many were just ‘Boys’......So very Sad..and extremely ’Heartfelt’ at just how this War started and what they All had to go through !

My Great Uncle Cyril had just had his 18th birthday and sent to the Battle of the Somme, he had been training to become a Solicitor and sadly died the same day arrived.  Nobody could fined him and still to this day - don’t know where he lies.... along that horrendous, bloody battle-line !

Wars are a disgrace to ‘humankind’

 Gusts are arriving from unusual direction this morning 'East' but So incredible to see !

‘Sneg’ was still awake at 8.51 p.m enjoying the odd preen in between looking around the place.

Saturday 12th Nov  -  Could hear the rain beating down hard outside...whilst lying in bed...Oh !  it wasn’t for long, only a burst......  A collection of layered  ‘Columbus’ clouds were moving fast....appeared weird looking as not seen this before.

Many dark grey ‘columbus clouds’ hover infront of the sunshine which gives off a little rim of hope.

Sneg has moved up in the ranks to the chair-back...he can now see over and beyond the windowsill....outside is fascinating but also dangerous !

He is still awake...grooming every now and then...think I must be keeping him up whilst on tweet-deck !

Sunday 13th Nov   - Temp. 15.9c  The Sun is as round as it can get this morning giving off some hope for a nice day.......although an ‘old tale’ tells me that if ‘Sun shines before 11 a.m’  we’re in for trouble later !

We have a Sky thats holding hope 'the Sun'giving us it's best beam of warm it’s past 11.a.m with a warm feeling of late Summer.

Have handed ‘Sneg’ some breadcrumbs on top of chair-back perch....he must be full already...doesn’t want them.

Someones' been on my chair 'who could it be' ? "I think it was 'chuckie'" left evidence teeehee , this is our little dog xXx “Nope ....found out it was ‘Snooty" caught her doing it -  ‘Biscuit deposit’

Whilst the food for the evening meal was being prepared “just look who was wearing a ‘sneg’ feather” .........’chuckie’  All go arrhhhhh" !  So sweet.  He must have been sniffing the floor of discarded feathers and was stuck to his ‘cold wet nose’.   Now young ‘Sneg’ has been molting feathers around the floor and doing much more preening these days.  

Monday 14th Nov  -   A proper November temperature outside today...brrrrrrr! It’s 8c  but the Sun is hopefully going to show itself’s shaded behind  cold misty clouds.

 Snegs been side-stepping early this morning at 7. a.m and have asked him if he knows what the weather is going to do today? 

He says "he knows nothing of such things" !

And here is where I shall leave till next time

Thank You


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  1. Looks like Sneg is getting stronger day by day. Always a pleasure to catch up on your life via your diary, even if I do seem to have acquired a urge for a cake after reading this post :o)