Wednesday, 12 December 2012


There’s pickings in that field,

I can see them from up here and they’re not such easy pickings

As a wayward ‘Crow’ dives down,

I’ll keep tight within the hedgerow

With a  drip drip drippy

Then a ‘Robin’ comes close with a tweet

Saying it’s o.k you now my friend,

For those yummy squirmy treats,

Coz the ‘scary bird’ has gone.

And  as the sun was gleaming...others were all lined-up

Awaiting their turn to forage the ground so awfully wet.

"I am a Chaffinch"

As the day closes a flurry of small ‘birds’ scavenge for last minute morsels  then soon vanish, taking a ‘dive’ into the privet for the ‘Crows’ take flight once more.

Some birds bathe more often than others, a  ‘Dunnock’ goes in search for a tasty breakfast  along our front drive,  then goes for a dip in our ‘bird bath’....almost every day, whilst others like ‘Robin’ seem to take the occasional bath.

The hedge that surrounds our garden is ‘alive’ with ‘mammals’ ‘birds’ and down below an old nest maybe a ‘BumbleBees’ home (Queen Redtailed Bumblebee) .....whom I witnessed flying under an ‘oak log’ early part of this am hoping she’s still there making her nest.

Tuesday 2nd Oct  -  WoW  it's gorgeous here in our part of ‘Wales’,  wonderful outside even though a little damp under foot.

Friday 12th Oct  -  The ‘Rains’ were bad to us yesterday as ‘Robin’  looked all bedraggled and forlorn trying to sing his message with a quiver, he didn't stop long...... wildlife suffer also.  And whilst the day starts off with a clear blue sky I notice many ‘Birds’ make the most of this  opportunity to search for their morning speed!
And the day was good ‘ until tea-time when it threw it down once more with rain!

Sunday 14th Oct  -  The day woke-up before me, a lie-in I did have, a bath, then took my time on breakfast........I peered outside to see a ‘beautiful still day’ with ‘wildlife’ enjoying it all!

Monday 15th Oct  -  A dark day outside so lights on inside to see where I’m going.....for I'm always tripping over things!

Wednesday  17th Oct  -  The strong ‘gusts’ are whistling up the garden path.. and the many different ‘Clouds’ are wrestling, stirring-up the ‘air in the sky’!  

 A banana sandwich for me and thee to keep our tums topped-up to help stick our toes firmly to the ground when greeting the winds.

Wednesday 24th Oct  -  The birds were singing their beautiful songs off key, they said they couldn't see, so twirped an off key note.  T'was so dark the birds sang eerie, they said they'd wish the dark would leave and twirped another wobble !

'Ffion and Connie'
Friday 26th Oct  -  So very dim these early morns and as the day progresses with no 'Sunshine', it has been stolen from our skies by villain clouds!  And the ‘Sumac Tree’which stands in a large garden tub, was full of ‘Autumn’  colours,  hangs-on to it’s last drooping leaves that occasionally fall to the ground.

What berries are left on trees are shrivelled and now ignored by birds, for we enter into another ‘season’.

Beyond the dark undergrowth are many other paths (the woodland wildlife habitats) that take you into different levels of woodland,  Tree stumps risen above ground..... paths that take you into a ‘glade’ where nothing grows under a  ‘beech’ tree,  and fallen limbs lay....broken off from scorn weather fronts which can rip a whole tree out from the very ground it stood.

Sunday 28th Oct  -  Last night's sleep was disturbed by ‘Teifi Rally Race’ going through our Village every fifteen minutes, four O'clock it stopped, dreadful noise - although this time they drove a little slower because of heavy rain after dry spells but still kept us awake! Shouldn't be aloud.

Monday 29th Oct - I managed to get some more washing dry out side, exciting life hey - It's all those animals muddy feet and woodland squelch.....  yuck !

Tuesday 30th Oct  -  As a little bird sings it’s merry tune, I watch, listen and learn.......for wildlife are much more attuned to every aspect around watch, listen and learn their ways.

Wednesday 31st Oct  -  We're between two weather fronts and looking out across the back of our house it's looking like it could snow  but front is grey with rain now.

We didn't celebrate 'Halloween' but listened to good music instead.

Yesterday I should of had my camera at ready but sadly a no no, maybe next time for ‘Reds’ , Four sat in same tree down our lane, gosh they look good up close!.....RedKites.

Thursday 1st Nov   -  ‘Robin’ had made himself twice the size he normally is in Summer as he stood perched upon the highest point of the ‘birdhouse’, with his feathers reflecting the most beautiful red and the wind was catching his fluffy-white feathers  whilst he stared in at our kitchen window........perhaps wondering where the gardener was....maybe?

We had ‘sleet’    brrrr

Saturday 3rd Nov  -  Could hear the heavy rainfall fill all the holes in the garden, then stopped with a selection of clouds, which one will give us a storm?

‘Hailstorm’ and quite heavy brrrrr  then another just as I’m on return journey by foot,  having delivered ‘eggs’........warmed-up now, was rushing.

Mid afternoon ‘Robin’ flew over to the ‘Bird bath’ to take a quick dip before the next storm hit....... necessaries as ‘winter’ arrives too early, wildlife speeded-up for that ‘urgent bath’.

Fireworks should be illegal as they are legal weapons in fancy packages !!!   We heard two lots going off and then t'was silent....phew !!!  Our pets don't like think how wildlife feel.

Sunday 4th Nov  -  The ‘GoldFinches’ returned to our garden in a large flock, sadly they don’t stop long, they were collecting their food source in a always difficult to capture, even on film.

Monday 5th Nov  -  Always moving to where the  ‘sunshine’ glows: so no photos of this mornings ‘bird’ antics, only words.  A young ‘robin’ flew to our side- gate and decided to view in the kitchen window  once again where I was making my breakie.......I fetched the camera as I knew he would return and he did but when I moved the camera to get a better capture.....he was for off..... Ohhhh!

Turned very cold at around 2.30pm: As the Sun was disappearing it left us with a chill, which seeped in through our we had to keep moving to stay warm down in the woodland brrrrr !

Wednesday 7th Nov  -  Ash dieback detected in South West of Wales.....oh drat and more drat....worrying times ahead!

Saturday 10th Nov  -  Now the sun has shown itself for real, a flurry of birds are out sending this news to All....... via tuneful songs......glorious outside  'thankyou Day'

Sunday 11th Nov  -  As we drove into town along the narrow lanes, the sun shone upon the Trees  with a   blaze of colour.

Thursday 15th Nov  -  The ‘sun’ was gleaming across the frozen field, it glistened-out for those in need of drinks, as it melted away.   I also noticed what a grand eating-up of greens ‘Bracken’ had done in the vegetable garden, “no need to dig yourself, ask a pony”.

In parts, the ground was still so squelchy as we slid along the way,  our boots were carrying an extra weight....each step was quite a feat.

Feeding time began with eager tums......some had curled-up lips whilst others croaked their joy that it was heading their way!

New ‘wellies’ and already things are attached.......awwww......An ‘oak’ leaf passenger happened by chance.

Friday 16th Nov  - Had to ‘call’ the ‘hens’ and ask for two more eggs as I was putting the ingredients together for  ‘mini Christmas Cakes’  as the kitchen was empty of them.

The sky brought ‘ foggy-rain’ unlike yesterday, which was full of ‘sunshine’ and a photographer's dream of a day.

I now seem to be a connoisseur of Dog-Poo....yuck and no matter what I sniff it's still lingers in my nostrils...what a 'pong of a tweet' I sent across the web.... sorry!

Couldn't see how it arrived in and both small dogs tried to answer questions but no One giving anything away..just cuteness!  “We were All ‘suspects and everyone’s shoe’s were turned over and checked”.......a total mystery?

Friday 23rd Nov  -  The day woke-up..... ‘still’....not even a gentle breeze but the sky was mixed with different clouds and a bright glow from half hidden ‘sun’........which gave off a detailed edge surrounding a large grey cloud., it hailed, it rained and then the wind got up once more.

Saturday 24th Nov  -  Just a whiff of a breeze brings the ‘wildlife’ bunch out before the ‘storm’ arrives. The Male ‘Bullfinch’ looks extremely peckish as he tugs away at the shrivelled berries of a cherry tree,  standing almost naked of leaves.

Little bird ‘Robin’ was out with his chums twirping a distress call, telling them to eat breakie fast, at this early hour before the sky falls!

The rain crept in the hallway and soaked-up all the carpet,  then the car seats were wet to sit upon, so plastic sheet was far so not washed away.

Sunday 25th Nov  -  Breakie time..... Just seen both ends of a beautiful Rainbow ....there was no gold as told by folk..... it itself is the 'gem' of our skies .

Wednesday 28th Nov  -  Thankfully a DRY day Here in Pembrokeshire.. yippeee , gosh we've had bad weather for a solid month now and mostly wearing it ! 

Full Moon !

Thursday 29th Nov  -  A huge flock of ‘Gulls’  heading for coast, just flew over house with some great excitement and urgency of a hopeful catch of fish, out at Sea.

Sunday 2nd Dec  -  Its a beautiful morning here in the West with all different bird species feasting in and around front garden, wonderful day.   A male Bullfinch, two male Blackbirds, a Wren, the family of house Sparrows making the most of a good start as the weather is so changeable.... ‘Are they adapting’..... perhaps?

Monday 10th Dec  -  An eerie sound eschoed through the Village......what sounded like a neighbour’s husky frantically barking and then a loud screeching took over, like a woman screaming !!!  A Vixen was baiting the dog,  she was searching for a mate and chose a husky to annoy.

She arrived the following night, Tuesday, Wednesday and early Thursday morning only to find he wasn't her type!

Tuesday 11th Dec  -  Winter has arrived with frosty mornings and chilling winds that bite your cheeks. 

And now the day is closing with the sun going down the frost continues to grow across the landscape.

There’s always a story surrounding our life

Songbird’s sing their stories to be told

Carried by the winds Up up....far and beyond

Across the boundaries, across the fields

Tuneful  songs sung loud to make their message heard

Unknown to us, for only they would know

The Bluetit acrobats are out again

Dangling from overgrown privet

With precision balance and agility keeps their foraging safe

I saw them eyeing-up the ‘nest box’

And believe they’re stopping for ‘winter’.


Have a warm and happy Christmas from us All


Sunday, 30 September 2012

' Summer Past too Quick '

Tuesday 14th August  -  Pair of ‘hoverflies’  mating in mid-air trying to follow the sun , I told them to "carry-on" ~  whilst the weather was fine. 

Wednesday 15th  August  -  Weather  just got worse with bucket fulls of ‘Rain’.  Can't see out of windows!.......this is bad but at least the pollinators had early pickings when the sun was proving a good start.

I’d gone to see who’d survived the morning ‘Storm’......

It  returned too quick for  a solitary Green Veined ‘Butterfly’  and a  lonely ‘Bee’ whose only hope of any food was to stay outside.  A  solitary ‘Swallow’  was sweeping the gusts.

This is now Saturday 18th August  ~  Have been indoors all week due to the torrential rain.

Theres a keen 'male' White Butterfly mating with all the 'females', who are awaiting their turn....upon the 'privet' leaves since the 'sun' came out  'quickly does it' as theres a dark cloud moving this way.

 Sunday 19th August  -  Gives us ‘Rain’   Could it get any wetter outside "No" the ground gives a squelch and a splash up one's legs and fills your wellies up to the brim on a bike L

Monday 20th August  -  An influx of ‘Butterflies’ this sunny morn  - Whites, Meadow Browns, Peacocks, Red Admirals, Tortoiseshells galore on our buddleias.

Butterflies taste with their feet. A butterfly's sense of taste is coordinated by chemoreceptors on their tarsi (lowest part of leg) and works only on contact. It is used to determine whether an egg-laying insect's offspring will be able to feed on a leaf before eggs are laid on it.



After lunch ..... A journey of exercise upon the 'psychedelic bike' found all the holes, with it's uneven road  lumps and bumps, the speedy tyres showering me from head to foot in mud.

Tuesday 21st August  -  I seek amongst the shrubs for ‘butterflies’ this morn, they've gone into hiding from a cold breeze and damp sky.

10.57 a.m   Two white ’butterflies’ move through the rain whilst the sun saw a gap,  then hid out of sight 'like the other species within our garden' ohh !

It was nearly midnight on closing the bedroom curtains when my ‘eye’s caught  a ‘Barn Owl’ fly  the centre road, about three feet up, quite a sight!

It’s now Thursday 23rd August  -  The morning song of ‘birds' just told me that September has arrived already with a crisp cold breeze * brrrrr

Saturday 25th August  -  Saturday raindrops fall upon the ground, so heavy it tears the shrubs apart, hope the wildlife is ok as  can’t hear any ‘birds’ singing their ‘songs’ L

Sunday 26th August  -  Well, well after All that nasty rain the 'Sun' arrived in All it's glory.....smiles for a good start !

Within a  shrub,  from a distance one can’t see the ever flurry of insects lives.  Often  taken for granted...the many forms of pollinators, their lives are short compared to our’s. Unyet the time they’re given to master their work creates the many foods we eat.

And later...... Link:  

'Common Blue'
We’d been working round the ‘camp’ within our ‘woodland’ to remove the old and unwanted, overgrown ‘nettles’ they’d taken over the ‘potato’ patch which would make digging them up a tad difficult to find.

After pulling old nettles up entwined amongst straggled brambles bare of fruit, am left with a fizzing knee after the thorns catapult ouch!

We sat to rest a while, then took a walk upon the ‘top field’ and found a couple of good sized ‘Toads’ which squeaked when handled......I guess they disapproved., so our Son carefully reassured them their freedom.

They don't like being handled or disturbed beneath the tin sheets upon our field.  Our Son tucked their bottoms carefully back beneath the brambles., they're there each day to say hello, in their way.

And whilst the garden was free of beings the ‘butterflies’ sunbathe along the bark paths....a pleasant sight to see...smiles.

The many Butterflies left the ground in flurries, full of  psychedelic  ‘wonder’ as I slowly walked the path.

'Red Admiral'

‘Ffion’ is an eighteen year old Pony who we’ve been looking after for about three weeks now and today’s feed gave her a terrific blast of wind.  She is a gentle pony with much to love about., even if it is a whiff on occasion.

Monday Bank holiday  -  The Rain is not as naughty as the Gusts that blew every-which-way into your face, unexpected splats of wet.

Tuesday  28th August  -  Onions plucked from the soggy ground, peeled off old jackets and trimmed, washed and drying in brilliant morning sunshine yippee – I call this a success !

Red-kite cruising just over our garden, a glimpse of it's genius flight, then disappears into the sun from where I cannot see, then reappears once more.

'Small Copper'

Well, the fluorescent flycatchers cycle top just came off, am pleased I wore it because I'm still here to tell you my tales...smiles.

And something you don't know "the cycle ride home wasn't so mud splattered" a way to go.... ‘no Fuel’ only ‘Being Juice'.

Am gonna say something you already know "Dock leaves really do take the nettle sting away" ! love you ‘Dock leaves’.

Around 5.20p.m   Returned from second bike journey to feed animals and missed the heavy rain spell but almost run off road by a car having not seen my  loud  yellow top!  Never assume other road users have seen you.

Some ‘butterflies’ are brilliantly coloured and look as though.... just been painted, others in tatters from the ‘storms’.

'Hemp Agrimony'
it's often called: Raspberries and Cream

Wednesday 29th August   -  We woke to the beating of the rain against  the window but all is not lost at least I rescued the ‘onions’ yesterday and are now drying-out in our open shed.

11. a.m  I was out amongst the garden digging with the worms when a ‘Robin’ sang his words of wisdom that Rain was on the way and indeed it did., I had listened to him and packed away my tools.

Thursday 30th August  -  Our ‘Sea View’ had vanished with torrential rain and the two ‘Magpies’ gave-up chase with a solitary ‘Crow’, then a ‘Rainbow’ arrived...Hope!

Friday 31st August  -  With the Autumn waft of decomposing leaf litter amongst the woodland floor and burning Ash it feels so christmassy.

Started up the WoodStove now that it's brrrrr!

6.p.m  OUR 14 yr old Son Rescued an elderly Lady from a group of teenage yobs, whilst in town.... who held her back and harrassed her in the most vile manner 'Hero of the Day' !

Saturday 1st September  -  Morning stroll around the garden gave me many pleasant thoughts,  even if it started bad it t'wld clear those painful one's.

Spotted my first ever ‘Common Darter’ upon our top field within ‘woodland’.Link

'Common Darter'
Sunday 2nd Sept  -  Am afraid the weather has given us a rainy start with a struggling sun behind thick cloud.

Monday 3rd Sept  -  A gaggle of ‘Geese’  just flew over our house, sounding off  their trumpets as they flew across the blue  was magical.  I'd heard them arrive a few fields away yesterday.

Tuesday 4th Sept  -  8.l3 p.m  hanging out of top bedroom window to catch this beautiful pink sky...below
A sky that was eaten away by the dark night..... not long after the capture.

Moving onto Saturday 8th Sept  -  The ‘Sun’ was up early,  until half-an-hour later it had vanished behind a sky full of ‘fog’........A lonely ‘Gull’ stood up straight with neck stretched up high looking around from the rooftop of a bungalow....probably couldn’t see it’s ‘mate’.....a few moments later another arrived and then a third.  The threesome flew off obviously something planned and then the ‘sun’ arrived with feathered ‘clouds’.

Taken Tuesday Evening: 4th Sept.

Sunday 9th Sept  -  As I open the bedroom curtains..... The gusts do show massive strengths that it took a neighbour's plastic bag into the air so high, it was heading for the coast , annoying !

Monday 10th Sept  -  A case of having to wear ‘Waterproof’ clothing today......And as I moved around the ‘Woodland’ gave out a swishing-sound which sadly frightened off any hope of viewing ‘Wildlife’.

Tuesday 11th Sept  -  In-between hand-washing and looking out to the bottom of the garden, a ‘Robin’ sat surveying the garden,  he was lying in wait for a ‘Tortoiseshell Butterfly’ who had landed just above where he was and took an immediate leap-up to catch it between his beak......a fail   He actually touched the wing as it repelled against his nip and this is why you’ll see a ragged ‘butterfly’ with ‘torn wings’.  Have never witnessed this before amongst the hydrangeas., I can see the ‘Robins’ tactics could have worked as he almost made a meal of one.

Friday 14th Sept  -  A nice bright start to the day, even the ‘privet’ is dancing in the breeze,  thank you day!

Sunday 16th Sept  -  This mornings adventures were all about ‘wildlife’ eating and the dried leaves gave away the position of a bird or mammal amongst the brambles in the ‘Woodland’.
Taiji ~  When the 'Call of the Wild' has gone silent and the Seas and Oceans are sparse of all species, who will we question ~ those of all greed!

Link:  < this still goes on's so wrong to kill a sentient species!  Please Sign petition:

Tuesday 18th September  -  It's Common Green Shieldbug - Palomena prasina >

'Common Green Shieldbug'

Wednesday 19th Sept  -  Brought a beautiful blue sky with ‘Robin’ telling everyone so....

I’d spent some of my day sorting out videos of ‘Wildlife’ and decided to put them out on ‘Youtube’.....

A sudden warmth came across the garden enticing many ‘insects’ which in-turn brought ‘Robin’ and his chums out to ‘feast’.  A ‘Blue Tit’ was dangling upside-down on an overgrown ‘bramble’ whilst ‘Robin’ was having an eating spree.....hopping and bobbing from one plant pot to another, they were all enjoying this time, except those being the ‘catch’.

‘Robin’ has chosen our garden as his territory due to an abundance of insects and worms amongst our plants and vegetables.   If you'd seen him with his chums, ‘blue tit’ ‘Great Tits’ ‘Wren’  So funny together, Blue tit swinging on overhanging brambles upsidedown, whilst Robin hopped and bopped along catching insects., seemed to be some kind of 'team-work' going on.

Thursday 20th Sept  -  It rained  but it gave me the chance to see which ‘Wildlife’ arrived whilst not outside.  The ‘Birds’ seem to manage a way around  all this wet.  Whilst the garden was free of ‘beings’........’Robin’ brought his chums once again and I’m viewing from out of an upstairs window... Two juvenile  ‘Great Tits’ following one another from different nettles, Bird house was given a survey and both peeped inside the once used ‘nesting box’.   ‘Blue Tits’ swinging on the overhanging ‘brambles’ again, collecting the odd insect and a cute little ‘Wren’ making just a couple of appearances during their lunch time collections.

Saturday 22nd Sept  -  The ‘Blackbirds’  have something to say about today  "it's blinking gorgeous outside" !

'Connie' who walks amongst us...could be for 'food'

Wednesday 26th Sept  -  The Male ‘Chaffinch’ flaunts his brilliant flash of white amongst the dark, drab garden on this wet stormy morn, to give us a happy display.

'Small Tortoiseshells'

Saturday  29th Sept  -  Arrived back from walking horses and three ‘Tortoiseshells’, already wrapped-up their wings... “Will you be stopping the night...Tortoiseshells”?  of course they didn't stay,  as a little exposed.

   'Blackbird' video I put together:  < it was raining with patches of mist.

And of course I couldn't leave 'Robin' out of this blog......

Autumn feels more like Winter,

With sky of Northerly gusts,

If this is Autumn, what will winter bring?

Few days are sunny nowadays,

It is surely missed,

And as the early evening is about to close,

The lengthy shadows cast their spells

For those night creatures to explore before dark.

'SomeOnes been snacking' Connie

I'll leave everyone here till next time

Appreciate you calling


Monday, 13 August 2012

Too much Rain!

Monday 16th July  -  Rain of plenty and rain of many droplets thrusted against the window panes. Snails of all sizes cling fast below the outside window ledge.... hope!

'Snails under window'

Tuesday 17th July  -  ‘Red Admiral’ butterfly flew around our garden and not long after vanished.
Wednesday 18th July  -   Spotted a ‘Small Tortoiseshell’ upon the ‘Wasteland’ just as I was approaching the entrance......

Small Tortoiseshell

Sunday 22nd July  -  A waft of scent so strong from the ‘privet’, which attracted the ‘insects’  like a magnet.

Day-time Moth's agility moves so fast 
with flame of orange and quite a size, on this beautiful morn.  In a trance my eye’s did follow, body motionless with joy.... of such a grand entrance, I am  in ‘awe’ of it’s splendour!  “Even though I was ready to take a picture, I couldn’t take my eye’s elsewhere,  for this moment may never occur again.
Unable to Capture that moment of wildlife within a least it’s imprinted in my  mind.

There’s No broken mist or tortured song from native birds because the sky gave us a splendid view!

Tuesday 24th July  -  Arrived back from the ‘Wasteland’ where the ‘wildlife’ was just beginning to warm-up but also the ‘Pollen’.......I.was sneezing !

The video was complete: < pls look
Wednesday 25th July  -  The Run I  did wasn't far....a pleasant sprint with nature refreshes one's mind and look forward to meeting Wise and Caring People.

Weeding the ‘woodchip’ paths surrounding the vegetable patches more often than not, it’s mostly fertile and requires a change each year (hasn't been done for a while.)


Thursday 26th July  -  With a fine mist to keep me cool and the wet grass make my trainers squeak as I run the ‘morning juant’ once more. “A better start to the day”.

Friday 27th July  -  ‘Butterfly’ trails with sun-kissed droplets glisten as they fall, a breeze so fresh and tracks of wet soggy grass , it’s a pleasure to experience this early morning thrill!

Saturday 28th July  -

If our ‘eye’s’ were ‘camera’s just think what we could share: Wildlife and Scenic views so vastly wide with wonder !

If our 'eye's were cameras just think what we could share, the wildlife and the beauty of our World so full of smiles

Sunday 29th July  -  Passed being busy........

Monday 30th July  -  Zipped by....

Tuesday  31st July  -  T’was  getting gusty here already with heavy rain blowing into everything and making it exceptionally soggy !

Wednesday  1st Aug  -  Vanished with Rain....

Thursday 2nd Aug  -  Arrived with more Rain and sunshine later .... One way to feel ec-static is to wear a motorbike helmet as pillion rider and when taken off ........whoa! “brilliant hair-do”   

Photo: Courtesy of 'Himself' 'Connie'

Connemara pony:

Later today we had a new family member join us ‘Connie’ a beautiful white ‘Pony’.  She stands at about 13.3 hands and extremely ‘Wild’, she’s never been handled and disapproves with kicks.

She looks just like a ‘Unicorn’ with bellowing nostrils standing amidst the many trees.  With ‘Himself’  and plenty of time will help her over this dilemma with humans. , She is afraid.

Friday 3rd Aug  -  I'd just been outside whilst the sun shone upon the privet flowers where all the bees and hoverflies arrive in massive numbers, they were in and out.....following the sun as fast as they'd arrived !

Saturday 4th Aug  -  ll.a.m’ ish   'Sun' just arrived, I just had to go and look at it to remind myself never to look it straight in the 'eye' ouch !

Each time the sun shone......I was out snapping-up photo’s of anything that moved.

A warm glow had opened up the garden  of scents, to those who chose to fly in, did....with great speed and agility, making the most of this time, as every moment counts.  A multitude of  ‘Hoverflies’ and ‘white’s’ flutterbye along the swift breeze ........And just as they'd arrived, they went again.. when cloud’s  of grey descend once more.

Bees in Trouble !

Sunday 5th August

Another blog 'Bees' :  Please click on BeeStrawbridge link below page for more help on how to help our Bees....thank you.

'Red-tailed Cuckoo worker Bee' stayed the night here

As I was walking from out of the neighbouring field a ‘Bumblebee’ deceased  upon the path L  Last week I found another in distress upon the ground, only this one was a ‘Honeybee’ L

A very wet Bee next morning

We have already had the Rain clouds and theres still more to follow, destroying our wildlife.  A little Bee parked on a chive for the night, soaked !!!  Didn't look like it was raining through the window pane, until I stepped-out and felt a wet splash seep down behind my neck.  I was ‘Focused on wet Bee’ didn’t make it L

I stand amidst the many insects desperate for some 'sun', the flowers on shrubs have drooped with heavy-loads of rain, Insect skills enforce....for those that can!

Notice the diff.colour pollen from one above - link below

Was gardening at the bottom of the vegetable patch when a ‘Bumblebee’ flew down right infront of me and disappeared under a piece of bark on our path.  I was curious to see what was going on, so filmed above video.

Monday 6th August  -  Same ‘Bee’ managing to walk the path....

Tuesday 7th August – Was too wet for any species to go outside....

Wednesday 8th August  -  Same ‘Bee’ perhaps doing exact same thing....

Thursday 9th August  -  When borrowed stars and jewels of life have taken their last breath,  within the devils grip of the unquenchable desires of  beings.

Unfortunately some Countries still persist in slaughtering Cetaceans (Dolphins,Whales.) Our Oceans need All the help they can get and taking species in such large numbers reduces their chances of survival.  A healthy Ocean requires biodiversity, creating a healthy ecosystem....Extinction is close for some species.....the smallest of the dolphins is in trouble, along with the Tuna, Cod, Menhaden....I could go on....

We didn't reach the Beach Trek on bike, t’was arduous and seemed to never end, with face so red I thought I’d just explode.! Phew phew Link:

Cilgerran Gorge wasn’t far, so walked the down-hill steep but unbeknown to me had to push our cycles up another wrong turn, so down we came.. And up again.  Eight miles of sweat replenished by orange drink, almost drunk and the bottle soaked in mud, with lips curled-up and..... mouth so thirsty couldn’t care about the dirt!
 We thought this was a quiet path, how wrong we were, with Silege trucks, grass trucks and  zooming delivery vans, we hugged the hedge as they drove passed.  
Home was insight, an open gate most welcome after such a brilliant day.   The ride took it out of Son and I and now weigh less, “If you see two sticks. on bikes..that'll be us on our cycles”
And as the day ended, left us with the sweet memories of nature’s trails of ‘Butterflies’ and neon coloured ‘Dragonflies’ going about their day along the ‘Riverbank’.

Saturday 11th August  -  A warm breeze with waves of sensational memories - upon my father's boat, working the jib to turn-about, cuts into crest with sea-spray so cool.

The twists n twirls from butterflies get carried through the breeze, who untie knots of flight full loops then disappear from sight.

'Small Skipper'

 A playful garden has arrived upon this very day with many butterflies displaying their courtship dance.  Brilliance of nature, “make it quick”  for a storm brews just above that hill. Oh nature's sweet and gentle kind... needs all the help  can get. Grow more ‘Wildflowers’.....please

Sunday 12th August  -  A cat-spring leap from a well sized ‘Fox’ fades amongst the bracken and brambles in the mid-day sun, perhaps it's hunting habits favour day.

Monday 13th August  -  Wildlife gets another attack of bad weather - from the ' Wild West Weather in Wales ' L   It's not much fun going out getting wet when the car's off the road and transports exposed to elements, I won’t see much  ‘wildlife’ today.

'Green Veined' Mating

My thoughts of the day:

I knew a lad who cylced often, miles of road his tyres would tread and when the time to buy a treat he'd take a note from sweaty sock: Moral of story: Always wash hands when handling money.


The European Peacock, more commonly known simply as the 'Peacock' butterfly, is a colourful butterfly, found in Europe and temperate Asia as far east as Japan.  Classified as the only member of the 'genus' Inachis. wikipedia

A Time to close 

Thank you 


Sunday, 15 July 2012

'Wasteland' comes 'Alive' !

Sunday and Monday -  Drenched in Rain again !
'St.John's Wort'

Tuesday 3rd July  -  The ‘frightening’ Clouds chased off a huge flock of ‘Birds’ night before ......from ‘Gulls’ to ‘Crows’  “I just wonder if they know something bad is coming”? 

Bad weather  persists yet again on Wednesday 4th July.Link:  < the whys?

 Rained until 2.45p.m then the ‘Sun’ came out and everyone decided to arrive, ‘Tree Bees’ were out on the ‘Brambles’

Link to the different Bees I captured inside my camera:

Tree Bee ~ Bombus hypnorum

Thursday 5th July  -  “No Rain”..........phew!

St.John's Wort ~ found growing on our top field, probably via a Bird's droppings.

12.08p.m  ‘Himself’ was filming the ‘young Sparrows’ looking out of their entrance, just above our back door when one of them fell out and onto the concrete path.... running and rolling and being sniffed by our two little dogs (I soon gathered dogs up.)  The poor wee thing had rolled into the long grass  ‘himself’ eventually found the tiniest little brown fluffkin, and was Soon put back with it’s ‘siblings’ way of  our ‘landing’ window (when open) can just about reach their entrance........”all safe now”.  No one is hanging out of the entrance , a lesson learned....

6.p.m'ish  This was upon the top field,singing a deep buzz....clearly imitates the Red-bummed Bumble Bee . Hoverfly Link:

Volucella bombylans 'Hover Fly'
Gorgeous sound and I watched it fold it's wings together,almost like one - it wasn't happy about me following for a pic.

Have the seven spot ladybirds in our woodland, didn't know until read all about where spots were, also count spot behind the head.

Friday 6th July  - And it’s very wet once again.....

These memories never leave us, so if for just a while in the countryside our children could spend, enjoying life how it was meant.

Saturday 7th July -  Last night’s storm had opened up another sky this early morn, with silent breeze and Bird’s of tales to be told through Song, Sun at last !

Man of plenty has arrived home with stocks of food for cupboards and still a jingle inside his pocket  ......a way to shop 'cheap'.   LINK for RINGLET:


I like to watch the Bees, it makes me feel so calm, until that time of business, 'for me' it's just the same .

To 'most' I'd be a 'bumpkin but to me I'm just myself. "oh" joys of old....a time gone by , wasn't life , just so simple.

After lunch: Upon the 'Wasteland' I did go, where I was greeted by a pair of ‘Buzzards’ flying the warm delightful breeze.  Took this picture of 'Small Skipper' Butterfly, I also managed to capture a ‘Ringlet’........two ‘Day time Moths’ and a couple of ‘Brown Meadows’ were playing low down amongst the long grasses and now and then would flutterbye  ....Link:

Sunday 8th July  -  I didnt want a breakfast, I didnt feel the need, wandered in the garden, where birds were calling out. Rabbits on the field, so I didnt miss a thing.

T’was  beautiful outside first thing until a blanket of mist arrived and closed us all in from that distant view !

Monday 9th July  -  The ‘light’ has dimmed outside with mist, so dense it hides all nature’s treats from sight...we’ll listen with intent and smile. Link:

'Hoverfly' Eupeodes corollae 'female'
Tuesday 10th July  -  A day so’s grim.  ‘Himself’ had left his boots upon the outside step all night, a dew so damp had found it’s way inside.....soggy toes today.

Wednesday  11th July  -  The Birds are flocking to escape a sky with brutal gusts from West, this morning’s ‘Song’ has not arrived.....all strengths are used to fly to East.

7.30 a.m   Our dogs they do need water, have asked with speaking ‘eyes’........

No ‘Tree Bee’  seen today !

Thursday 12th July  -  Arrives with joy in the sky, 
most who can, arrive by feathered-flight, 'sadly'.. 9.30 a.m and still no sign of ‘butterflies’ and ‘bees’. By 10.36 a.m a tiny ‘bee’ arrives upon the ‘brambles’ within our back garden........collecting all the necessaries from each flower, as 'Bumblebees' cannot last long without their source of the 'Honeybees'.....who make their own in hives.

11.45 a.m  The ‘Rain’ is getting closer as the leaves have turned-over a shade of pale ,  it’s surely going to rain upon a duvet drying on the line...I could do with a ‘Rain-alarm’.

Friday 13th July  -  A little ‘sun’ changing into something grim

Seen three ‘Buff tailed Bees’  and two ‘Honeybees’ around the wildflowers in our back garden, still no ‘Butterflies’ today.

Marsh Thistle: below
Worker 'Cuckoo Bee' unsure of other?

After lunch:  Spent an hour or so up on the ‘Wasteland’ and at first I couldn’t see anyone but ‘stand still’ wait a few least five pairs or more of ‘Ringlets’ , two ‘Small Skippers’ skipping through the long grasses and low and behold a ‘Crimson’ shot before my eye’s ‘Six Spot Burnet’  , try all I might to catch a photo .....”No” but someone to look out for on my next visit. I did capture two 'Meadow Browns'

'Bath Time' for Chuckster

Chuckie was all fluffed-up like a fur-ball after being hair-dryed ,  Now... twice the dog... hey !

I believe this might be 'Southern Marsh Orchid' 

Saturday 14th July  -  Was mostly spent enjoying the 'Wasteland' and Sunday 15th ....which gave us a treat of 'Sunshine' at last!

'Meadow Brown'


'Meadow Browns' mating

'Silver Y Moth'

Male 'Common Blue'


Female 'Common Blue'

Male 'Common Blue' showing his beautiful colour!

Sir David Attenborough says cultivate the nettles in your garden to help butterflies:

Another path of 'Wildlife' and hope that everyone can join in too!

Thanking you