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Tuesday 21st June   -  One of those Dark, dull days that you want to stay inside doing things,  “which we are”  – Himself Baking Bread & Me finishing Blog.

Woody  ‘Woodpecker’ was seen having a search for the Best Peanuts, think he found it easy to pick his way through the new cage.  He Pecked one of the little ‘Sparrows’ off  and the poor creature had to wait it’s turn for a feast of those exceptional nutritional Nuts.

Today started with a ‘blip’ in the weather but changed into it’s normal Summery day.

'Narcissus'  - his friend didn't stop!

Just outside,  breathing in all that lovely Air and ‘Narcissus’ was displaying a ‘Chattering n Posing’ characteristics, had the camera at the ready .... >  he was flying from telegraph wire to ‘Butterfly bush’ (Buddleia)  and Guttering  above our bedroom window – backwards and forwards continuously for at least 5 minutes “so took his picture”  !   Mr & Mrs ‘Narcissus’ sat comfortably together  on the Guttering - as we left them behind and got into our little Car.

'Narcissus' is in Middle of Picture

We took the back roads into Town and the Sky appeared to look like ‘SEA’ , seemed we were surrounded by ‘SEA’ , you had to see it to believe it – a photo wouldn’t have fit it all in ! The Skies Colours had meld into the Sea !


Been lurking around our Pond again and trod very carefully, by brushing my foot across the grass before placing it down (really don’t want to flatten anyone.)  And now I have One – Beautiful species of  ‘Frog’ !

‘Woody Woodpecker ‘the ‘Lesser’ paid a few visits during the hours of today and on one occasion a pair of  ‘Red Kites’  flew over chasing the thermals.  So much wildlife going on out there,  don’t know what to look at first !

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker

We saw Woody  ‘Slapping’  the odd Sparrow with his Wing to go away  “I’m busy” -  he is still nibbling at the Peanuts at 7.04 p.m  and has been at it since the early hours !  Love their special way of Clinging on with Feet & Tail-Vice,  whilst eating -  quite a unique Anatomy,  they have short wings that have to work twice as hard to keep in flight !

‘Narcissus’ has taken up residence just under the eaves of our House, it’s nice to be able to view almost everything he, his family are up to!

Wednesday  22nd June  -  Seemed to disappear !  But did manage to take a few Photos >

A Friendly 'Sparrow'

Thursday 23rd June  -  Furious Bike Ride of only 1  ½ Miles in perfect weather conditions !

‘Narcissus’ wasn’t visible but a ‘House Martin’ had taken over his Area.

Friday 24th June  -  Well, it was a Great start to the day, then it turned inside-out and the Heavens decided to Fall, heavy and fast !

Whilst it was dry in the Woodland we cleared out all the overgrown lettuce that would have tasted too bitter and put them onto the Compost Heap, in Torn pieces -  this quickens up the process.  Then it Rained and most of the Birds took cover under the Tree Canopies,  ‘Neighbourly Bird Avenue’  – Birds flitting from one tree to the next , still enjoying life in the dry.

Celery doing well in a Tyre !
Saturday 25th  June  - A little ‘female Sparrow’ had flown against our downstairs window, feeling out of sorts she flew under the ‘Bird Bath’ for cover, then a few seconds.... flew off as though nothing had happened.   

Out  ‘School Shoe shopping’  – success, we found a pair that fit so comfortably !  Then went to search around the £`1  Shops for ‘Industrial Bungy’ for the ‘Pole lathe’ Himself So brilliantly put together !  “Didn’t  find  any “ ! ! 

Weather had an ‘Amazon’ feel to it, Damp and extremely ‘hot’ !    So after all the walking around Town we decided to Cool off in one of our Fav. Cafes.  We both had a ‘strawberry milkshake’ – our Son had a ‘Custard Cream Slice’ and I a huge portion of ‘Black Cherry Cheesecake’, “so nice to do this occasionally, too often and one doesn’t appreciate”.  Himself wasn’t with us he had his mind on the Wood and chores that required attention.

Sunday 26th   June  -  ‘Narcissus’  was taking the View in from up above the house, as I was below, a beautiful Scene to See “Sky So Blue, Air So Sweet”  !   And only moments before the weather was thick ‘Fog’ and thought it might be difficult to do chores Outside.   Better cover-up or stay well in the Shade !

We arrived in the Wood, the ground was still very ‘Moist’ it was at long last holding ‘Water’ !  Our ‘Planet’s Precious Substance’ , which means the ‘Fish’ won’t be struggling to suvive in our Rivers and our Crop of Veg. have put a ‘Happy Face On’ !

We’re experiencing the warmest breeze so far this year  ‘Tropics’ perhaps,  a little too hot.

The tallest grasses are swaying from side to side, and the ‘Clover’ are giving off that immense sweet smell of Summer, that 'smell' you want to bottle up and keep !

Rosebay Willowherb

I opened the big window in our tiny caravan to release the humid stale air and the long tall ‘triffids’ of nettles (that were shut-inside the window) gave a shy of relief.  The Cool Breeze was most welcome on such a hot dry day – too hot for sitting out  !

Was just noticing how much the ‘Oak Tree’s’ new growth had raced on infront of others  – makes quite an impression along the uneven outline of Tree against Sky.

The Shadows are short during the hot Summer days so there is less chance of  keeping Cool , best to Plan ahead if venturing out in Wide open spaces.   And  it’ll be early evening when the shadows appear longer as the Sun goes down to Rest.

On my return to Camp noticed the ‘what was Pond’ (Mission spawn Rescue)  had a puddle of water from the last rainfall a couple of days ago – So pleased that we’d Rescued the ‘Tads’ they wouldn’t have made it if we didn’t  because it’s been months without  a decent  Rainfall .

Monday 27th June  -  A Really Scorching Hot start to the day but mid morning changed completely and turned into a ‘Sea Fret’ !  Cooler and workable weather, thankfully.

I left the ‘Narcissus’ Window open , just slightly, and spotted him flying past and thought I’d better close incase he chanced a 'visit' and wouldn't have been happy stranded indoors.

I notice the ‘Meadowsweet’ in Full Bloom along the roadside as we drive home from Town, having only done a Small Food Shop. Link >

There has been NO SIGN of the ‘Pheasants’ for a few days now, can only think that ‘Foxy’ paid a visit !    The Female’s Chicks may have hatched and she daren’t leave the Nest , maybe ?  ‘Time Will Tell’


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Tuesday 28th June  -  Lots of little ‘Sparrows’ rooting through the tall grasses and amongst the tiny pots of Brassicas ready for a replant, at the bottom of the garden.  It's like a Sea of Brown Bobbing  and have seen them stop still ... listening for that yummy treat.  Some of the youngsters still ask their Mother for food because we've  seen her feeding them.

The Weather started So Well but seems to be clouding Over a little.... ....

River Pathway
We ate a Quick Tea and drove down to the ‘River’ , Just setting foot onto the Bridge a ‘Dog Fight’ between a ‘Swallow’  and  ‘Magpie’ caught my attention to the right of me, they were part way over the Fast Water “And .... sadly a chick fell from the ‘Magpie’s beak’ “ !   Immediately I ran to the otherside of the Bridge to see if I could Rescue the poor little mite but the River flowed too quick – my  walk alongside the River was rather subdued as I was on the look-out for the ‘Swallow’s Chick’ but NO sign !   It’s quite a traumatic experience to ‘Witness’ such an event but Nature is “Oh So Cruel sometimes” !

We finished our evening in the Wood, taking photos of many-a-thing ! 
'Selfheal'  latin >Prunella Vulgaris
Link >

Field Scabious - latin > Knautia arvensis

There was only One 'Field Scabious' this year alongside the outer perimeter, in the past they have grown in abundance - this stretches One and ahalf Miles ! Link>

Ragwort will soon be in full bloom for the Bees !
Link >  &

Requires Modifications 

The ‘Pole Lathe’ is beginning to take shape and will help to create many a useful item !

Wednesday 29th June  -  The Sky has opened up a Wedgwood Blue, right across and beyond, what a delight !

The ‘Sparrows’ are having a Feeding Frenzy, all crowded around the Bird House and Peanut Cage.   They seem to be looking rather  ‘Streamline’  these days, it must be the Hot Sunshine and it’s their way of Cooling down.  Then in Winter they’re all  ‘fluffed-up’ like a round ball using their insulation feathers, by losing the Streamline appearance.  "Like Fluffing-up a Duvet"

We have an Ancient  ‘Drover’s  Road’ Passing around the edge of our Woodland.  The Lane that we use regular has some age about it too but not as Old as the Drover’s Road – this goes into the ‘Neolithic times’ , there is also evidence of Very Old worked Stones  in and amongst .

Just to the left is an Old Stone

"Well I believe I've exhausted this Page for now but Will Return with more exciting Activities"

           Thank you for Reading

I'll leave you with 'Duke', who is Smiling !

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  1. Some great photos and narrative, impassive to get such a clear view & photo of the woodpecker. They are quite shy around here.
    The pole lathe looks to be coming along well too. Thanks for sharing your experiences, look forward to the next post :o)