Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Wednesday 28th Sept  -  Almost feels like the ‘Sea Stories’ are heading inland fast to tell those tales of promise for a great day to enjoy !

'A busy Bee working inside a Nasturtium Flower'

12.55 p.m   Was sat on the Garden Seat taking a break drinking a cool drink of orange mixed with a dash of lemonade when a ‘Silver Y Moth’ showed up for a drink also.  This wonderful species stayed focused on the Chives for a good hour or so which gave me plenty of time to enjoy my drink and fetch the camera..... also had a chat “well I did” .

'Silver Y Moth'

Friday 30th Sept  -  Again we received a day of fabulous weather....I’d say, better than summer, with a nice cool breeze arriving from the coast.

Not long after our Son had left for the School Bus, Himself and I wandered off down the Woods to find the Autumn patterns stretched as far as one could see, with ‘Cob-webs’ wrapped around many branches, trees wearing multicoloured leaves and  a carpet of morning dew covered the short grass.  And whilst the sun captured their sight they glistened amidst the short nibbled blades for those to quench their thirst . 

' Cob-webs' covered in early  morning dew

Lunch-time and get a call from Himself saying our Cat ‘Nippy’ had pawed down from the air a ‘Dragonfly’.  Himself managed to rescue it from Nippy and promptly put it in our caravan where nobody would be damaging it further.

I arrived and could see straight away that one of it’s ‘Wings’ had been clawed,  losing almost half a wing.

We later moved it outside on to a tall tree stump and waited for it to recover but it appeared disorientated and turned upside down.    By late afternoon we arrived with our Son only to find it below the stump, sadly it was dead.  Such a beautiful species and later found out it was a ‘female Southern Hawker’.

Saturday 1st Oct  -  Another hot dry day and we ventured in the direction of our Wood with the warm air blowing in all directions.  The woodland floor is crunchy to walk on...so no sneaking up on species but they also !  It’s quite fascinating to stop and listen to the different wildlife treading the dried fallen leaves, some may wait for the noise of the strong breeze to give cover for their next move.

A rather large ‘Black Beetle’ was taking a leisurely flight past me, was awesome and the size of a fifty pence piece. Link > 

Monday 3rd Oct  -  And could only just make out a round ball of sun behind the early morning mist at 7.58 a.m  

Tuesday 4th Oct  -  A chill in the air today so warmer clothes – quite dull and grey !

1.21 p.m Himself rang to tell me about another ‘Southern Hawker’  flying around our Pond in the wood and appears to be laying a ‘Pheromone Scent’ dropping and dragging it's tail along every side and not missing any areas either – “ooooo....was just looking right at me to leave some on me” ! ! ! “moves away”  “Amazing to witness this “!  Because they’re not known to have a ‘pheromone’ only use ‘visual recognition’.
This particular species dates back before the ‘Dinosaurs’ !!!

'Small Copper'
A couple of 'Male Small Copper' butterflies were enjoying the warmth of the day.

'Proud Mum with youngsters'

The youngsters are growing fast and enjoy their freedom amongst the Woodland 

And produce the most amazing tasty Eggs !


  1. Once again such a lovely read. Fabulous photo's magical just magical. Thank you so much for sharing. More please. Binnie :-)))

  2. Although blogs were originally intended as on-line diaries, I think this is the first I've come across that is written like one - and I enjoyed this post. Knowledgeable and delightful


    Moths before dinosaurs!

    I hadn't realised.

  3. Such wonderful comments and truly appreciate xXx