Sunday, 27 May 2012

Mostly dedicated to a 'young' Fox.

Let different areas go wild around the garden, with these natural weeds (Buttercups) which will entice many amazing species.

'Holly Blue'

Foxy left an early message via  ‘poo’  whilst we were in woods, obviously trying to tell us that ‘he’ can observe us but we can't see him.

Friday 18th May  -  We travelled back from Haverfordwest via the scenic route and came across an ‘Ancient Oak Woodland’ in ‘Cwm Gaun’. , Trees with stunted growth..due to the impoverished soil. Picture below...

Saturday 19th May  -  Was kind of warm with a heavy sky full of rain.

Someone didn't make the rest of their day, a tiny mouse carried by a Crow "oh dear" :((   I was walking back to the ‘camp’ and spotted the early morning tactics, antics of ‘wildlife’  

'Ancient Woodland'

Pheasants arrived, usually only two Hens arrive but today three......take a peek below

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Sunday 20th May  -  A Young Male Fox trying to recover from a possible bang on the head, dribbling with  no other injuries.,  looks to be breathing -  good/hopefull  ‘Himself’ found him lying by the side of a busy road.

11.20 a.m   Good news, he just lifted his head and looked at me with both eyes....knows we're not going to harm sweet *

I don't know about joining the 'wildlife' outside, it's All arriving indoors.

 The dogs /Sneg are away from him until Foxy recovers ~ will require peace whilst getting over his problem.   Named already ‘Bedw Bach’  meaning (little birch.) in Welsh.

Millions see Pacific annular eclipse
Monday 21st May  -  Misty this morning leaving it’s trail of beauty amongst the shrubs and hedges ‘Cob-webs’ of great architecture....

Patient Fox (Bedw Bach) is coming round a little at a time and licking a mixture of  rice made with salt-free chicken stock..only the best!

2.30 p.m   We've arrived indoors as too hot outside, plenty of wildlife weaving their webs of life.

Tuesday 22nd May  -  Great News ! ~ Bedw (fox) has been sitting up since early hours and more mobile.....  Makes the day so much better!


So very excited now that he's looking inquisitively at everything around the room and lugs twitching for sounds.... so cool...  Dogs water bowl snatched away for ‘Bedw Bach’ (little fox) so are now left to share ‘Sneg’s’ Water lid.........mmmm find more bowls or keep filling up.

8.29 p.m  I joined the early morning glory 'outside' to take those sips of coffee, ohhhh how it made that moment even better *

10.00 a.m  We've brought our little Cat home (Nippy) as she was causing concern for the safety of young Birds who will fledge any day now.
Video >

Wednesday 23rd May  -  Great improvements from ‘Bedw Bach’ , walking into kitchen with a bounce but still very weak.

We've moved Bedw (fox) into dining-room and separated Sneg from him.  Sneg is exactly where he wants to be, watching T.V , even though Son’s playing an X-box game ....seems to like the  warm  fire.

Thursday 24th May  -  We woke by the sounds of scratching at 3.08 a.m, it was ‘Bedw’ trying to get out where he can smell ‘fresh-air’ through a hole from our ‘boiler’., at least he’s exercising his limbs.

Bedw Bach has just had some food and slinking around, looking around each nook and cranny (escape) not a good idea just yet.....first  vocals today !

We've a room upstairs available , if you have any other ‘wildlife’ teeheee 'not quite full yet'...all systems go, In one end and out the other :)))

"Yes"..... little Bedw is gaining agility and has been viewing the cupboards above with ideas .......?  he is well on his way to feeling better after the jump on our Dresser  full of  china....didn't expect so soon!

 ‘Bedw Bach’s’  speedy recovery has meant that he’ll have to go in our Woodland.....

3.25 p.m arrived home from Woodland having done some lifting and shifting of a huge ‘Hen house’ given to us from a good friend....whilst ‘Bedw Bach’ recovers in their old house.  He had been lying in full sunshine when he decided to lift himself off  the ground and stand in the ‘water trough’ to cool his pads down.

...........he was desperate to escape and did so L(    We were’nt prepared for such a quick recovery!  If only he'd stayed to eat another portion of food....

We walked every inch of the wood thursday night and yesterday, not a whiff of sad but he knew how he felt....and yearned for his 'freedom'.

We now know he was suffering from exhaustion and dehydration......his ‘eye’ became better, although smaller than other.

I feel confident that if he could escape he'll be fine,  ~ he'd eaten well and will be remembered, even if for a brief moment, especially when he stood bathing his feet in a trough to cool them down.  A beautiful species and so soft to touch.........a privilege to of known, so close.

  "Who knows we might see him again one day"  

Friday 25th May  -  Wales was bathed in ‘sunshine’ already at 7.20 a.m going to be  hot....!

9.50 a.m ‘Holly Blue’ butterflied it’s way through our garden.........”We must be doing something right”!
Saturday 26th May   -  just melted away..... I thought we lived in the Countryside but am beginning to differ  with amount of noise pollution  from Ride-on Mowers ! urgh

When will they ever learn, now I heard that phrase within a melody.......Peter Paul and Mary sang this>
Sunday 27th May  - Early morning....watered All vegetables and fruit within garden and Nippy the cat tagged alongside....before the Sun burned it all off.

'A little 'Carder Bee' which I took on 20th May'12'

Off to join outside's Beauty

Thank you



  1. Wow! such a beautiful fox 'Bedw'. I do hope he makes it in the big,sometimes 'cruel' world.
    If anyone cared about our fragile world as much as you and I do Binnie it would be a far better place. THANK YOU xXx

  2. I really appreciate your kind comments Val,with our persistence maybe we can over come the wrong doings in this world of today.......thank you xXx