Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Sunday 8th May  -  Early morning dig-out of the old Dock leaves – allowing room for other species to grow as there’s far too many of ‘Old Dock’, will leave a few but generally require some thinning. "Don’t want a paddock full of same things."

This is the entrance lane into our Woodland, a place that takes all worries n woes away.  Once inside your taken to another dimension, a place of Peaceful thoughts, especially when the Wildlife feel free to enter your space !

Mr. Robin is observing the movements of us both, looking for the easy pickings of Worms.  We’re not stopping long, so will be off soon enough for him to sneak them away when we’re gone.

It rained all night long through to early morn so the outdoor plants have had their drinkies.  Just the Greenhouse Pots and Cold-frame to finish watering. 

  Monday and Tuesday were very Wet and Windy -

The Nymphs of Ponds do swim about, they wait for warmer times.
Our bodies grown large n stout, must change another skin.
The time is right to try as I might to change another coat.
Feeling the warmth of daylight, climb out,  my coat a little tight.
A direction of Metamorphosis  is occurring – A chance of another Life
Old case removed n put aside to stretch unfolding wings
Keep still awhile to full-fill my dream of newness

The smell is right the time is right, am off in flight – the sky so fresh n bright 

The above Damselfly took 30 minutes to 'colour-up' and the picture to the left is keeping rather still and in the shade for this  process to complete.

Some very good information sent to me via a Lovely Lady 'B'  :

And :

Tuesday 10th May  - 

The little Bird’s Songs are carried along the Strong Winds, seems as though they go on forever but how beautifully Sung they Sing even on a Rainy day.

Jacky Jackdaw took first claim of seeds around the bird house, he didn’t stay long, he could only get his beak so far through the Wire cage surroundings – the audience of tiny Birds await their turn.  He leaves ... and an instant flutter of Sparrows arrive !

Wednesday 11th May  -  Intermittent clouds blowing from the west - we seem to be holding off the rain and keeping those sunny spells.

'Snowy' the cockerel is showing off, he knows I'm taking his picture.

He is quite small in body but has a huge brain and with those exotic feathers all-a-flapping probably shake off the night before's flea lodgers !

Our Well dug Veg.Plot !  Took some doing - used our very own Compost of Chicken and Horse Poo in amongst plenty of leaves n Fern.  And in return we hopefully end-up with some delicious crops.

I couldn't leave the page without showing 'Nippy' again but this time drinking from the Pheasant's water Skip x x x

Thank you for joining in the Fun !

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