Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Thursday 30th June  -  Last day of this month and theres a cool breeze passing through the Garden.    And  just behind me can hear the ‘Birds’ Crunching their way through their Cereal, very noisy they are too !

A Male ‘Sparrow’ was taking a ‘Wash-up and Brush-up’ sat on the ‘Buddleia’ just at side of our house, wiping it’s little beak back n forth across a narrow branch, then having a preen under one wing with a shake n fluff-up to warm itself up.

Had another peek in and around the Pond in the garden “A couple of ‘Toadlets’ springing back into the water with a Dry Skin this time, appearance of a proper ‘Toad’ “.

These were no bigger than a 2p. piece !
Gorgeous evening in our Wood, shadows long with it's deep dark passages of Nooks and Crannies, looking All mystical and no doubt   ‘Many an Eye’ on Us !   With the different sudden sounds of a dried leaf or twig, there were many a movement from  under ‘Brambles’  where we stood  listening “It’s the '  Blackbirds ’ finding their evening treats.

 Our Son had captured a ‘ Beautiful Vixen ’ with the Sunshine showering her in All her splendour,  backwards and forwards through the recently cut grass.  Another noise , a lighter sound, a ‘Baby Rabbit’ !  It made his Day ! !   His Education via Wildlife Video !  Will require some editing !

Whilst the other two had gone off in search of Wildlife I was stood in the midst of the many Hums of Bees, within a Vast amount of ‘Bramble’ growth and ‘Hedge Bindweed’ – a continuous humming tone of many different Species, even the odd Wasp.

Hoverfly on left & Bee  ?  to right

Friday  1st July  -   Thankfully Mr Pheasant arrived for his breakfast after a Time lapse !  Outside’s Clouds ,  just looked better after that wonderful  News !

‘Sky’ was full of white unusual  looking Clouds, with that Chill in the Air , perhaps it will Rain.

Early Evening in the Wood -  I could hear some faint treads beneath the Brambles, I stood still for a few minutes and whoever was rustling in the undergrowth.... rushed off !

We’re ‘Raiding the Peas from their Pods’  and what an incredible taste “No need to buy Sweets... because these are” !  Our Son calls them ‘Tiny Sweets’ !

Going on a Walk-about – Dad says “Tread gently and Speak None” then we can be sure of seeing something.

The Evenings are starting to draw in  - the Sun has lowered it’s face already at 8.15p.m. 

 The morning has to be my favourite time  when all is quiet -  then a sudden burst of life takes off in ‘Song’.   So we have to seize these moments and take every opportunity to get out and enjoy , whatever the Time !   "I do like the Opening of a New Day" 

The gentle breeze didn’t stir the tall grasses, 
And the  three of us ambled along the narrow Animal tracks searching for the hope to view another species, nothing visable at the far end of Our Wood but I bet their ‘Eyes’ n ‘Ears’ were All on us !  We took an ‘about turn’ to study the ‘Oak Trees’ within our walk. 
 And this one is ‘wrapped in a Shower  of Light’  must be at least 150 to 200 Years of Life and still it shows off an array of branches full of intense Rich Green Leaves -   Stretching my neck to look above,
 the  ‘Oak Tree’ gave a Splendid view, the Sun appeared from behind a cloud to give another element – The  Canopy Opened up Wide with Life !   It  showed  every outline of leaf, almost like a negative photograph but in colour.
* * * * *

The Show of today’s events is almost at a close.... to release All those Night Creatures for their rituals!

9.15 p.m and the Sun’s loss of  light  means  the Dark will soon be upon us,  in all it’s  incredible ways !

Saturday 2nd  July  -  Awoke to see a beautiful little female ‘Sparrow’ having a look in our Bedroom window – sadly no camera at the time but.... .... ....

Probably 'Mrs Narcissus'

Theres no doubt todays weather is going to be Great because there’s No Clouds !

Am now looking at the Cabbages and Brussel Sprouts at the bottom of our garden and there’s plenty of  ‘Sparrow’ movement amongst them  – Our little ‘Workers’ helping to clear the ‘Green Caterpillars’ ! 

 12.31 p.m   And Badger  feaces  was strewn along the entrance  to our Wood, perhaps Youngsters on the loose for first time. Link >         &

Had just put our Cool bag of food into the Caravan, ventured out and immediately confronted with the biggest ‘Dragonflies’ I’ve ever seen, one of them viewed us up close (inches away- whilst the other one flew up high  into the crowns of the Oak Trees.)   I later researched what they could have been ‘Golden Dragonflies’.    A sight I thought I’d never see and was happy just to admire.

Son and I took a slow walk through the Woodland Paths and peering deep into the thick of it all could see a  nifty ‘Squirrel’ , who had good eyesight too, scampered off behind the tree trunk, they’re so good at disappearing !

Arrived back at camp with the vain hope of catching another glimpse of those beautiful ‘yellow and black striped Dragonflies’, they were obviously searching for a Pond that would suit their requirements , "Our’s was not..... sadly" !

Sunday 3rd July  -  Well ...   Mr & Mrs. ‘Narcissus’  are both sat looking in again, same place- his Mrs looks totally bewildered at ‘why’ ?  but he’s obviously shown her his little secret!   It’s now 1 p.m and they are both gritting on our driveway 'their usual antics'.

Lunch was had and then ventured down to our Wood for the next new adventures !

Our Son unearthed from under a Corrugated Tin Sheet  ‘Common Lizard’ and she was pregnant, so put her back very carefully – meanwhile , from the same surrounding area flew a ‘Large Skipper’ – never seen one here before. Link on Skipper >   &  

Four ‘Jays’ flew down to feast on the thrown Seed, unusual for them to fly in So close to Camp !  

Monday 4th July  -  Scorching HOT today and am thankfull for the Cool breeze flowing through ! 

A tiny ‘Bee’ seemed to have got itself entangled in the long hair of one of our small dogs, took it off twice but climbed back on – something it liked !  Have put it in a Sunny spot with the hope of a revival.

Just been out to see if ‘Bees’ o.k. and it’s flown off, must have required the Sun to get it motivated.

These two photos were taken on 2-7-11

They were busy in the Garden 'loving the Hebe's blossom'

Many of the Bees on this particular Shrub were heavily laden with 'Pollen'
Planting Wildflowers Helps the Bees >  &   < BEE Nest Removal, not an easy task !

About Bees and Bee Sting Treatments >  All Courtesy of @saveourbees & @BeeStrawbridge  x x x

In the afternoon Himself had been and peeked around the Woodland Pond – A ‘Female Newt’ heavily pregnant was struggling to get out,  himself  helped her climb out !  Collected a few stones and lay them at one end for her to  be able to get out with ease , she will be laying her ‘Eggs’ , hopefully in our Pond.
The long winding Pathway leading to the beach was teeming with 'Wildlife' accompanied by the sound of a trickling Stream, which meandered off into the undergrowth.  Rather excitedly the Boys spotted (what they thought was a Buzzard) it was infact a 'Red Kite' sitting on a branch not far infront of us, then flapped it's enormous wings for a stretch or two before taking off !   Camera took too long setting up !
Link >

My Daughter, Grandsons + friend, Our Son and myself took a walk to the Beach where the Tide was just on the turn for returning back up onto the Sand.  And with it was bringing many different Species of ‘SeaJellies’  ‘Compass Jellies’ ‘Moon jellies’ and plenty of those ‘SeaGooseberries’ , the Children were fascinated by So many arriving in on the tide ~ ‘Compass Jellies’ will sting.  There are also the ‘Weaver Fish’ that we don’t always notice until it’s too darn late, which will ‘STING’ quite painfull too ! ! !  

'Compass Jelly'

Link >  above ^

Viper's Bugloss - latin - Echium vulgare

Link >

 Tuesday  5th July  -  Was particularly Wet all night long and most of the morning but Rain is good and can’t live without it.....  so bring it on !

A glimpse of Warm Sunshine has bounced around all things Green with that beautiful  jewel  of light !

Cornflower - latin - Centaurea cyanus
Our Son took this Photograph of the Cornflower !

Link >      &


Common - Bird's-foot Trefoil - latin - Lotus corniculatus 

Foxglove - latin - Digitalis

Link >

Two of our Hens were Cooling down by fanning their Wings out

Thank you to everyone for Reading my Blog And hope the next Adventures will be just as exciting !


  1. wow love your blog..following you on twitter.

  2. A fine read Binnie, unfortunately the Internet speed out here is very slow at the moment so the photos would not load up. I will call back in for another look at the pictures in the wee hours!