Sunday, 15 July 2012

'Wasteland' comes 'Alive' !

Sunday and Monday -  Drenched in Rain again !
'St.John's Wort'

Tuesday 3rd July  -  The ‘frightening’ Clouds chased off a huge flock of ‘Birds’ night before ......from ‘Gulls’ to ‘Crows’  “I just wonder if they know something bad is coming”? 

Bad weather  persists yet again on Wednesday 4th July.Link:  < the whys?

 Rained until 2.45p.m then the ‘Sun’ came out and everyone decided to arrive, ‘Tree Bees’ were out on the ‘Brambles’

Link to the different Bees I captured inside my camera:

Tree Bee ~ Bombus hypnorum

Thursday 5th July  -  “No Rain”..........phew!

St.John's Wort ~ found growing on our top field, probably via a Bird's droppings.

12.08p.m  ‘Himself’ was filming the ‘young Sparrows’ looking out of their entrance, just above our back door when one of them fell out and onto the concrete path.... running and rolling and being sniffed by our two little dogs (I soon gathered dogs up.)  The poor wee thing had rolled into the long grass  ‘himself’ eventually found the tiniest little brown fluffkin, and was Soon put back with it’s ‘siblings’ way of  our ‘landing’ window (when open) can just about reach their entrance........”all safe now”.  No one is hanging out of the entrance , a lesson learned....

6.p.m'ish  This was upon the top field,singing a deep buzz....clearly imitates the Red-bummed Bumble Bee . Hoverfly Link:

Volucella bombylans 'Hover Fly'
Gorgeous sound and I watched it fold it's wings together,almost like one - it wasn't happy about me following for a pic.

Have the seven spot ladybirds in our woodland, didn't know until read all about where spots were, also count spot behind the head.

Friday 6th July  - And it’s very wet once again.....

These memories never leave us, so if for just a while in the countryside our children could spend, enjoying life how it was meant.

Saturday 7th July -  Last night’s storm had opened up another sky this early morn, with silent breeze and Bird’s of tales to be told through Song, Sun at last !

Man of plenty has arrived home with stocks of food for cupboards and still a jingle inside his pocket  ......a way to shop 'cheap'.   LINK for RINGLET:


I like to watch the Bees, it makes me feel so calm, until that time of business, 'for me' it's just the same .

To 'most' I'd be a 'bumpkin but to me I'm just myself. "oh" joys of old....a time gone by , wasn't life , just so simple.

After lunch: Upon the 'Wasteland' I did go, where I was greeted by a pair of ‘Buzzards’ flying the warm delightful breeze.  Took this picture of 'Small Skipper' Butterfly, I also managed to capture a ‘Ringlet’........two ‘Day time Moths’ and a couple of ‘Brown Meadows’ were playing low down amongst the long grasses and now and then would flutterbye  ....Link:

Sunday 8th July  -  I didnt want a breakfast, I didnt feel the need, wandered in the garden, where birds were calling out. Rabbits on the field, so I didnt miss a thing.

T’was  beautiful outside first thing until a blanket of mist arrived and closed us all in from that distant view !

Monday 9th July  -  The ‘light’ has dimmed outside with mist, so dense it hides all nature’s treats from sight...we’ll listen with intent and smile. Link:

'Hoverfly' Eupeodes corollae 'female'
Tuesday 10th July  -  A day so’s grim.  ‘Himself’ had left his boots upon the outside step all night, a dew so damp had found it’s way inside.....soggy toes today.

Wednesday  11th July  -  The Birds are flocking to escape a sky with brutal gusts from West, this morning’s ‘Song’ has not arrived.....all strengths are used to fly to East.

7.30 a.m   Our dogs they do need water, have asked with speaking ‘eyes’........

No ‘Tree Bee’  seen today !

Thursday 12th July  -  Arrives with joy in the sky, 
most who can, arrive by feathered-flight, 'sadly'.. 9.30 a.m and still no sign of ‘butterflies’ and ‘bees’. By 10.36 a.m a tiny ‘bee’ arrives upon the ‘brambles’ within our back garden........collecting all the necessaries from each flower, as 'Bumblebees' cannot last long without their source of the 'Honeybees'.....who make their own in hives.

11.45 a.m  The ‘Rain’ is getting closer as the leaves have turned-over a shade of pale ,  it’s surely going to rain upon a duvet drying on the line...I could do with a ‘Rain-alarm’.

Friday 13th July  -  A little ‘sun’ changing into something grim

Seen three ‘Buff tailed Bees’  and two ‘Honeybees’ around the wildflowers in our back garden, still no ‘Butterflies’ today.

Marsh Thistle: below
Worker 'Cuckoo Bee' unsure of other?

After lunch:  Spent an hour or so up on the ‘Wasteland’ and at first I couldn’t see anyone but ‘stand still’ wait a few least five pairs or more of ‘Ringlets’ , two ‘Small Skippers’ skipping through the long grasses and low and behold a ‘Crimson’ shot before my eye’s ‘Six Spot Burnet’  , try all I might to catch a photo .....”No” but someone to look out for on my next visit. I did capture two 'Meadow Browns'

'Bath Time' for Chuckster

Chuckie was all fluffed-up like a fur-ball after being hair-dryed ,  Now... twice the dog... hey !

I believe this might be 'Southern Marsh Orchid' 

Saturday 14th July  -  Was mostly spent enjoying the 'Wasteland' and Sunday 15th ....which gave us a treat of 'Sunshine' at last!

'Meadow Brown'


'Meadow Browns' mating

'Silver Y Moth'

Male 'Common Blue'


Female 'Common Blue'

Male 'Common Blue' showing his beautiful colour!

Sir David Attenborough says cultivate the nettles in your garden to help butterflies:

Another path of 'Wildlife' and hope that everyone can join in too!

Thanking you



  1. Diary of great delights, and of course fabulous photos.Your links are always full of knowledge and such a pleasure to read.Once again an outstanding blog Binnie. I thank you xXx

  2. oh thank you and do appreciate feedback, most kind...xXx