Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Rosa Canina (Dog Rose)-Link below
< These beautiful Flowers are growing at the end of our Lane and what a Perfect Show of Colour !

Monday 13th  -  Very Misty, Grey kind of a day out there!

‘Jackdaws attack the Container of Seeds’

The ‘Jackdaws’ had come up with a new technique of releasing the Seeds from the container,  by Fly bombing,  to shake n jump them out, this did seem to be working but only a very few flung out of the tiny gap.  A good try on their part and have my admiration for trying.

3 ish in the afternoon and was lurking around the Pond in the Garden with the hope of seeing a ‘Toadlet’,  “yes”, quite a few of them – just managed to get one to keep still for a moments posing xx
We found ourselves at the River not far from home and so took a Walk along the path- way.   I felt very  excited  in the thought of being out in our beautiful Countryside, the Smell, Sounds and trying to take All of it  in.   The long  damp narrow winding path.,  was where  Tree roots had taken ahold to strengthen the banking along the Riverside.   One  could easily create a story from just these Roots and to whose home they reached out to.       

Had tripped over a protruding Tree Root along the Path, it was impossible for me to be quiet like this,  so took it a little steadier in where to place my steps, as I had walked whilst peering up above the tree crowns (not looking where I was going.)    A Pigeon flew off in front of me then a ‘telling’ ‘Blackbird’ told every living Species I’d arrived ! 

Now,  I do know that the ‘Kingfisher’  Family live along this River, so trying not to make much of a noise,  crept along.   Probably acting more of a threat to Wildlife – so decided to walk normal.   Heard some heavy sploshing  just near to where I stood but couldn’t see anything along the edge of the banking,  perhaps a ‘Vole’ which we have seen at the other end of the River.   A ‘River Trout’, perhaps,  had  been jumping out of the Water for a ‘Mayfly’, too quick for me to notice , the surface had been broken and left  a large ring of Ripples.
A loud noisy Bird was sqreeching a warning that I was approaching, “ of course”,  a ‘Wren’  (small bird – loud noise)  and then a couple more sound their  alarm.  A group of ‘Wrens’ nesting along the same  area,  how lovely and I spoke to them saying  “I was just leaving“ .

On my return to meet up with the other two,  who had been enjoying the Open River, the Sun was still hot and blazing it’s heat upon whatever it could.  It made the leaves look  so bright that it was difficult to keep focused on anything,  it made the shimmering River  reflective.   It was alive with activity and made one’s listening senses much more aware!

As we were half-way into Town thought we’d buy some food to take out for a picnic down by the Estuary but this time on other side where the Boats are moored.   Drove down on to the beach and sat comfortably watching the Wildlife moving amongst  the Sailors,  who were preparing their Boats for the next trip,  on this  calm water.   Such a beautiful evening !

Tuesday 14th  -  A Fresh Bright morning, one to go on adventures and not get too hot !

A Young ‘Jackdaw’ was sat mesmerised by the Seeds in the swinging container, following it’s movements from side-to-side in the gentle breeze.   He arrived back later in the morning thinking that there must be a way of getting them out !  So annoyed that he decided to ‘Fly Bomb’ an attack mode,  a few times,  then gave up and flew back up to the tallest trees  -  I could see where he had flown to - Top of a Tall Tree overlooking the Bird Seeds  - obviously trying to hatch a Plan,  whilst he viewed from afar. 

Himself and I ate a quick lunch to get back down to our Wood where many weeds were growing amongst the veggie and had already been in the morning doing the Weed thing.   Stopped for a drink and my first ‘Meadow Brown  Butterfly’ flew past me, just one.  I dashed for the camera but it had moved on,  it came back later to the same spot but still No piccie, it was far too quick for me,   nice to have that image in my mind than never seeing one at all !
The ‘Little Brown Hen’  had managed to get into where the ‘squashes’ were trying to grow, so I clapped my hands to shoo her out,  not realising that ‘Bill’ the enormous Cockerel was heading behind  me,  until he was almost upon me “Well, Run n  nnnn   did I”  !   had to run through two fences under and over.  Funny thing was ‘Duke’ our dog was joining in with him but looking  quite bewildered at why he should be chasing me at all !  By this time I’d closed the gate behind me in the Veg.enclosure   -  ‘Bill’ did come a seeking.  Have learned a lesson there to check where ‘Bill’ is first, he’s never done this before -  a ‘Cockerel’s’ protection  towards his Hens and doing a great job !

 Stopped to have a further drink after that alarm call and Duke was licking the Oak stool, strange, must require a drink or some minerals.  His outside water bowl was all bitty, so I changed it for nice clear fresh water,  he wasn’t  thirsty after all but it was there for anyone else that passed.
Himself checked the state of the ‘Compost’ and it’s gone black already, the grass had turned to slime, so everything was knitting together  nicely !

But, was it a 'Sawflies' Work?

The ‘Sawflies’ have been busy,  precision cutting again from leaf to leaf. Link > http://news.bbc.co.uk/earth/hi/earth_news/newsid_9163000/9163014.stm

Arrived home to make another quick Tea so that the three of us could take that Trip down by the Sea Again !  We passed our Son’s bestest friend on the way,  he excitedly headed towards our Car – as we had slowed down by this time to stop.  Our Son got out to meet him and they promptly went to collect his equipment and appropriate footwear. 

We arrived at the Pontoon with our ‘Fishing Net’ to explore the salty water  for Crabs, Sea gooseberries, Jellyfish and anything else passing by .  After 15 minutes or so three more Children arrived , who our Son and Best friend knew, one had a bike with him.  They seemed interested in what we were catching in the Net and explained how to handle them (carefully) as they were living just as us.  Masses of ‘Jellyfish’ floating down from the incoming Tide, never seen so many and the children were fascinated by it all.  It was nice that they asked questions to expand  their Minds!    It was getting late and the other two teenagers had gone on home and left the little guy with his Bike, which we, One and All, including the Bike squeezed into our little Car !

There was an annoying ‘Jetski’ whizzing past , they shouldn’t be allowed !  >  >  >

Sea Gooseberries 

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ctenophora  & a Link Sea Eggs http://deepbluehome.blogspot.com/2011/06/sea-eggs.html  We didn't come across any Sea Eggs but thought you might like to see the difference between Sea Gooseberries and Eggs.& http://cabinetofcuriosities-greenfingers.blogspot.com/2009/09/sea-gooseberries.html < Must Look !

This Link may take a few mins to load but well worth a Peek > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Id53jmsdxfQ  & one we didn't come across but worth a look: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HT4zXe4fE3o&feature=related  & http://www.bbc.co.uk/wales/nature/sites/species/fish/jellfish.shtml
& Anatomy > 

Wednesday 15th June  -  A Wet , unyet warmish start to the day !

The ‘House Martins’ are taking mud from our Veggie patch,  in the garden area, to repair their ‘Nests’ they spent most of the morning collecting,  they certainly Work Hard !

Thursday 16th June  -  Plenty of Sunshine up there in the Sky today with a fresh feel.

Mr Pheasant didn’t turn up for his food in the morning , just hope he’s o.k, he did turn-up for his Tea thankfully, were worried incase he was of ‘nomore’ !

 1.24p.m and the Heavens opened full of Rain, so rushed to get the washing in, which was almost dry.

It’s  4.20 p.m and two ‘Bullfinch’ Fledglings arrive in the garden, one eating Wild Seeds with it’s mother  on the ‘Garlic Mustard’   and the other was in the ‘Bird House’ eating whilst the ‘Father’ was guarding sat on the seed container , with his watchfull eye out for Predators !  ‘Parents’ showing a loving and caring attitude.  The youngsters true colours hadn’t formed but one could see which one’s were there’s by the size.

Friday 17th June  -  An exceptionally ‘blustery’ day !

‘The Strengthy Wind has gathered up some Speed and Whisking-up everything  in it’s Path, So be careful little Mites and Species, tuck yourself inside and keep Safe.’

10.30 a.m    Was just about to do some exercises upstairs, peered out of the back window to see A ‘Squirrel’ wrapped around the Nut Container, tucking into a good feast of Nuts.   Oblivious to me opening the back door, it wasn’t  until the bark on the pathway under my right foot sounded the ‘Alarm’ – Oh boy, did he panic, poor little thing,  wasn’t small,  was quite a size.   After a few seconds he managed to climb out the bottom and ran to the end of our garden and stopped to listen when I spoke softly,  he turned to look right at me with those beautiful Large Eyes !   then scampered off into the thick Hedge growth. 


Saturday 18th June  - Rain at first then dried off  !
Nuthatch sat on the ‘once used Nesting Box’ by the ‘Blue Tits’ having a good nose around the garden.  Haven’t seen him for ages.
Link > http://www.bbc.co.uk/nature/life/Eastern_gray_squirrel  & information on 'Red Squirrel' below > 

Sunday  19th June  -  Weather not too bad.   

Sexton Beetle
Sort of day that we spent the afternoon in Woodland and in one particular warm area, where the ‘Blackberry Blossom’  and ‘Hedge Bindweed’  had decided to open up ,  seemed to attract All manner of different Species – from the ‘Meadow Brown Butterfly’ to various ‘Bee’ species, ‘Moths’ and ‘Beetles’.  Actually managed to capture the 'Meadow Brown' in a reasonable Pose! < see above.

Scorpian Fly

Monday 20th June  -  The Mist was hanging low in the Valley and the Sky was ‘Wedgwood’ Blue, with a few neat looking Clouds (like cotton Wool) motionless – a picture of ‘Delight’ surrounds us everywhere !

Link > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mecoptera  some extra info: 
Most Wanted: Six Key British Bugs > http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-13675732

Longhorn Beetle

Looking at Me !

There is a 'World' of So many different Species, be it Micro, Small, Medium or Large - they are All So very interesting ! 

 'Thank You'  for Reading my Blog and Do Hope that Sharing our Finds Will enlighten your Minds' to Go & Seek

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