Friday, 6 May 2011

Wednesday 4th May  -  We slowly drove to our Gate and the two Hen Pheasants are stood along the bottom banking, inches from the road.  Whilst the Male Pheasant stood overhead as “look-out”.  They have become too friendly, are stood on the road now, unaware of Fast Vehicles !  

As we walk into the lane of our Wood, everyone follows.  I can hear the leaves and brambles rustling beside us- with the Blue Tits and Chaffinch fluttering from one tree to the next following with the excitement of our arrival.  The Air is very Cold but fresh with a little Sun.

I look down to see all manner of tiny creepy crawlies going about their daily lives amongst the Woodland Floor of fallen leaves, twigs, tiny burrows leading to a species I don’t even know the name of and I notice them, as part of our Natures link to Life !

The feeling of calm thoughts envelop my mind with the sight of so much natural activity.    The different shades of green each Tree forms,  with new leaves bursting open to the light of the day.

Mr. Nuthatch is the first to take his breakfast seeds, next was the Chaffinch (a little braver than the Blue Tit) who was next in line or pecking order.  I notice another family of Blue Tits housed in our other Nesting Box.

Information on Gorse :

Blaze of Fire in UK    :

Our Cat “Nippy” loves attention even from the Rotti “Duke”, sometimes they’ll cuddle-up together – Duke is so very gentle.  There’s a heavy sounding Tractor passing in the opposite field “A life outside for them, must be hard but oh so rewarding “.

Have put extra water out for Nippy but she prefers to drink from the Pheasants Skip bucket and the Horse’s !   She sat on the smallest ledge of Wood for just a piece of that warm Sunshine.

Thursday 5th  May  -  The Sky gave us plenty of Rain today, made a nice change as everything was so parched, even the Rivers were running low.  “The taste of Rain” lovely.

Friday 6th May  -  Columbus Clouds are gathering up speed for the need of releasing that Rain!

A Full day of Exams for our Son and he actually says he’s looking forward to them., thank goodness !

Just heading towards the Vegetable Plot and “Whoa!, I got a telling off”  from a Beautiful ‘House Martin’, I ducked to make sure I wasn’t in their flight path.  There were two and one of them appeared to stop in flight and looked straight at me !  What a Species to know  and such a Cute Face.  Unfortunately I think they’ve chosen our old Shed where neighbours Cats venture.  I do hope they survive as numbers are low ! Sadly I haven't been able to take a picture of these enchanting Birds, they're so Super Fast at flying !

Information on the House Martin :

The Ducks in our Garden before the Bark Paths 
We decided to drastically change our Garden into raised Vegetable Beds, surrounded by Bark paths to encourage certain Insect Species for our Garden Birds, particularly the Black Bird.  And in return help to keep Aphids off the Veg. giving everyone in the garden a job !

The Wild Strawbs are growing their tiny Fruits.

Tyres come in handy !

Leucistic Great Tit


We had just arrived indoors from the Woodland and looked outside and saw this unusual Bird.

Himself ran for the Video and I took these pictures!

What a Beautiful Species and so friendly, I was even talking to him.

This all happened on Monday 21st March this year but an amount of my Blog went missing - so am slowly bringing New Peeps closer to our encounters of WildLife that went astray ! And thank you for being patient X  x

Mrs. Nuthatch 
She had been tapping trying to make the hole bigger, so Himself climbed a ladder to adjust the size for her as she was quite a bit larger and as any frantic Mother would be in need of unloading a weight !

There were so many Bees buzzing around the Woodland Floor that I didn't know which to choose to take a photo but decided on this one !

The Bees of our Planet are in trouble and need all the Help they can get, so please put plants in your gardens that they love !


The Woodland Floor is covered in these wonderful Primula.

The Cockerel 'Snowy' and Jack the Horse are making Friends well.

I found this little Bee early evening taking the last of the warm Sunshine.


Nippy Again !

Finally found the Picture of her peeping out of the Horse's Water Bowl !

The Veg.of our Labour - All worth it-2010

Thank you for Reading my Blog X  x

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