Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Hello my Friends - thank you for Returning and to those New Peeps !

Friday 29th April  -  Today's Weather was a usual 'Spring Feeling' of Sun but with a biting Wind ! Just hope our Weathers not going backwards, as we did borrow a few Beautiful Days from Summer !

Our Cockerel posing just perfect  "Thank You  Bill" - he is beginning to learn the true skills of taking care of his three Hens !

Saturday 30th  April  -  Back to our Wonderful Warm Weather again today with a Strong Breeze .

Made this today: Bakewell Tray-bake.

Pastry: 150g/6oz plain flour.sifted. 80g/31/4oz marg.
pre-cooled water,plus 1tablepn caster.
For Filling: 5/6 tablespns rasp.jam.100g/4oz marg. 100g/4oz caster sugar. 1 large egg. 50g/2oz self-raising flour. 50g/2oz ground almonds. 2.5 ml or half teaspn almond essence, add more to your tastes.

Method:  Make a shortcrust pastry by rubbing the marg. into the flour and bind together with a little cold water, try not to handle the mixture (this warms it up) I mix with a Fork.  Roll out and line a 12" x 9" Tin.  Put into the Fridge to keep cool, whilst creaming the marg. sugar and beaten egg, also add essence.   Stir in flour and ground almonds.   Then spread the rasp.jam evenly on to the pastry and add the sponge mixture.  Bake at 190c/375F/Mark 5 for around 25 to 30 mins. or until when touched lightly will spring back- with a golden colour.  Sprinkle caster sugar over the top as soon as out of oven, or let it cool and spread a white fudge icing  with cherries to decorate.


Sunday 1st May  -  Lifted my head from the pillow, looked at the time 6.16 a.m. and could hear the Sound of heavy Rain and promptly stuck my head back to the pillow but when I eventually got up around 7. ish  it hadn’t Rained at all, twas the Jackdaws jiggling with the Wire Chimney Pot Covers and the combination of a strong wind – what a racket ! 

It did rain later on, Himself said “ Ten Spots “   !

After breakfast I slowly walked to the bottom of the Garden, manned with the Camera (for that just incase moment) looked around the Pond Area – “Nothing “ !  but when I peered into the water could see that it was alive with all sorts of different Species !  The ‘Pond Skaters’ were using the surface as an Ice-rink, the Tads were busy eating and a little ‘Brown Water Beetle’ whizzing around underneath, then dived to the bottom.  What a hive of activity for Species so small and thought very Highly of. 

The Pond

Don’t forget to leave a good amount of Weeds growing around your Pond for good Camouflage and Shade,  as these little Species need to survive from Predators – including the Hot Dry Weather ! 

So the Nymph was spotted by Himself, it was just emerging from it’s Case, from inside a black plant pot (which we’d placed in the Pond to  allow anything to climb out. )   Had obviously climbed out of the Water to release itself into a Beautiful Damselfly ! 

 I ran to get the Camera and he took this:

Whilst living as a Nymph they shed their outer skin as they grow, getting ready for the warmer weather to arrive - they climb out of the water (hence the pot) and 'Metamorphosise into a Damselfly.

Here is a Link to different Pond Species :  http://www.pondconservation.org.uk/bigponddip/animalsinyourpond

The ‘Strawbs’  are getting much bigger, will have to put straw in and around to cover the Soil – the Fruit doesn’t get grubby and Slugs find it difficult to cross.  Pine needles is a good deterrent.

Please click on  Pictures to increase the size.

The Garden Plots are almost ready, the Garden Compost has been divided between them.

Himself arrived back to the House to explain that All was very quiet in the two Hen Huts, on his early morning arrival !  The little Terror of a Fox had been snooping, now he’s trying to give them a Heart Attack !  Very Cunning but “oh so cute” X  x

The Herbs have been potted in two different areas of the Garden, nice to be able to pop-out-n-pick for those just deserving recipes !

And here is a Dunnock Fledgling on his brand new journey through Life !

A True Picture of Innocence !

A Video link here :  http://wn.com/Dunnock   with sound recordings.

Tuesday 3rd May  -  An exceedingly cold wind blowing from the North with the Sun showing an appearance.

Our Son was up and ready for catching the School Bus all in good time !

Which left Himself and Me at home alone after a two week Easter Holiday - felt odd and strange without him.
So we both went down the Woods to feed the Animals and Watered everything that required it's drink for the morning.

Another Path around the Woodland
The early morning smell of Bluebells, Woodland Floor and the lush Grass blown over from the neighbours fields created a Spring to remember !

Mrs. Pheasant had called early, eaten-up and was now taking a drink.

Mr. Pheasant wasn't heard or seen, perhaps he had gone off to challenge the other Male Pheasant or to see to the other Female but a little later on he arrived safely.


We both noticed a Female Buzzard surfing the Winds, just above us, enjoying her moment of a glorious 'Spring' Day !

Here is a Link :  http://www.bbc.co.uk/wales/nature/sites/species/birds/buzzard.shtml

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