Saturday, 10 September 2011

Red Admiral -pic taken on 5th Sept.'11

Moving on to Sunday 21st August  -  How the Bullocks stood motionless amongst the dense early morn fog of 7.04 a.m and Mr. Robin was surveying his surroundings from the top of our Green garden shed. Link for Robin >

Taking us to Tuesday 23rd August  -  And the Crows are sat comfortably snuggled upon each chimney pot as I saunter by to post a letter at 7.17 a.m

Wednesday 24th August – Rainy start with a show of intermittent life shown by the sun !

And have just witnessed the ‘Narcissus’ family one-by-one bobbing from out of a densely grown shrub onto a neighbouring wall – all five of them ! (if your new to the blog, this is a 'Sparrow' family and began with the father 'Narcissus' peering into our bedroom window.) just wander through and you'll find him 22nd May'11.

After lunch cruised down to the ‘Wildlife Park’ and saw >

Link for 'Toads' >

Family of Common Lizards

A Lizard  Sloughing

Female 'Common Blue'

Common Lizard hiding

Cinnabar Moth Caterpillar

The 'Water Buffalo' were looking other way 

Thursday 25th August  -  A New member of our Family arrived > As he stepped off the Horse Box he nibbled a small selection of bracken, so gave him the name 'Bracken'.  He is a Welsh Cob section C.  ( they should not be eating too much of this)

Sunday 28th August  -  Every manner of species had decided to join in the display amongst the warmth of the day – flying from tree to tree, low growing bramble bushes or the new grown Heather and  Bird’s Foot trefoil on our Top Field.  There were many small ‘Tortoiseshell’ ‘Speckled Wood’ and the Blue’s had shown an appearance for the first time this year,  two males and one female.

Heard some furious tapping going on under the dark thick tree canopies, so followed the sound curiously and soft footed  so as not to put them off their work !   It was a family of ‘Nuthatches’ creating all the racket !

Monday and Tuesday just disappeared !

Wednesday 31st August  -  Outside looks extremely appealing with the low lying mist burning off and unfolding a remarkable warm day !

Sun shone down within our Wood for a short while early afternoon and saw a lonely ‘small copper’ happily busying itself on it’s low feeding level.  Then just as Sun Rays appeared for split second an unknown butterfly chose to fly by......way ahead from where I stood amongst the ‘Blackberries’ not sure what it was, perhaps it’ll return as it was a fine specimen indeed – quite large, I didn't see it again.

Male 'Small Copper'

Female 'Small Copper'
The clouds lay broken across the sky which allowed a spark of those warm rays to escape through and adorn the land for that split second!  A spray of light that comes and goes, the day moves on into a smudge of greys with no gaps for light to escape, we’re in for a troubled sky tonight !

Evening arrived with fast travelling clouds, not a gap in between, all smeared across it’s palette with something nasty in mind for the dark cool night !


Thursday  1st September  -  Some Sunshine with a strong wind !

As I carefully walked to the Top Field  many different species were whizzing away from  my feet, flying, skeddadling and hopping out the way, the ground was *alive* !!!   At head level the *Freeway* formula 1 Flies and different  pollinators flew a near miss around my face, it was time to leave as I didn't want to be bitten !

Earth Ball
The afternoon *Butterfly* feeding time arrived earlier... at 2.30 ish p.m , the days begin to close in now that the month as moved on  and the small birds seemed to be lining-up on the trees alongside the edge of one end of the Wood, like they knew it was feeding time once again, with their excellent vision sizing up the odd insect or small butterfly.
Our Son spotted this  'baby Newt'   in a large pond on a walk

A large Blue *Dragonfly* zoomed past and headed towards the Trees.

Mr Robin spoke the loudest of all Birds ‘the Manager of busy Nature’ telling everyone like it is. 

Devil's bit Scabious
Link > -We found a wonderful array of these on our trek around the foot hills.

Friday 2nd Sept  -  And 'Bracken’s' made to measure Parelli  head halter arrived in the post and our Son had a  smile from ear to ear - he couldn’t wait to train this superb little Pony !

Saturday 3rd Sept  -  Drizzly day outside today but no matter we’re tweeting some serious issues out beyond our front door , trying to help those in need ‘Dolphins’ , Forests , Wildlife, People., our resources across the web unite so many Caring Peeps and maybe try to put things right !

Sunday 4th Sept  -  Been given a sunny day !

‘Love walking the Mountains for it’s peace, history and Wildlife.

Sea for it’s freshness and brilliance of Species !

Woods for it’s strength and little cute arbours naturally formed.

And Rivers full of Life within and around, just perfect !

A beautiful Bee getting stuck in 

'Many thanks for crossing the path of my diary blog'


  1. Wonderful blog. Superb pictures,and such interesting links too. I almost feel i'm there. Perfect, just perfect. Many thanks for sharing.

  2. So much wildlife - love 'toad' :-)

  3. Such nice comments and very grateful indeed xXx