Saturday, 17 September 2011

Wild Plum Jam - I made just over 9lb 

We’ve tuned into Friday 9th September  as the previous few days caused the  ‘merry weather’ to have it’s  own way yet again’ all blustery and wet and I didn’t want to weather you out !

Early morning and Son says before leaving for a hard days educational grafting  “I enjoy the journey into School on the Bus”!   Must be because it’s a ‘Scenic’ route, now that is nice to hear !

Thank goodness it’s dry outside,  am heading off with a container hoping to fill it full of  ‘blackberries’ from our Woodland. 

‘Bracken’ was peering over the gate nosying at what I had collected,  so gave him one......must have been his first taste of a blackberry, as was lip-smacking and rolling his tongue around for had turned black  tee he.   We were waiting for the ‘Jacobson’s’ lip to curl up but didn’t...carried on with the tongue rolling around in his mouth. 

Saturday 10th Sept   -  and a ‘Weather Warning’ was announced on the News ‘Remnants of Hurricane Katia’  heading our way !!!    I could see what they meant, the wind was gathering-up speed and the Gulls seemed to be the only ones brave enough to fly- even they struggled to keep up!  We were given a little sunshine late morning and by afternoon it was in full swing !

Monday12th Sept  -  Still the Weather Warning persists ‘Anglesy’  affected quite bad,  parts of Wales and Scotland. 

Our wheelbarrow flew to one side and a tree was blown down behind our garden.  

Migrating Birds struggle >

Tuesday 13th Sept  -  Still that strong wind persists but at least it’s dry!

Had just arrived in our Wood 2.03p.m and the School rang to say that our Son had had a head-on collision with his nose and was bleeding, so immediately went to scoop him up.  He didn’t look too bad and because he’d fallen onto some people he had a soft landing ‘thankfully’ he didn’t break it ! 

We had left the ‘Hens’ out free whilst off and Himself says “let’s go to my parents and pick some of those lovely ‘Wild Plums’... not such a good idea we thought as we’d left the ‘Hens Free for All’ !  Driving up the lane to our Woodland slowly saw a ‘flash’ of Red with a white tipped  tail .... a ‘Vixen’ had crossed our path, we had arrived in time !

Youngsters with mum

Wednesday went past with dry windy weather!

Thursday 15th Sept  -  Above gave us a palatte of light watery blue and whites, am going to greet it some more in the garden !

5 p.m  Our Son’s Life Saving lessons - He’d not been  in the water long before he was choking quite badly,  leaning on the side of the pool with the Teacher helping, she kept asking if he was o.k. he’d swallowed a plaster , then choked it up !  The previous weeks lesson had managed to swallow most of water (he explained)   “just hope no one noticed a drop in the level”  teee hee...

Friday 16th Sept  -  A day has risen, with a little light across a cloud...the clouds speed on with drifting birds...a new day ahead in all it’s glory !

An early start on ‘Jam’ making, had just finished washing-up and ....
Himself returned from the Wood telling me how ‘Bracken’ didn’t like the new he put it “like a Cat in a paper bag” !!   He was testing each side, corner, even the roof with his nose. , he has only known the freedom outside and being all enclosed was not for was taken back to the paddock , until the stable door was built higher. 

Little Munchkin
This is Saturday 17th Sept  -  I was awake early and could hear the heavy rain upon the window, perhaps just a hiccup to clear the day ahead for something brighter...which it did !

And the Jam thingy is going on again with ‘Wild Plums’ picked from only a small tree growing on a banking at Grandma and Grandad’s yard.  The poor tree was over-laden with them and so the picking began........

1.24p.m   then it rained yet again so the washing had to be brought in.

Dogs behaviour

We were all sat in the lounge area,  where it’s most comfortable and Chuckie decided to bring a biscuit he’d hidden, brought it in and dropped it on the carpet where he rubbed his scents from his furry face. . ..then promptly peered up with enthusiasm to see if our female dog ‘Snooty’ was interested...she wasn’t so he ate it and as he past me gave a look as to say “how about you then, would you like the next one” ?

Chuckie as a puppy
Chuckie often leaves a 'biscuit' on my chair....."how kind of him" xXx

Many Thanks for Peeking

p.s. If you wish to see Chuckie as a Junior go to 15th July'11


  1. First-class. I found the link about'Jacobson's Organ'very interesting indeed,'never heard of that before'. You certainly have lovely pets too.
    Many,many thanks for sharing your blog.
    It's been a pleasure to read. More please. xXx